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October 8, 2015

Army Wives: Mothers and Wives

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 18th 2008 11:42AM
Kim D Army"No matter how horrible the loss, I couldn't push away the people who still needed me." -- Claudia Joy's advice to Denise

(S02E11) Beneath the surface, there were emotional land mines all around the friends at Fort Marshall in this episode. There were also some interesting revelations. It started with the arrival, out of the blue, of Charlotte, Claudia Joy's mom. Played by Marsha Mason, famous for The Goodbye Girl, Charlotte has always been hard on her daughter.

Fortunately, the way it was written and the way she played it, she wasn't there just to scrutinize her daughter's housekeeping. It was surprising to hear that she hadn't even called Claudia Joy since Amanda's death. Could there be a more clear indication that there's a gap between mother and daughter?

There was a lot of subtext, things unsaid between them, and that made their scenes all the better. Her visit was more about what's wrong in her life and therefore how it'll impact on Claudia Joy and Michael's. Watch for Mother to move in for a while.

Roxie's reaction to taking her second GED test was unexpected, and perhaps contrived. Does she have a fear of success or failure, because the confidence she has in every other aspect of her life should've translated to this. It took a subtle push from the boys to get her over the hump. Too bad for Roxie, though, because her suspicions about Trevor are on target.

I'm really disappointed that a man like Trevor would succumb to drugs. I'm not saying that I'm not sympathetic; I've had surgery and used pain pills (careful not to abuse them). Trevor's not the type to cross the line, like going to a civilian doctor where he could get another prescription. This seems inconsistent with his character. I guess they had to find some way for Trevor not to be perfect.

Roland had his psychiatrist hat on this week. I wish he would decide on a profession and stick to it. I don't like the way he's been fleeting around from teacher to guidance counselor to therapist. I guess he has the luxury of being able to try whatever he likes -- thank you Colonel Burton -- but I find it very disconcerting as a viewer. To me, his involvement with Jake and Mrs. Tate reinforced that he should be a full-time therapist. Here me now, Roland -- open an office and hang out a shingle.

I mentioned last week that I was feeling for Frank, and that's still true. The aftermath of Getti's death has complicated his jealousy of Denise's feelings for the guy, but it seems like he's more hurt than angry. When he met with Michael and wanted to go in country -- "back to the sandbox" -- it was obvious he was trying to run from their problems. Call me overly optimistic, but I see Frank and Denise going to a therapist and coming to terms with their feelings.

Other points of interest

-- I didn't know about the death gratuity, that when a soldier dies in combat, his/her family receives $100,000 up front, $500,000 later. The comment, "Seems like a soldier's worth more dead than alive," really struck a nerve.

-- Money was also the problem with Charlotte because Claudia Joy's father, a respected Connecticut judge, has a gambling problem. It couldn't have been easy for her mother to come to South Carolina carrying this trouble to her daughter's doorstep.

-- Pamela needs a storyline.

-- Joan really was catching up on her sleep. She wasn't in the show at all.

-- I liked how Denise covered up the motorcycle, kind of like covering a dead body. The bike represents Getti. The bike is dead to her now, as he is.

-- It seems that Jeremy and Frank are connecting on a new level now, perhaps because Jeremy is a soldier now. The bad blood from last season seems to have been forgotten.
What are the chances that Frank and Denise work out their problems?
100% - they're committed64 (47.4%)
50-50% - this could go either way54 (40.0%)
25% - I think Denise could end things14 (10.4%)
0% - they're through3 (2.2%)

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The Trevor storyline just highlights my problems with this series. It would have been dramatic and interesting enough to just watch his struggles to recover and the conflict between his desire to get back to his unit and being with his family, but no, they have to ramp everything up and give him a drug problem as well. I know this is a drama but not everything in life is.

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