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October 13, 2015

Big Brother 10: Eviction #5 and HOH #6

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 15th 2008 2:07AM
Jerry, the most annoying houseguest on BB10

(S10E15) "Judas, blah-blah-blah, Judas in my house, blah, Judas, blah-blah-blah, Judas." - Jerry

Okay, I'll admit I paraphrased just a wee bit there. But when not giving one-finger salutes and getting bleeped for vulgar language, this is going to be Jerry's claim to fame in the Big Brother 10 house. But ... what if ... what if Jerry wins Head of Household this week? After all, he's won veto twice. Does he have it in him?

Read on past the jump for my full review of tonight's episode.

Hamster chatter
The Diary Room is where the hamsters can speak their minds (if they have a mind, that is) and let us know what they really think. Libra, who's really not too shy in telling anyone anything right to their faces, speaks to Jerry via her DR session -- "Jerry, Big Brother is not a game of honesty and trust." What brought that comment around? Nope, it was nothing Jerry did or said to her. It's the way that Jerry keeps repeating his Judas tirade about Dan. Renny tells us that right now Jerry looks worse than Dan ever did. Again, it's his nastiness and repeated Judas comments.

Meanwhile, Jerry's strutting around the house as if he's Mr. Perfect and oh-so-righteous. This man has serious issues if he thinks his behavior and words are anything to be proud of! But as he struts about, the others all seem to have his number. Michelle and Memphis are befuddled by his behavior. Memphis, in particular, is taking the Judas statements more to heart than Dan is. I guess if you have someone upset at being called a womanizer, he'll deem Judas a worse insult. But Dan himself is tickled pink -- with the spotlight on Jerry's horrendous behavior towards him, everyone feels sorry for him! He's got a point there.

Libra is nominated for eviction this week on BB10

Libra is sure she's going to be evicted. She knows that there has been rumblings of her eviction for a while now. She considers herself "a dead houseguest walking." However, that doesn't keep Keesha from worrying about her own fate this week. She should worry because April and Ollie are already scheming to switch up the vote. They both think that Keesha had a hand in all of the evictions as much, if not more, than Libra did. Oh ... and April thinks Keesha is jealous of her because she (April) is prettier.

Oh, just gag me now. She isn't ugly, but she's got a bit of an "Area 51" alien-shaped head. I normally don't comment on looks, but she keeps going on about how everyone's jealous so I think she's fair game. She also mentioned that Keesha never went to college. Although I personally am an advocate for higher education, I don't know what that has to do with anything in the game. Making a fool of yourself on national television has no educational prerequisites. The hamsters and their varied educational backgrounds are the proof I offer.

Even though Memphis told Keesha he has her back, he's got another scheme in motion. Talking with Dan, they decide they'll team up with Keesha and Renny. Then they'll dump the girls at the end and go to the final two together. Nah, they didn't pinky-swear or anything, but it sounds like a plan. I guess I won't mention how rare it is for two to vow final two at this stage of the game and actually make it there.

Rock the vote scheming
I just don't get this group of houseguests. The very same people who were so upset with the vote switch last week which resulted in Jessie's eviction decide they want to do the very same thing! Ollie, April, and Jerry decide that now is the time to get Keesha out? They were all so angered, hurt, and betrayed about how Keesha, Libra, Renny, and Dan betrayed April by not voting the way she wanted, yet they want to do the same exact thing to Michelle? What's up with that? Do as I say, not as I do, I guess. What's right for me to do is wrong for you to do just because I'm me! By the way, Jerry gave his word to Keesha this week that he'd vote for her to stay. Kissy, kissy, Judas.

With six houseguests voting this week, they'd need one vote to do the dirty deed. Who's vote would that be? Why, Dan, the one who's been ostracized all week for his vote last week. Of course, the three know that Dan wouldn't trust them, so they let Libra in on the plan and get her to approach Dan.

Dan is NOT a Judas in BB10

Libra really has nothing to lose and has everything to gain if he goes along with the plan. Plus, Libra and Dan get along fairly well. So, she meets up with him. For a bit, he seemed interested. But he when he wanted to know who the other votes were, she clammed up. Reporting back to Kingpin Ollie, she was told they didn't want to give the names, brave planners they are. Scheme aborted. Dan had told her he'd think about it, but committed to nothing.

Pre-vote Diary Room bits
I really wish that these pieces weren't always edited as if we're stupid or something. You know that every time they sound like a certain houseguest will be evicted, it's the other one who goes. Just for once I'd like to see them all say "So-and-so is going home" and let So-and-So go home. Tonight was no exception to the rule.

Jerry said that Keesha is "playing the Memphis card." Huh? I don't think he understands the use of the word "card" in that sort of context. He went on to say that Memphis and Keesha are a "two-headed snake" and he wants Keesha to go home. He wasn't even original with that saying as that's what Jessie and Michelle were called the week before!

I actually understood a bit of April's reasoning for Keesha to leave more. Oh, yes, we know she doesn't like her and thinks Keesha lied to her. But what I agreed with were the comments she made about Keesha's voice and her laugh. I hate shrieky voices and Keesha has one.

Memphis and Renny both want to keep Keesha in the house. No surprises there and I think it would be hard to get a Diary Room bit of either saying they'd vote her out. But then they made the Dan statement as if he could go either way. Keesha's an ally and friend, something he needs in the game. But if Libra stays, she wouldn't target him and others targeting her would allow him to be worry free for a while longer. Oh, the suspense!

Libra's family defends her
As one would expect, Libra's family was ticked off about accusations that Libra is a bad mother. Her husband Steve totally backs her in the game, as does her mother. And the both of them seem to be very capable of taking care of the three children. I think her daughter Fallon is adorable. As they showed the bits with Michelle ranting about Libra taking the trip and giving up the letter, the husband wanted her to take the trip! I enjoyed the clip with Dan telling Libra, "If you took the letter from home, he'd probably write that you should have taken the trip!"

ChenBot grills the hamsters
Well, I'm talking questions, not actually grilling them, per se. Although, perhaps with a light garlic butter sauce they might be palatable.

Julie asked Dan if his faith has influenced his game. He admitted he's made some mistakes and will definitely head to confession as soon as he can. When she asked Jerry if he went too far with the Judas comments and if he still feels the same way, Jerry started out saying he might have said it in the heat of the moment. But then he went on to say how it hurt him (sheesh) and he still feels the same way. Dan said he'll forgive Jerry, but Jerry should call him "Mr. Judas" in keeping with his teaching career. Memphis took more offense to the Judas comments than Dan seems to and said he's not afraid to stand up for his friends. Renny, as she usually is when put on the spot, was very diplomatic. She spoke about how everyone in the house is unique and she enjoys them all.

In Julie's HOH room private talk with Michelle, I think Michelle was a bit more diplomatic about April than she actually might feel. She said that April has attached herself to her because she knows she keeps her word. But she said nothing about if she has any loyalty or even likes April or not. Michelle said that she regrets the comments she made about Libra being a bad mother and that Dan should burn in hell. When she said that she often says things without thinking, I almost liked her.

Eviction time
The houseguest evicted tonight will be the first member of the jury. While their speeches were nowhere near as impressive as Angie's, they were normal ... unlike Steven's speech. Both Keesha and Libra were upbeat, both said there would be no hard feelings. Libra tried to take a page from Angie's speech and told them it was time to play the game for themselves.

Keesha stays at least two more weeks

But when the vote went down, there was no rocking. It was unanimous for Libra to leave tonight. Once again, it's back to what the HOH wants. Without a commitment from Dan, the best the Keesha Ouster movement could do would be a tie and Michelle would have voted Libra out.

Libra's exit was cordial and everyone was polite. She fully expected to leave, so there was no shock. In her talk with Julie after her exit, she was poised and personable. Although she said she wasn't totally responsible for Jessie's eviction, she does think of herself as a "puppetmistress" in the game. She said the show was a once in a lifetime opportunity and, had she won, she would have money to set aside for her children's education and her family.

The goodbye messages were another matter. Ollie said she was selfish and went against April. April was snarky and smug saying that Libra made a bad move by going against her. Jerry said she manipulated people and deserved to go. Keesha, who was an ally of hers, wishes the best for her. Renny was also very nice, with mother to mother honor and love.

HOH comp - "Diary Room Confessions"
Oh, I love it when the hamsters can knock each other out of a comp! In this competition, Julie read quotes from previously evicted houseguests made in the Diary Room. They had to buzz in with the correct houseguest quoted. If they got it right, they would not only stay in the game, but they would choose to boot another out of the comp. If they buzzed in and got the answer wrong, they were themselves eliminated.

"Oh, God ... one of my naps finally paid off." -- Renny buzzed in first and guessed Jessie. She was right and booted April (YAY!). The look April gave her could kill and she literally stomped away. Heehee!

"The player got played." -- Dan got it right with his Brian guess and eliminated Jerry. (Guffaw.)

"Kinda makes you a bit lonely ..." -- Ollie interrupted the quote and then made a wrong guess of Steven. Ollie out. (Snicker.)

"What doesn't come out in the rinse comes out in the wash." -- Memphis made a wrong guess of Steven and he gets the boot.

"Jessie is a tool in all senses of the word." -- Dan wrongly said it was Angie and he's out. It's down to Renny and Keesha for HOH.

"After the first sentence of Jerry's speech, my heart dropped into my stomach." -- Renny buzzed in with the correct answer of Brian. Renny is the new Head of Household! And Jackie is a happy person. I think I might be happier than Renny is. When they showed her at the end of the show, she had a look of "what have I done?" I don't think she wants to hurt anyone by getting them evicted although I'm sure she'll make nominations I like.

We get to vote on silly stuff
At least half of the house will go on BB Slop next week. We, with all the power we have been given by the BB gods, can choose to give everyone an additional food. Even though the show mentioned text voting, you can vote on the CBS website for free. The choices? We can give them one of the following: coconuts, bologna, or giant lollipops. I personally would like them to get the giant lollipops.

Which food item should the hamsters get from us?
Coconuts100 (24.3%)
Giant lollipops175 (42.5%)
Bologna137 (33.3%)

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I really hope that Renny, who I really like, puts up April and Jerry. April is so overly impressed with her looks which, BTW, are just not that hot. I wouldn't date her if she were the last available chick on the earth. Get over yourself, April. You are nothing but a cruel, exhibitionist little slut who has embarrassed yourself on national TV. Jerry is a fouldmothed arrogant hypocrite who is such a piece of s*** that everytime he opens his mouth I want to vomit. Watch him now try to kiss Renny's ass big time. What a jerk!

August 16 2008 at 11:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I just hope Renny nominates April and Jerry. I want to see these two out NOW! Jerry is just a loudmouth, obnoxious, hyprcritical, cruel piece of s***. April is so overly impressed with her looks, which BTW are just not that hot. I wouldn't date you, honey, if you were the last chick on the earth. Get over yourself. Basically, you're just a dumb slut and a cruel, unattractive one at that!

August 16 2008 at 11:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

April is definitely the target this week. Even though were Rennie does not like Jerry, Ollie would be the better person to nominate besides April--breaking up the couple.

It will be interesting to see if Jerry does abandon April and Ollie and try to switch sides by sucking up to Rennie.

Last night on BBAD Memphis and Keesha were wondering
what Jerry and Ollie would do if April leaves this week. She is the leader of that alliance. Will Ollie step up? Will they try and form a new alliance?

I voted for the houseguests to get the coconuts as I think it would be funny watching them trying to open them.

August 15 2008 at 2:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

That was perfect. I wonder how smug those 3 twits are now knowing how much better at comps they are than everyone else. Der.

April and Ollie on the block, please. April will grind his arse up in her attempts to stay.

August 15 2008 at 12:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree, putting up April and Ollie would cause the most drama and be super entertaining to watch April turn. And then, if one of them wins PoV, Jerry's right there to go in their place. Love it!

August 15 2008 at 9:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yay Renny!!! I loved the looked on April's face, when Renny kicked her out. The look on her face was priceless. Dan able to get "revenge" on Jerry and kicked him out as well! :D When it was just down to Keesha and Renny, I for sure was hoping Keesha wouldve gave the wrong answer so Renny was the new HOH, but Renny surprised me by giving the right answer! After the new HOH was revealed, I lost satelliate, but thanks for the recap. Whats up w/ those food choices?! And why is there poll is only good til midnight?! That stinks! I truely hope Renny puts up either Ollie/April or April/Jerry. I cannot stand Ollie when he's talking to Julie...Does he think she's gonna leave her DH for him? And what was the stupid wink before him leaving?! Give me a break!

August 15 2008 at 9:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I loved seeing Rennie winning HOH! It was awsome to watch Rennie send April to the side line and Dan sending Jerry! I cheered so loud!!! I think she will put April & Jerry up but I wish it would be April & Ollie send her packing. She thinks she's the beauty queen .Actions speak the loudest in this game...

August 15 2008 at 9:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This was the BEST possible situation! I love Renny and I am hoping that she will be calmer than the previous HOHs. They need a week to cool down. I think this will be the first HOH that is not an emotional driven one & that the nominations will actually have a logical reason behind them.

I really hope that she puts up April & Ollie. Those two....! I mean, seriously! My husband says she has a really high forehead (he actually started with highbrow--isn't that hoot!) & thinks she is losing her hair. I think she just looks goofy. And Ollie isn't much better. And they didn't see anything thing "wrong" with trying to go against Michelle!

And speaking of April's look as she was booted out of the HOH competition, did anyone see the look April gave when Ollie stood up & applauded Janelle at last Sunday's food competiton? That was SO funny!

August 15 2008 at 9:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If Jerry tries to kiss up to Renny at this stage, it would be downright laughable, but I wouldn't put it past him to try. I agree it should be Ollie and April up for eviction because I would love to see how quickly April turns on Ollie and how she would campaign against him. Would she accuse him of calling all the shots? She seems too egotistical to give him that credit. Maybe she'll say that Ollie should go because he's prettier than she is. LOL!

I think I'm going to vote for coconuts because I'd like to see them try to crack those things open. I seriously doubt they're going to give these nutcases a machete like they do on Survivor so it could be a supreme excercise in frustration or the equivalent of giving them nothing. hehehe....

p.s. - Go Renny!

August 15 2008 at 7:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hopefully Renny Puts Ollie and April on the block. I can't stand Jerry, but I would love to see April squirm seeing her strongest ally on the block with her.

I liked Dan's response to the answer that Steven said Jesse was a tool. "Now that's funny".

I loved seeing those 3 idiots eliminated in the perfect order.

Jerry. Time to commence Ass Kissing to Renny in 3.....2.......1.

August 15 2008 at 6:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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