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October 23, 2014

Eight 30 Rock guest stars that Emmy forgot - VIDEOS

by Erin Martell, posted Jul 23rd 2008 9:02AM
Dean WintersWith seven separate nominations in the Guest Actor and Actress categories, it's hard to believe that any 30 Rock guest stars were left off this year's list. The men nearly swept the nominees list for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, earning four of the five available spots. The ladies made up half of the Guest Actress category; not bad!

Still, a few brilliant and hilarious performances were left out. You can't argue with nominations for Will Arnett and Elaine Stritch, but I'd swap one or two of the nominees with a few of my own favorites. Check out my list of overlooked 30 Rock guest stars after the jump. And yes, I left out Jerry Seinfeld. Emmy got that one right.

Dean Winters as Dennis Duffy ("Subway Hero" and "Cooter") - No love for the former subway hero and exonerated Dateline predator? How can that be? Dean Winters made Dennis one of the most memorable bad boyfriends on TV. Liz's ex could have just been a one-note creep, but Winters brought extra layers of sleaze and stupidity to the role. I secretly root for Dennis to come back into Liz's life in spite of myself. You've got to love a guy who goes to the park to make fun of joggers. While he's been compared to a rat king, I think Dennis is the ultimate bad penny; we'll be seeing him again in the show's future.

David Schwimmer as Greenzo ("Greenzo") - I was never a big Ross Geller fan. Although David Schwimmer was funny as a Larry David-hating version of himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I wasn't sure how he'd do on 30 Rock. By the end of the episode he had won me over. Greenzo quickly turned into a volatile eco-bully, and his fall was a joy to watch. Somehow jerky comments are funnier when they come from people in silly costumes. The character was a perfect example of what happens when people go green for the wrong reasons.

Matthew Broderick as Cooter Burger ("Cooter") -
Poor James Riley. No one should have to live with two unflattering nicknames. Broderick brought a mix of denial, misery, and desperation to the role of Cooter. Broderick's facial expressions made the character more amusing than pathetic, especially the crazy eyes. Even though he was technically Jack's boss, Cooter followed Donaghy around like a puppy. Not every actor can hold his own in a scene with Alec Baldwin, but Matthew Broderick managed to steal a few laughs from the show's star.

James Carville as himself ("Secrets and Lies") -
For about a week after this episode aired, I added the phrase "Cajun style" to everything I said: "I'm gonna pick up this dog poo, Cajun style." I love the idea of James Carville wandering around, eavesdropping, and providing unsolicited advice about life's problems. It was a one-note role, but so was Tim Conway's turn as Bucky Bright. Out of all of Carville's numerous TV appearances, this is the one I'll remember.

Chris Parnell as Dr. Leo Spaceman ("Jack Gets in the Game" and "Succession") -
It's easy to take Chris Parnell's portrayal of Dr. Spaceman for granted. He's been around since the first season, turning up for a few minutes to remind us that The Simpsons' Dr. Nick Riviera isn't the only incompetent physician on TV. We didn't see as much of Leo in season two, but we did learn that he counts the Unabomber and ALF among his celebrity clients. My favorite Spaceman moment was when he dialed 411 for Don Geiss instead of 911 and asked for "diabetes repair."

Buck Henry, Anita Gillette, and Andy Richter as the Lemons ("Episode 209/Ludachristmas") -
After meeting Colleen, the mother to end all mothers, I was dying to catch a glimpse of Liz's family. Dick, Margaret, and Mitch were definitely worth waiting for. I loved everything about the Lemons, from their excessive complimenting to the occasional 80's references. One day with the Donaghys spoiled everything, of course. A little interference from Colleen brought the family's resentment and secrets to the surface, leading to a spectacular fight. I can't believe that none of these hilarious guest stars received a nomination. Watch everything fall apart during a Ludachristmas dinner:

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