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August 31, 2015

Army Wives: Duplicity

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 11th 2008 8:29AM
Wendy in uniform(S02E10) Well, you have to give it to Army Wives for pushing the envelope a bit with this episode, although just barely. More on that after the jump, but suffice to say it definitely was a twist I didn't think they'd try.

The duplicity in the title was all through the storylines. As I suggested last week, Joan has been ordered to bed rest or risk losing the baby, leaving Evan in charge. You know, this guy hasn't learned a thing in his tenure with Joan. He's still a jerk. I didn't blame Joan for getting frustrated with him; he was taking advantage of her being bedridden. Thanks to Trevor, Joan was able to get the upper hand, but I doubt that Evan's going to take the dressing down in front of General Holden with grace. He's going to be trouble.

Trevor's lying to Roxie and maybe himself. I would really hope that we don't see a Trevor hooked on pain meds in the future, but it looks like that's the direction we're headed, especially now that he won't be returning to Iraq for a while.

So, the twist. Brenda popped up in Pamela's life again. Did you predict what was going to happen? I was suspicious when she started talking about battery-powered relief for Army wives. I mean, I know the tribe shared intimacies -- like last season when everyone talked about how often they made love with their spouse -- but Brenda was still just becoming friends with Pamela. They went to one yoga class, so when she planted a kiss on Pamela's lips, I was surprised. For a minute there, I thought I was watching Swingtown (although that show has not touched lesbianism...yet).

I think Pamela should have picked up on Brenda's signals, especially since Pamela has good instincts.

Roland didn't lose his teaching job when he had those after-hours counseling session with the lesbian student who wanted to go to West Point after all. While I appreciate his support of Roxie in the GED class, I thought his explanation about her having a learning disorder was so obvious. It sounded like an ABC Afternoon Special.

I felt bad for Emmalin when it turned out that her boyfriend was worse than an Eddie Haskell wannabe. Kudos for her, though. I loved the scene with Michael, telling him that she remembered what he taught her about judging people by how they act, not what they say. She fingered Quinn as the drug dealer and acted responsibly. When she faced Quinn in jail, though, I would have liked her to be more angry. By the way, kudos to the TV Squad readers who predicted Quinn was up to no good after last week's episode.

Finally, there may have been a yellow ribbon round the oak tree in front of the Sherwood house, but Denise's feelings about Frank's return were clouded by her feelings for Getty. You could tell she didn't enjoy that homecoming sex, and I felt bad for Frank -- yeah, strange as that may sound since he's not one of my favorite characters -- because he knew something was wrong. Getty's death isn't going to make it any better between Frank and Denise.

Other points of interest

-- Trevor and Joan were great together. I think he should become her assistant full time until she has the baby. His actions may have been "inappropriate," but I loved what he did.

-- Typical Delta Force mission: Chase is gone without warning, just like he reappeared in a flash.

-- Do high school kids have any rights? Breaking open their lockers seemed like a major invasion of privacy.

-- Joan's cravings were funny and not too exaggerated. Cherry Garcia. Ben & Jerry's should advertise on the show.

What will Roxie do about Trevor's medication?
Confront him about overuse77 (91.7%)
Trust him to work it out4 (4.8%)
Get more pain pills for him by any means3 (3.6%)

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I went to a pretty horrible high school. They didn't just go through and break into lockers though. What they did do though is bring in drug and bomb sniffing dogs. If the dog singled out a locker, there was no question it was going to be broken into though.

August 12 2008 at 1:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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