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September 3, 2015

Big Brother 10: PoV Competition #3

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Jul 30th 2008 1:19AM
Jessie, nominated for eviction from the Big Brother 10 house
(S10E08) "I'm in jail. I'm in jail for the wrong reasons. I can't sleep! I've been falsely accused!" - Jessie

Keesha holds the power this week as the Head of Household in the Big Brother 10 house. Her nominations of Jessie and Angie set the stage for new subdivisions within the main alliance responsible for voting out Steven and Brian. Hey, shake it up, Hooters girl. What's BB without some kind of excitement? The worst thing that can happen with this show is when it all becomes too predictable.

Read on past the jump for my full review of the show.

The nominations aftermath
Angie was pretty sure she was going to be nominated. She, along with Dan, were really the last of the Brian/Steven alliance. Of course, she thought she'd be nominated with Dan, but that's beside the point. On the other hand, Jessie was sure he'd be safe this week. Heh, expect the unexpected Body Boy! The nominations also took Memphis by surprise. He believes that Keesha made two new enemies in the house. Perhaps she has. But if she has, it will make it all the more interesting viewing, right?

It seemed like half of the show was Jessie fussing about being nominated. Now, we all could have predicted that he'd look at Keesha's nomination of him as disrespect. I just can't understand why a young kid like him has such a huge chip on his shoulder about being respected. He's in a game known for betrayal, deceit, and backstabbing. If a person truly wants respect and respects himself ... they don't go on a reality show, especially one like Big Brother. Jessie is sure he'll win the Power of Veto, remove himself from the block, and warned Michelle that she'll probably go on the block then.

Libra is the root of all evil according to Jessie

Jessie thinks Libra orchestrated everything. Of course, it's not that Keesha might indeed think of him as a threat in the game. It couldn't be that he was merely put up as a pawn and to let him know he's a bit too arrogant. It has to be Libra's doing! He ran to Keesha in the HOH room, starting off great with a "no hard feelings" approach which rapidly turned into a lecture about how she should backdoor Libra. Jessie went on and on about how Libra is using Keesha, lying to her. He told her Libra was responsible for Steven going on the block and going home. Although Keesha indeed seemed to be listening to him, she had given Libra her word that she wouldn't nominate her.

When Libra and April join Keesha after her talk with Jessie, Keesha doesn't really bring it up. Not at that time, anyway. But Jessie ran to Michelle and Memphis acting like it was a done deed. All they need is for one of them to win the Power of Veto and Libra would go up on the block, then be evicted. Huh? Since when does a rather sympathetic listening mean she's going to do what he wants her to do?

Time for the Power of Veto competition!
In a Diary Room segment Jessie assures us he has no worries -- no one in the house can beat him either mentally or physically. Um, right. When the two nominees and Keesha drew names from the bag, Keesha ended up with Libra, Angie picked Ollie, and Jessie picked Memphis. Keesha selected Dan to be the host of the comp.

They all had to don tight-fitting green spandex suits and huge flower hats, then meet up in the yard. The men looked sillier than the women, but it was all rather bizarre. In the yard there were four almost casket-like wooden "flower boxes." In the competition called "The Garden of Veto," each of the participants had to get in their respective flower boxes resting their heads on a headrest. As the boxes were being watered, they had to stay in the boxes for what they estimated to be an hour. The person closest to an hour without going over wins.

They started off being watered -- cold water dripping smack on their foreheads similar to Chinese water torture. Angie said it gave her brain freeze. Next they were given a choice between compost or worms. Jerry yelled out "Worms!" So, that's what they got first. Ollie thinks "anything without legs and moves is cursed." But it was Keesha who just couldn't take the earthworms and was out of the comp first.

The others went on to endure nasty compost and the comp continued on in its Fear Factor mode. Jessie decided it was time to call Libra out for being instrumental in Steven's going on the block. She admitted it, said he had threatened to go after her. Libra finally thought an hour was nearly up and made arrangements with Ollie to get up five minutes after she did. She got out followed by Jessie (who continued to go on about Libra and Steven while on the bench). Then Angie, Ollie, and Memphis in that order. Ah, but the kicker ... Keesha, the first to give up at 21 minutes, won the Power of Veto. Everyone else was over an hour by at least fifteen minutes.

May we have a brouhaha or two, please?
Jessie convinced Angie to approach Keesha for the backdooring of Libra. Nope, no brouhaha there. Angie was very calm in the room, told Keesha that she would rather go home than spend another week with Libra. Angie knows she's the target this week and is taking it rather well. Keesha, although she doesn't like Angie and wants her out, treated her respectfully. But when Keesha, Ollie, Dan, and April later talked, it turns out that all of them are irked by Libra. They know if she goes on the block, she will be evicted. But Keesha promised she wouldn't nominate her.

Then Jessie once again went to Keesha's HOH room ranting about how he shouldn't be on the block. He's in jail for a crime he didn't commit! He's lost six pounds! He can't sleep! He's been falsely accused! She once again listened, but told him she had given Libra her word. He leaves, but it's driven Keesha to the point of no return with him. Jerry told her to tell Jessie the HOH room is closed. Renny, Dan, and April all rolled their eyes about Jessie pushing to backdoor Libra. So Keesha ran to each of the Jessie 4 in turn and announced that she had given her word to Libra ... enough!

When a banner plane flew over the yard, none of the Jessie 4 out there really caught what it said. I tried to enlarge and clarify it ... it looks like it says "Happy Birthday to (a name I can't make out) I <3 you" But they figured that the others don't know they didn't see it, so they decided to lie. They came up with "Keesha, Libra lies, love Steven." No, it didn't fly. They didn't believe them. Memphis admitted they made it up, then tried making up another banner. Silly hamsters.

Memphis made up the banner on BB10

Then, when pushing the anti-Libra agenda, Memphis started in on Jerry! Dog fight! Ruff. Memphis is still seething because Jerry called him a "womanizer." I mean, come on. He has a point in that Jerry has a bit of a reputation for being a dirty old man, but it's not something that a young strong dude like Memphis should be all but physically threatening a 75-year-old man about. Ollie and Dan had to hold Memphis back. Jerry just sat there in his chair with a "whatever" kind of attitude. Ruff.

To use the veto or not
Angie gave a nice little "please save me" speech about making some decisions she's regretted, would like to stay, it's been a very tough week for Keesha, but I've always remained true to myself." Jessie's speech started off with something odd about his family and his honor, then he justified his actions with "If I threw everybody under the bus, it's because they did it to me first." Um, okay.

Keesha chose not to use the veto. Angie and Jessie remain on the block. Jessie is still seething while Angie hopes he ruins his chance to stay.

America's Player
It's back! Not for the season, but for one week. America gets to vote one houseguest to do their bidding much like Eric a few seasons back. According to the official website voting page: "America, do you want to play the Big Brother game? Now's your chance! America's Player is back ... And this time, you get to choose who it will be!
The Houseguest with the most votes will be given an offer to become America's Player for one week. If they accept, they will do your bidding all week long! From who to target for Nominations, to who to vote out of the house. But vote carefully, because the Houseguest you select can decide whether or not to accept the offer. Who do you think is most likely to take the challenge and agree to do your bidding? The power's in your hands, America! "

Who do you want for America's Player?
Dan102 (22.9%)
Keesha18 (4.0%)
Angie15 (3.4%)
Renny48 (10.8%)
Ollie43 (9.7%)
Memphis35 (7.9%)
Jerry33 (7.4%)
Libra30 (6.7%)
April11 (2.5%)
Renny75 (16.9%)
Jessie35 (7.9%)

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Jackie said - "I just can't understand why a young kid like him has such a huge chip on his shoulder about being respected."

Remember when they did the family bit with Renny & Jessie's families? Jessie's mom said that he was a scrawny kid and started body building because he was picked on. I'm sure that has a lot to do with his whole "you will respect me" issue but the thing is...GROW UP!! As an adult, he has a choice...either feel picked on or get over it. I just hate when people allow their childhood to dictate the type of adult they choose to be!

July 30 2008 at 1:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jessie is abig cry baby. "I can't eat. I can't sleep. I've lost 6 pounds." BOO HOO HOO!

July 30 2008 at 1:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jessie is a big cry baby. "I can't eat. I can't sleep. I've lost 6 pounds." BOO HOO HOO!

July 30 2008 at 12:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jessie's arrogance is hilarious. Here's hoping he's gone as of Thursday! check out another funny recap of the POV right here:


July 30 2008 at 12:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I sort of sympathize with Memphis. Jerry is old, big whoop, he's in the game like everybody else, and should be treated like everybody else. Memphis was just posturing obviously, which was sort of retarded, but Jerry was clearly trying to provoke him and was being an asshole. If he was acting like a "kindly old man" then I can understand people thinking he should be treated like that, but he isn't. Equal treatment I say. There's no senior's discount on BB eh?

July 30 2008 at 10:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It seems like you have Renny twice on your list.

I voted for Renny...Shes been doing some silly things as it is. I would love to see what else she can do!

Anyways, I think it would be smart to get Jesse out of the hands. The way his acting, if he winds up staying, will make Keesha's life miserable. Angie, otoh, is being cordial and accepting the nomination. I seriously think Keesha needs to tell e/o to get Jesse out of the house!

July 30 2008 at 8:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Danielle's comment
Jackie Schnoop

Whoops! I guess we'll have to add the Renny figures together. When I made the poll I kept thinking I was forgetting someone and almost forgot Jessie. Wishful thinking there, I guess. I think a better strategical move would be to vote out Jessie while he's an easy go.

July 30 2008 at 9:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jessie's insanely poor attempts to sway Keesha were comical. When he ran out to his folks, fist pumping like he completely had it in the bag with her, I just about died laughing.

Memphis having a chest poofing session was really swell too. I love those. You get two options, (1) you actually hit the old man and get thrown off the show while proving you're a jackass or (2) you have to wait until someone "holds you back" and continue to utter neutered threats like "say it one more time and I'll show you!" all the while proving you're a jackass. Hell, it's not like Jerry insulted his mom. Then it would be on.

July 30 2008 at 8:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am so hoping that the houseguests get Jessie out. He is such an overstuffed jerk. Let him go back to the gym and continue to obsess over his body beautiful -- which it is not!!

July 30 2008 at 8:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I would like to see Renny do it and do something to piss off Toolboy if he makes it another week. I think she would accept it. I think the 6 pounds Toolboy lost was between his ears.

July 30 2008 at 2:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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