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September 1, 2015

TV Squad presents the 2008-09 fall schedule

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 5th 2008 1:20PM

The cast of Fringe, the new FOX drama premiering in SeptemberIt's coming. The table is set, the players are on the field, the sails are raised, and the pretty maids are all in a row. Of course, I speak of the 2008-09 television schedule. In just a few short weeks viewers will be able to dine on a number of favorite and new dishes that are being served by the networks as well as the increasing number of cable channels who are delving into original programming.

While other fall seasons have come and gone with nary a whimper, this season may be different. Due to the prolonged Writers Strike many shows ended their seasons quite early. Programs like Life, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, and Heroes haven't aired original episodes since the end of 2007. Heck, there hasn't been a new episode of The Shield since June of last year! So, the beginning of the 2008-09 season will be a second chance for some of these shows, particularly the ones that premiered last season, to show their worth to fans and the networks.

This is also the season that we say good-bye to The Shield as well as the long-running ER, say hello to Scrubs on a new network. watch new shows by god-like producers J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, and get not one, but two revivals of popular shows from the 80s and early 90s. Unlike last season, which had a strike threat looming over it from the beginning, this season has a bit more excitement.

Being the site that reports everything and anything about television, we have the complete list of fall premieres right below. It covers all of the shows that start their seasons from the end of August to the end of October. As usual, FOX jumps right out the gate with its early premieres. However, it has competition from the CW as many of their shows will premiere right on, or after, Labor Day. Meanwhile, the rest of the major networks pull out their shows for a mid-September launch, with September 28th being the biggest date with a total of 13 premieres. So, without further pontification...

New shows in Bold Italic

New time slots listed with an asterisk (*)

Monday, August 25th

Deal or No Deal (NBC) -- season 4...To air on Mondays until 9/15. Moves to Fridays on 9/19.

America's Toughest Jobs (NBC) -- To air on Mondays until 9/15. Moves to Fridays on 9/19.

Tuesday, August 26th

*Greek (ABC Family) -- season 2

Monday, September 1st

Gossip Girl (CW) -- season 2

One Tree Hill (CW) -- season 6

Prison Break (FOX) -- season 4 -- Two hour season premiere. Moves to regular 9:00 PM time slot starting 9/8.

Raising the Bar (TNT)

Tuesday, September 2nd

90210 (CW) -- Because the networks can't think of anything original

Privileged (CW)

The Shield (FX) -- season 7 (Wahoo!)

Wednesday, September 3rd

Top Design (Bravo) -- season 2

America's Next Top Model (CW) -- season 11

*Bones (FOX) -- season 4 -- Another season, another time slot.

Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Thursday, September 4th

*The Moment of Truth (FOX) -- season 2...Ugh! Two hour season premiere

Friday, September 5th

*Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (FOX) -- season 3

Saturday, September 6th

Cops (FOX) -- season 21...Time to feel old.

America's Most Wanted (FOX) -- season 22...Feel old a bit more.

Sunday, September 7th

True Blood (HBO)

Entourage (HBO) -- season 5

Football Night in America (NBC) -- season 3

Sunday Night Football (NBC) -- season 22 -- Remember, it was on ESPN before.

Monday, September 8th

Monday Night Football (ESPN) -- season 39

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) -- season 2

Tuesday, September 9th

Fringe (FOX) -- Two hour season premiere. Moves to regular 9 PM slot on 9/16 (Until it's canceled, that is.)

Wednesday, September 10th

*'Til Death (FOX) -- season 3 -- No, I'm not kidding!

*Inside the NFL (Showtime) -- season 32 -- Previously on HBO.

Do Not Disturb (FOX)

Thursday, September 11th

*Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) -- season 2

Friday, September 12th

*Don't Forget The Lyrics! (FOX) -- season 2

Saturday, September 13th

MADtv (FOX) -- season 14

Talkshow With Spike Feresten (FOX) -- season 3

Saturday Night Live (NBC) -- season 34 -- Mediocre season 15.

Tuesday, September 16th

Lincoln Heights (ABC Family) -- season 3

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo) -- Great, more yentas.

*House (FOX) -- season 5

Thursday, September 18th

Survivor (CBS) -- season 17

Smallville (CW) -- season 8

Supernatural (CW) -- season 4

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) -- season 4

Friday, September 19th

20/20 (ABC) -- season 31

Sunday, September 21st

In Harm's Way (CW)

Valentine, Inc. (CW)

Easy Money (CW)

Monday, September 22nd

Dancing With the Stars (ABC) -- season 7

*Boston Legal (ABC) -- season 5

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) -- season 2

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) -- season 4

Two and a Half Men (CBS) -- season 6 -- Frankly, Angus T. Jones is getting a bit old to be considered a Half.

Worst Week (CBS)

CSI: Miami (CBS) -- season 7

Heroes (NBC) -- season 3 ... well, technically season 2.5, plus season 3

Tuesday, September 23rd

Opportunity Knocks (ABC)

Dancing With the Stars (ABC) -- Results edition

*Eli Stone (ABC) -- season 2 -- Hey, I may actually be able to review this one!

NCIS (CBS) -- season 6

The Mentalist (CBS)

*Without a Trace (CBS) -- season 7

The Biggest Loser (NBC) -- season 6...Family edition

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) -- season 10

Wednesday, September 24th

*The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) -- season 4 -- So much for the Seinfeld curse

Gary Unmarried (CBS)

Criminal Minds (CBS) -- season 4

CSI: New York (CBS) -- season 5

Knight Rider (NBC) -- See my comment on 90210.

*Lipstick Jungle (NBC) -- season 2

Thursday, September 25th

Ugly Betty (ABC) -- season 3

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) -- season 3

My Name is Earl (NBC) -- season 4

The Office (NBC) -- season 5

ER (NBC) -- season 15 ... and the last. Plus, Carter comes back.

Saturday, September 27th

48 Hours Mystery (CBS) -- season 12

Sunday, September 28th

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) -- season 6

Desperate Housewives (ABC) -- season 5

Brothers & Sisters (ABC) -- season 3

60 Minutes (CBS) -- season 41

The Amazing Race (CBS) -- season 13

Cold Case (CBS) -- season 6

*The Unit (CBS) -- season 4

The Simpsons (FOX) -- season 20

King of the Hill (FOX) -- season 13

Family Guy (FOX) -- season 7

American Dad (FOX) -- season 4

Little Britain (HBO) -- The American version.

Dexter (Showtime) -- season 3

*Californication (Showtime) -- season 2

Monday, September 29th

Chuck (NBC) -- season 2

Life (NBC) -- season 2 premiere...Episodes will also premiere on October 3rd and 6th.

Wednesday, October 1st

Pushing Daisies (ABC) -- season 2

Private Practice (ABC) -- season 2

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) -- season 2

Friday, October 3rd

*Wife Swap (ABC) -- season 5...Sigh!

*Supernanny (ABC) -- season 5...Double sigh!

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) -- season 4

The Ex List (CBS)

Numb3rs (CBS) -- season 5

*Everybody Hates Chris (CW) -- season 4

*The Game (CW) -- season 3

Sanctuary (SciFi)

Sunday, October 5th

America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC) -- season 19. Don't they call this YouTube now?

Monday, October 6th

Samantha Who? (ABC) -- season 2

Thursday, October 9th

CSI (CBS) -- season 9

Testees (FX)

Eleventh Hour (CBS)

Kath & Kim (NBC)

SNL Thursday Night Live (NBC) -- Election specials until the end of October

Life on Mars (ABC)

Friday, October 10th

*Life (NBC) -- time slot premiere. It's all very confusing, even to the promotions person connected with the program.

*The Starter Wife (USA) -- Technically season 2, but really full season 1.

Monday, October 13th

My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)

Friday, October 17th

Crusoe (NBC)

Crash (Starz)

Wednesday, October 29th

Stylista (CW)

Thursday, October 30th

*30 Rock (NBC) -- season 3

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