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October 8, 2015

Army Wives: Loyalties

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 28th 2008 12:51AM
Roland Army Wives(S02E08) Well, this was one packed episode. I think the only thing missing was the kitchen sink. With the exception of the Denise-Getty will they-won't they love story, every thread was neatly tied up by the end of the show. It made for a satisfying episode, but I'm not sure it was as fulfilling as the storylines that take time to develop and resolve.

It was refreshing to see Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz in a few scenes as Sandy, a new waitress at Roxy's bar -- which they're now calling a diner. Even in just the few moments, she was a shot of vinegar. Too bad she turned out to be a one-dimensional character with a plot that was wrapped up before it started. Roxy wiped the floor with her when she fired her, in Roxy style.

What was troubling was Trevor popping pain pills. In his efforts to rush back to his unit, he's making a big mistake. I hope they're not going in this direction, but I'm afraid they are.

While we're on the subject of dumb moves, didn't you just know that Roland was screwing up his new job with his private talk with Jessica? Roland is an idiot. He can give Denise advice about propriety, but he completely miscalculates what's appropriate at the high school. When Principal Gates told him, "Your time at the school is up," there was no surprise. Again, though, the writers found a very pat way to wrap this all up quickly with a mini-lecture about don't ask, don't tell.

The best bit in the show was Chase's arrest in the middle of the night by the MPs. I wanted to kill him for not confiding in Pamela. I loved it when she blasted him for the Delta code of silence crap. So the mystery of why Carly and Steve are living so well is that Chase's Delta Force buddy is a war profiteer, smuggling in artifacts from Iraq and Afghanistan and selling them. That's all illegal and Pamela was sure that Chase wasn't involved. Still, I liked her rifling through the house just in case Chase had stashed some clue to what was going on in their home. Pamela will never "have at it" about what it was like to fear her husband was heading to prison.

Chase had a good reason for his deception and considering her police background, maybe Pamela should have been more understanding.

As for Denise and Getty, I agree that she's flattered by the attention. They do connect. But Denise is too much a straight-shooter to cheat on Frank, in my book. Also, I never buy the dramatic medical moment leading to passion. Why would caring for a gunshot wound fatality make Getty hot for Denise? I think that's a Grey's Anatomy thing, you know, bloody action getting everyone horny? It doesn't do it for me.

Other points of interest

-- Claudia Joy is closing the door to children, advising Joan, giving away baby stuff. Michael isn't sure that he wants the door closed. They agree to be the Burton's baby's godparents. Sweet.

-- Sandy didn't do a great job hiding her true identity from Roxy and Claudia Joy. She was driving a sports car. I think she was on her way north to start filming Ugly Betty.

-- Joan is like a new woman this year. She completely trusts Roland about the job and doesn't question his thing with Jessica, his student.

-- What's Roland going to do now? I'll be surprised if he goes back to the school. The guy's a psychiatrist and should open a practice.

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I have to say that I hope they aren't going to have Kim Delaney get pregnant. She turns 50 this year. While I realize she is playing younger, its too much for me to imagine that happening by accident.

Overall, it wasn't one of my favorite episodes. I don't think I would watch it twice.

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