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October 24, 2014

Big Brother 10: Live feeds report - July 25

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Jul 25th 2008 12:02PM
Is Libra on the block in the BB10 house?Well, well, well. Keesha is ruling the roost in the Big Brother 10 house. Will the power go to her head like it did Jessie? Or, more importantly ... will we, the real true fans of the game, approve of her strategy and nominations? After all, we're the experts at the game, not those silly hamsters.

A lot has gone down in the house since my last report. The food competition is done and over with and the nominations for eviction have been made. For extreme show spoilers, read on past the jump for more.

The feeds were blocked for the food competition, but the results have been discussed a bit amongst the hamsters. It was apparently a whole house effort playing for various food groups and not two teams with the losing team getting BB slop. Not too many seem to be very happy with their food choices for the week. Jessie is complaining he feels like an outside because he didn't want to try for alcohol. Hey, it could be worse. Libra could be on slop again and go maniac on them all.

Then there's the nominations. Leading into them, Keesha was determined that she would put Angie on the block and Angie would be the target this week. She just wasn't too sure who to put up on the block with Angie. Right now Keesha is being backed by her allies Ollie, April, and Libra. She has Renny on her personal side although Renny isn't close with the other three. Libra planted the seed that the two couples (Michelle and Jessie, Memphis and Angie) are very powerful and need to be broken up. The best way to do that is to put two members of that group on the block. If one gets off with the veto, the remaining person or people in that group goes up. That way their numbers definitely go down by one this week.

The Keesha, Ollie, April, and Libra group thought it best to recruit a "floater" into their numbers. Thus, Jerry joined in with them after a long talk with Keesha. She promised him that she wouldn't put him on the block. She had also promised Libra earlier that she wouldn't put her on the block. Keesha wants to be a woman of her word. In the talk with Jerry, she told him she had made up her mind -- Jessie and Angie would be nominated. And, so it came to fruition in the nominations ceremony yesterday. Nominated for eviction this week are Jessie (YAY!) and Angie.

In house crumbs:

  • Jessie is angry about the reason Keesha gave for nominating him. He thinks he should have been told he was a threat and instead it was something about disgracing the house on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson the other night. He's sure it has something to do with Craig calling him a "ho." Nah, he embarrassed the house because he acted like an attention seeking Body Boy full of himself!
  • Jessie thinks there's a possibility for a backdooring of Libra this week.
  • I think not. Keesha gave her a promise and I bet she'll keep it.
  • Renny and Keesha had a talk. They actually have a stronger bond than does Keesha have with her alliance. But they both know they need the numbers on their side right now. Keesha thinks that Ollie, April, and Libra will turn on each other soon enough. Now is the time to get one of the other four out.

The Power of Veto competition should be later today. As always, you know I'll let you know!

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