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October 7, 2015

The Eureka panel - Comic-Con Report

by Richard Keller, posted Jul 28th 2008 8:01AM

The panel of SciFi's Eureka

The word of the day at the Eureka panel on Saturday was 'awesome'. For some apparent reason everyone on the panel ended their sentences with the word 'awesome'. That, and a mention about doing their scenes in towels. That was actually an on-going joke coming from a revelation that the stars and writers presented to the audience as something that will be coming up during season three.

Of course there's more than just certain people walking around in towels coming up n the new season, and the panel let the audience in on what they would see when the show premieres this Tuesday. You can find out as well after the jump.

The main questions stemming from the season two finale were 1) Does Allison say 'yes' to Nathan Stark, and 2) Does Henry go to jail? As to the first question, creator Jamie Paglia and actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield, who plays Allison Blake, were mum about the decision. As to question number two, actor Joe Morton, who plays Henry Deacon on the show, said Henry is in jail for saving Allison's son. When he gets out of jail is up in the air right now.

Once the third season gets rolling two new characters will be introduced. One will be Eva Thorne (played by Frances Fisher), who is known as "The Fixer". Thorne will arrive on the scene to figure out what exactly is going on in Eureka and why some of it is going quite badly. The other character to be introduced will be Jack's sister, named Lexxie.

According to Colin Ferguson, who plays Jack Carter, Lexxie will sort of turn Jack, and the town of Eureka, upside down. One of the things she will do to irritate him is to become friendly with everyone in the town, which is something Jack has taken two season to do. To this Ferguson said, "It's like reliving my childhood." He added that it's great to have some new blood in the series and that the actress portraying his sister is very much like his real life sister.

Colin, Salli and Joe were asked about their characters and their respective issues with them. For Allison, the issue involves her feelings for both Stark and Jack. To this, Sally said that there's a dilemma with Nathan because he has a connection to her autistic son, Kevin. She said that the two have a history and, in most cases, history draws you in. She continued by saying that her and Jack have a karmic connection and, in the end, he would be a solid guy. To that, Colin strongly replied, "Yah!"

For Colin it was his relationship with daughter Zoe. Ferguson said both characters have grown. Jack now accepts that he is part of the community while she becomes more independent. This season Zoe will get a job at Cafe Diem. She will also have a new voice with the introduction of Lexxie to the town.

When asked if Henry has ever forgiven Jack for what happened to Kim, Joe said Henry forgave Jack a long time ago for Kim's death. However, there are other secrets of Henry's that are keeping the two apart. Once those are revealed then the air should be cleared and the friendship should be renewed. As to whether or not Henry will continue making bad choices, Morton responded, "I hope they continue."

Other tidbits revealed during the Eureka panel:

  • The Artifact mythology has been all wrapped up. The introduction of Eva Thorne will start a new arc and open up some new questions as to why Eureka is there to do what it is doing.
  • To the cheers of the women (and some men) in the crowd, viewers will find out this season what Colin looks like in just a towel. In addition, Carter and Allison will get naked together.
  • Online, Sara will be Twittering about the goings-on around the house and Eureka. If you write to her she will respond back. In addition, a Eureka Unscripted site has been created and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the writers putting together various episodes. Finally, a podcast will be release one to two days after the last original episode airs.
  • When asked by an audience member if they could write an episode where Carter gets super smart Mr. Ferguson replied, "That's be great!"
  • There may be some information this season about Kevin's biological father. "It's Henry," said Colin. "More bad behavior," replied Joe.
  • Another audience member asked where they get all of the technical data. "it's all me," replied Jamie. More seriously, he answered that they have a science consultant that looks the scripts over. Once they get past the science fact then they go into the fiction part. "And our science advisor cries," Paglia joked.
  • Beverly the psychologist will not be returning this year. However, Jim Taggart (played by Matt Frewer) will have a recurring role during the second half of the season.
  • Both Salli and Joe will be directing episodes of Eureka this season.
  • Fargo and Henry may be getting love interests during season three.
  • More of Deputy Jo Lupo's background will be revealed this season. In addition, Lupo will also be the focus on an episode.
  • When asked how the musical promo was for Colin, he responded "Absolutely terrifying." However, Salli thinks they should do a musical episode of Eureka.

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I believe it was actually Colin and Joe who were directing, not Salli and Joe.

July 28 2008 at 11:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If you guys are going to cover the Comic-Con so extensively, why don't you spring for a freelance photographer? These snapshots you've been running are horrible.

July 28 2008 at 8:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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