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October 8, 2015

Big Brother 10: PoV Competition #4

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 6th 2008 2:49AM
April is the head of house this week on BB10
(S10E11) "It'll get ugly. Out comes the temper now." - April

Sometimes I just don't understand myself. In my everyday life, I don't like fights or arguments. I don't like being mad at people, nor having people mad at me. But you give me a Big Brother 10 episode full of cat fights, dog fights, screaming matches and one really pathetic birthday party ... I love it! No, I wouldn't want to be a part of it all, but it was their choice to make fools of themselves on national television. Read on past the jump for my full review of tonight's show.

Trouble is in the air
The tension is already in full gear as soon as April made the nominations. April knows that many in her alliance want Jessie out of the house, but she just doesn't care. She's the Head of Household and they've been working on the One Mind Alliance concept all season so far. Jessie is the pawn and her target is Memphis. Jessie feels somewhat secure, but his buddy Michelle knows that it's been traditional that the pawn is often voted out. Oh, but April promised Jessie he'd be safe. What if the One Mind Alliance doesn't agree this time?

America's Player assignment
Dan's task for this episode was to hug one houseguest chosen by America for at least ten seconds. I think he was hoping for a girl ... but we chose Jessie. Hunka-hunka-hug, huh? I had to crack up a bit myself as Dan cracked up in the Diary Room over our choice. But Dan's a man with a plan. He knows that Jessie has a soft heart and he knew how to tug its strings.

Dan is America's Player this week on BB10

Dan took Jessie aside for a personal talk. You see, he's really concerned about his girlfriend Monica. Will she still be there for him when he returns home? Will she move on? Will she still care about him? The tears flowed, the voice shook. And Jessie fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He consoled Dan and they hugged ... and hugged. It went well past the ten seconds, clocking in at seventeen seconds. Jessie left the room and Dan gave the camera a big grin and the victorious fist pump. Task completed. His next task is to work on getting the nominee of our choosing evicted. Jessie or Memphis? The voting at the CBS website ends at midnight PT.

Cat fights (MEOW), brouhahas, and one pathetic birthday
Oh, now here's where this episode goes classic. It all started out innocently enough. It was time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Sure, they all have something on the line here -- Jessie and Memphis more than anyone else. After all, April thinks her voting orders have to be followed. So you would think that she'd only worry about Memphis winning veto and saving himself.

So, what happens? April took the first pick out of the bag and pulled Michelle. Jessie was happy with that pick as she's his woman. The next two picks were house enemies. I love it! Jessie picked Libra while Memphis picked Jerry. I sat snickering at their misfortune. I know ... I have an evil streak. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Renny was chosen to host the comp. That just isn't exciting in an evil kind of way.

April is none too pleased with the picks. In the HOH room, she's fussing. "Jerry would only win a nose-picking competition!" As April went on about how horrible the picks were, Libra got the feeling that they doubted her. Hurt, she left the room. Of course, that led into April declaring, " Libra has an excuse for losing every comp she's been in!" So, Libra surely had reason to feel like they were doubting her.

Libra and Keesha had a "bitch about April, the bitch" session in their bedroom not realizing that Jessie was listening to everything they were saying through the wall. Keesha's mad that April thinks she can tell her who she can or cannot talk to (i.e. Memphis). Libra is hurt and feels her own alliance thinks she's useless. And, it's all directed at April.

Michelle has fun in the BB10 house

Jessie ran right to April and Ollie in the HOH room and reported it all. This set the stage for one of the best brouhahas and cat fights ever seen on the show. Oh, this truly beats out any Cappy fight ever. It beats out the entertainment value of Evel Dick dumping iced tea on Jen. You've got Keesha screaming at April, Libra crying because she's hurt, Keesha screaming at Jessie, Michelle screaming "what's it all about?," Jerry looking befuddled ... and in the middle of it all ... it's Keesha's birthday.

Renny had made a very ill-looking but the thought was nice "cake" for her. After all of the screaming and shouting, they all gathered in the kitchen to sing "Happy Birthday" to Keesha. It was the most pathetic birthday gathering in the history of mankind. I guffawed here, how 'bout you? One of the few accomplishments of the brouhaha is that it put Jessie in a bad light -- listening at the wall and reporting. Keesha and Libra both say he made things up, but it didn''t sound to me like he did. Oh, well. Jessie's in trouble now!

Jessie's cheeks always get flushed when he's flustered. When Libra was ending the "conversation" while saying her part and cutting him off, they turned bright red against his otherwise pale face. The body boy is no match for a mad Libra. She called him out for listening through the wall and that's it, the end! As they um ... celebrated Keesha's birthday, Libra apologized. Jessie, not helping his case and definitely not showing any maturity, apologized "for being honest." More screaming, more yelling, Keesha going totally off the wall, lots of blurred hand gestures. You gotta love it. It certainly perks up an episode! Happy birthday and peace on earth, folks.

Power of Veto - Slapshot Competition
The six players all donned jerseys emblazoned with their names. They were given hockey sticks, perhaps not the best tools of destruction for these tools in the house. Production should be happy that the hamsters didn't just go at each other using the hockey sticks as weapons. Although, that could have been good TV, eh? Instead, they were to hot a puck into a hockey net. In the center of the net was the veto, then numbered spaces leading out from the radius. In each round, the person furthest from the veto was eliminated.

This comp had prizes for each person as they're eliminated. As the rounds are played, the newly eliminated can keep their prize or trade for a prize already granted to another. The triumphant winner of round five (last round) has the choice of any prize previously won or exchanged, including the veto.

In the first round, everyone else did well, but Memphis didn't even make it in the net! His prize? Why, it's just what he wants, what he needs ... it's the power of veto. Alas, it's not a good time to win it as someone else will surely snag it down the line. In the next round, Michelle fails to get the puck into the net. But she's a happy camper about winning a trip to Hawaii. And, nope, she doesn't trade Memphis for the PoV. She's sure Jessie will have a chance at it as the game winds down.

The game didn't wind down much for Jessie as he got the boot in the next round. He pulled a car which read "Slop Surprise." Without knowing exactly what the surprise was all about, he traded with Memphis for the veto. Uh-oh, still kind of early to hang onto that, don't you think? April was out in the fourth round. She received $10,000 in Big Brother gold bars. They can be split with others if she chooses or she could buy her way out of a nomination. Upon eviction the bars are turned into real money. Since she has no problem with Jessie having the veto and, of course, she's worked so hard this week and deserves it, she keeps the money.

Why was Jerry in the pink for the PoV comp?

So, it's between Libra and Jerry in the last round. Libra hit a perfect score (even though "she always has an excuse for losing") and wins the round. Jerry goes to his prize ... a letter from home. He makes a deal with April to split the money with himself and Libra, then takes the veto from Jessie leaving poor Jessie with just a letter from home. Since the alliance has the veto with Jerry, when Libra found her prize to be the infamous red unitard for the week, she quickly snagged the Hawaii vacation from Michelle. It turns out that the "Slop Surprise" Memphis ended up with was a slop pass for a week for himself but he had to put someone on slop for the week. He chose Jerry, no surprise there. Jerry doesn't care -- he has the PoV.

Wah, the unitard, and MEOW!
Now, I can understand being upset about losing the Hawaii vacation and ending up with the red unitard instead. I totally understand that. But I also can't blame Libra for taking the trip to Hawaii. Sure, if Jessie or Memphis had the PoV, Libra would have been expected to go for the veto for the sake of the alliance. Maybe if the ten grand was intact, that would have been an option. But the Hawaii trip was the best option available.

I have never seen such a hissy fit on the show! Michelle decided that Libra was a bad mother for not taking a letter from home and taking away her trip. And, worst of all, she's humiliated! She has to wear the red unitard for the week! According to the venom spewed from Michelle, "Libra's children should be taken away from her. She's a rotten mother. She's a [bleepin'] whore, slut, skank!" Oh my. How vitriolic of her. All of this stems from losing the Hawaii trip and having to wear the silly unitard? What vile hatred over such a stupid thing? I'm not a huge fan of Libra, but this reaction is a bit scary.

Michelle went on turning her back to the Diary Room camera. "This is the only way you'll see me from now on." She feels she's been made the fool of the show. Little does she realize, most of the viewers I've encountered on the internet think that position has already been claimed by Jessie.

Was the Power of Veto used?
Nope. Of course not. Jerry made a deal with April for his share of the Big Brother gold bars. Jerry's a military man. A deal is a deal. Jessie seemed to hold out a little hope and Memphis knew that he and Jerry have been enemies since Day 1. The veto is back in its box.

Who would you rather see in the red unitard?
Michelle19 (4.4%)
Jerry50 (11.5%)
Ollie21 (4.8%)
April40 (9.2%)
Memphis25 (5.8%)
Libra28 (6.5%)
Renny15 (3.5%)
Keesha94 (21.7%)
Jessie118 (27.3%)
Dan23 (5.3%)

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I understand Michelle flipping out that Libra took her trip...but it was stated in the beginning of the comp to not get to attached b/c someone else can take your prize. When Michelle pulled the trip out of the trophy she was jumping up and down knowing darn well anyone who was elminated afterwards couldve taken it. Personally..if I was Libra..I wouldve taken the trip to knowing that someone in my alliance had the POV.

Michelle was being such a baby when she had to wear that leotard.

August 07 2008 at 8:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Belden...you think Libra should have taken the veto?? You do realize if she had done that then JERRY would have been in the unitard!! I think she did the house a HUGE favor by not taking the veto in that situation. Plus, she knew Jerry wouldnt use it, so there was no need for her to take it from him. I understand why Michelle was upset as well, but she overreacted quite a bit. There was no need for her to bash what kind of mother Libra is. As for Libra's argument with Jessie...Libra had already told April that her feelings were hurt bc April had pretty much written her off as a competitor. I would have been upset if someone from my alliance basically told me I had no hope in winning the veto. Jessie just kept trying to drag it out, and Libra was simply done with him and the argument.

August 06 2008 at 7:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I like Jessie he has the only WORKING brain in the whole house.Libra is retarded to think that she is the queen of BB10.Jerry made a stupid mistake Renny might vote Memphis to leave due to Jessie not actually nominating her. Keesha and April share a brain and Ollie is only thing with the thing in his pants. I actually like both nominees for the first time all season.If Jessie does actually go April and more Michelle will go awall on them!!!!!

August 06 2008 at 6:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to robert's comment

I don't know. If Jesse had a brain he would have laid low this week. Memphis was basically all but gone, but Jesse had to open his arrogant yap once again and focus the house on him once again.

The only one who is really playing it smart is Dan. He tried the early alliance thing and it backfired, so he switched up to laying low and has so far, been friends with everyone. Taking the America's player card was risky, but who can blame him for going for some extra cash when the odds are low in winning the game altogether.

August 07 2008 at 5:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I quess all you nay sayers have been locked in a house, with the possiblity of winning $500,000.00? Well I watched last night and everyone there is so very funny..
I wouldn't be locked up anywhere, if I was I would stir the pot and cause a hell of alot trouble. Its life fast forward at Big Brother. I hate the new people segment on Thursday nights its just stupid. They say nothing no acknowledgement. Weird. Keep on making me and my hubby laugh Big Brother.

August 06 2008 at 4:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I cannot stand Jessie, but I must say he displayed rather tender moments comforting both Dan during the America's Player bit and Michelle after she ended up with the red unitard. Guess if Jessie likes you almost as much as he likes himself, he's an o.k. sort of guy -- just as long as you don't DARE to DISRESPECT him!!!!

August 06 2008 at 3:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

@ORKMommy: April is the person that puts you upside down on your car loan. Perfect job for her.

August 06 2008 at 3:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So, April wants Memphis out of the house because he won a $50,000 car. Does this mean the other HG's have the right to vote her out because she won $10,000? She did agree to split it with Jerry & Libra, but she won it to begin with! I'd love to see her hissy fit if someone brought that to her attention.

Especially if that someone is Memphis...if he stays in the house...and wins HOH...and puts her up...for winning $10,000...

August 06 2008 at 2:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to ORKMommy's comment

p.s. Who's gonna let April manage their finances after seeing how dishonest she can be? Surely not I!

August 06 2008 at 2:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Like Stella, BB got its groove back!

August 06 2008 at 2:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Okay, I don't know why Michelle makes such a big deal about a "letter home". Family is important, but I'm sure they understand that you're in a competition. Even Michelle's BFF Jessie sighed when he got a "letter home" rather than something substantial--like the veto, a vacation, etc.

I think Jessie's going home. America is so fed up with Jessie that they're going to vote for Jessie (as Dan's vote). They are already picked Jessie for both America's Player tasks thus far.

That's one.

Then, Keesha. Whoever Keesha votes for, Renny will. The outburst that occurred on Tuesday's episode is a clear indication that she and Renny are also aiming to give him the boot. Not to mention Libra.

That's four votes!

And then there's Michelle, who is going to stand by her friend, Ollie, who is going to stand by April, and Jerry, who'd rather see the "womanizer" go than the arrogant and egotistical bodybuilder. That's three votes.

Four-three. Jessie's gone.

August 06 2008 at 1:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Michelle didn't show any class when she had to wear to wear the unitard. All that complaining. Jen wanted to wear the unitard and Sheila accepted it gracefully even though she may not have liked wearing it.
If the situation had been reversed and Michelle had drawn the unitard out of the prize cup she would have exchanged it for another prize very quickly.

August 06 2008 at 1:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Jim's comment
Ben Belden

She had won a Hawaiian vacation and had it taken from her in exchange for an emabarassing outfit she had to wear for a week. She had every right to be angry. I'm not trying to defend her actions since she did seem to overreact, but I was angry when Libra did it too. And I don't even like Michelle. She could have taken the POV but she knew she had Jerry in her pocket so she didn't even bother with it. To me, this spoke a lot to Libra and her alliance and I wish someone would have called her out on it, the fact that she had the chance to get the POV and chose a luxury prize instead.

Can you tell that I don't like Libra all that much? I was again angered during the whole birthday shouting match when Jessie came into the room and confronted her. She tried to pull the EXACT same thing that Jessie had done to Renny earlier and then tried to make it out like he was to blame. Jessie heard his name and went in to call her out on the lies she was spreading trying to cover her own ass because everything Jessie said was true. He may have done it for completely selfish reasons and to try to save himself, but the fact is, he was just reporting what actually happened. Anyway, Libra said she wasn't talking to him rather than trying to defend herself, then kept on bitching and complaining, then said she wasn't talking to him again, then went on bitching, then said she wasn't talking to him again, all the while Jessie stood there talking in a relatively calm voice.

I hate to say this, but at this point I'm actually liking Jessie more than Libra and April. He may be a dumb meathead, but he seems to have a surprisingly witty sense of humor (his comments in the diary room have really cracked me up these last two episodes). I'm hoping that he doesn't get evicted this week so at the very least, I can see him stir things up a little more and at most, win HOH and get rid of Libra.

August 06 2008 at 4:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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