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October 13, 2015

Big Brother 10: Nominations #6

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 18th 2008 12:23AM
Renny has to make a tough decision on BB10

(S10E16) "Do either of you want to be a pawn? Memphis, do you want to be a pawn?" - Renny

Renny might want to be careful what she wishes for in the Big Brother 10 house. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. While she has the joy of receiving family photos and a basket of goodies, she has a tough decision ahead of her. How can she shake up the game, keep her allies safe, and make as few enemies as possible all at the same time? Read on past the jump for my full review of tonight's show.

HOH aftermath drama or lack thereof
Keesha is thrilled that she feels safe to unpack her bags. With Renny as the new Head of Household, it's just about a guarantee that she won't go on the block this week. Unlike in previous weeks when the new HOH and his or her minions had an almost "in your face" triumphant reaction, Renny is very subdued. She has more of a "what the hell have I done?" look on her face.

April walked around with her little fake smile pasted on. She told us in a Diary Room segment that she's sure she's going to be on the block. Ollie is worried, if not for any other reason than his association with April. Ollie's been such a non-player in the game that about the only reason he'd go on the block is due to his showmance with April. Although they think it's a given that April will go on the block, they're hoping it will be Jerry (or anyone else) up for eviction with her, not Ollie.

Renny seems to know that April is a problem child in the game, but she also has a lot of other ideas running through her head. When Memphis said he's moving into the girls' room (beds vacated by both Libra and Renny, leaving Keesha), Renny becomes leery of his motives. When she asks Keesha about Memphis' motives, Keesha denies they've made any agreements in the game. Renny is sure that Memphis wouldn't take Keesha to the end because Keesha would get the vote to win. However, she (Renny) would indeed take Keesha to the end. Renny celled Memphis "a male April." So, we know what she thinks of him! And he hasn't a clue she feels that way.

The HOH room reveal was a bit uncomfortable for everyone. Renny's parents are deceased, I have no idea how long ago. But her reaction to their pictures was on the shocking side. She was overwhelmed with tears and seemed to be less concerned with the living members of her family. Very odd. But her letter from her husband and son was very nice and touched her heart, too.

Abusing Holly and fear of crows
Apparently the show needed lots of filler tonight. Thus we ended up with the houseguests abusing Holly. No, I'm not talking Holly from Season 5 (Jase's showmance with the absolutely horrible voice which makes Keesha sound like a tenor). I'm talking Holly the stuffed dog which was on April's bed when she moved into the house.

What to do when bored in the bakyard? Why, they can toss Holly around! Renny deliberately started drop kicking Holly as the game turned into Keep Away. Oops, Holly fell in the hot tub with Dan. Uh-oh. Holly's neck was broken as they continued to kick and toss her or April She tried her best to repair Holly as Memphis made useful suggestions such as tossing Holly in the drier.

Holly, the abused stuffed dog on BB10

Then there was a segment about Ollie's rather irrational fear of birds, crows in particular. He claims that they're former dinosaurs with wings. He also blames Hitchock's movie for his fears. It's actually pretty funny watching a grown man terrified of a crow yards away on the top of a fence.

Three's a crowd
In another bit of filler, there was segment about how Ollie and April can't be alone for three minutes (according to April) without Jerry showing up. They go to the couch in the living room, he shows up and just sits there smiling and gazing in space. They go to the bedroom, he appears as if summoned. Hmm ... maybe he's being paid by their parents to inhibit sexual activity. If that's the case, they should get a refund!

Ollie seems to have a bit more intresrest in their showmance than April does. She told him she thinks of him as a best friend. Now, a best friend is good in a relationship, but I'm not sure that's what Ollie wanted to hear. He proposes to her, probably jokingly, and she quickly turns to the cameras and shouts they're witnesses. I still think she's using him because he's there and vice versa.

Food comp -- Big Brother Rock, Paper, Scissors
Well, sort of. It's actually more like pig ears, crickets, and slop. The house split into two teams, red and blue. Keesha, Michelle, Dan, and April were on the red team while Renny, Memphis, Jerry, and Ollie were blue. Renny didn't play because she's HOH and hosted the game. Keesha also didn't have to participate because she was the spare person on the red team used as a server. However, if they lost, she'd have to eat slop.

The way it worked is that "pig ears silence crickets, crickets hop slop, and slop drowns pig ears." A member of each team had to go head to head with the member of the other team, writing what they'd be willing to eat on a blackboard. The winner of the rock, paper, scissors sort of dealing BB style had to eat their item.

You'd think Jerry would be good at slop by now, but this slop apparently had been sitting in the sun and he had a hard time getting it down. Michelle has mentioned before how much she likes pig feet (she even got some in her HOH basket), so pig ears were almost a treat for her. In the end, the blue team lost -- Memphis, Jerry, Ollie, and Renny are on slop. Oh, not Renny because she's HOH. Oh, not Memphis either -- he has a slop pass, right?

America voted for lollipops on BB10

It turns out America wanted the houseguests to have giant lollipops this week as the spare food item. Remember, the other two options were bologna and coconuts. We here at TV Squad decided lollipops, so this should be no surprise. They were all excited to get them and think it's very nice of America. Heck, I think we just think they're a bunch of big suckers to be on the show and that's just what they deserve! Jerry was almost like a spoiled little child telling the others that the lollipops are just for those on slop. Sheesh, the table held hundreds of them! How stingy is that? Oh, well. He is on his fourth week in a row on slop. I guess we should pity him.

My Queendom for a pawn

Renny knows that April is a shoe-in for nomination, but she's having a tough time deciding who she'll put on the block with her. She definitely wants April to go home, but doesn't seem too familiar with the past history of pawns going home. She tried feeling Ollie out on things. She really seems to like Ollie, but doesn't know how he'd play if April leaves. He assured her that he's in the game to win the game and that the relationship with April has nothing to do with it. I actually think we might see Ollie play the game if April is gone. He's been nothing but an April accessory since the first week.

She talked to Michelle telling her how much she likes her and feeling out the response. Michelle can be a bit strange at times, but she's not about to burn any bridges with Renny. After all, Michelle has lost almost all the original members of her alliance -- Brian, Steven, Jessie, and even Angie to a certain extent. She's not really in with anyone in the house other than Memphis. So, sure ... she told Renny that she won't put her up if she wins HOH and she's willing to swear on a bible or even her parents.

Going tto talk to Dan, she first terrifies him by asking how he would feel if he went up as a pawn. Yikes! He almost choked. She told him he wasn't in any danger, but that didn't make it any easier to swallow. Explaining that she wanted to do the nominations without making too many enemies, Dan reminded her that he, Keesha, and Memphis will vote as a block to get the person she wants out gone. If one is up as a pawn, she might lose that needed vote.

Memphis reacted even a bit more vehemently. "How would you like to be a pawn this week, Memphis?" asked Renny. "Get the hell out of here!" he replied. He told her that it's traditional that the pawn goes home more often than not. No way does he want to be a pawn! Memphis and Dan both tried to convince Renny that Jerry would put them both up if he got HOH. He'd be the perfect pawn to go up with April and might even remember they voted to keep him. At one point, Renny even shocked Keesha by suggesting she go up as a pawn.

Keesha is worried on BB10

Time for nominations
The nominations, although the main part of the show, always seem like a huge build-up to nothing. Renny seemed to have a bit of trouble lugging the key lazy Susan to the table, but it was smooth sailing from there. The key order was: Dan, Keesha, Ollie, Memphis, and Michelle. So it's Jerry and April on the block. Renny told April that she's "the most tough cookie woman in the game and a big threat." Her reasoning for nominating Jerry is that he nominated her in the first week. Um. Okay.

Should Renny have nominated April and Ollie?
Yes227 (55.4%)
No, her noms are good174 (42.4%)
No - tell your nominations in comments!9 (2.2%)

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How does evicting April help Renny? Is she being targeted by April? Is she in an alliance that is being targeted by April? How does keeping Memphis or Dan around help Renny? They will keep her around only as long as she helps them. Has Memphis promised to keep Renny in the game up to the finals? No, but he has promised 3 others. Has Dan promised her? Has Keesha? Renny played this wrong because she thinks she is in an alliance that will protect her. Now that she's won an HOH, her "supporters" will see her as a threat and target her as soon as possible. Can Keesha win often enough to help her? Doubtful, very doubtful.

August 19 2008 at 3:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Please, Renny better play hard if April comes off the block.Boys out run
the girls. Better keep a eye on Dan & Memphis. Jerry is a loose nut so
this week is great to see what will happen.

August 18 2008 at 11:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

First things first, Thank you tv squad for all your hard work! I don't know about you but I think this is the worst season of BB. Does anyone think for their selves? I can't figure out if the houseguests know what they are playing, it seems more like a game of follow the leader! I think that Renny should of put Ollie and April up together duh! She is the one that said they are two votes so why not put them on the block together? i think that Dan is more of a threat and no one even sees it! And is Memphis winning a car that serious? I my self would not think that is a reason to vote him out! Jerry on the other hand just gets on my nerves!

August 18 2008 at 2:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ah yes, Ollie, "The Birds," that terrifying black-and-white film directed by "Albert Hichock." Hilarious.

August 18 2008 at 2:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It should have been April and Ollie. They are two playing as one. They need to be split apart. By putting them up together it lessens the chance that they both could stay.
If April comes off the block, they will still be together.

The funny thing is that the week before Renny said she would nominate both April and Ollie if she won HOH. She was trying not to make too many enemies with her selections but it may have backfired. Now you have Keesha, Dan, and Memphis questioning her motives.

August 18 2008 at 2:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bad nomination the majority will vote Jerry out! April will stay and all of her wanting April gone is lost this week. She should have put April & Ollie up! If so she had better hope April doesn't win HOH because Renny will go up..

August 18 2008 at 1:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I totally disagree with the comments about Renny. I think she was smart in nominating April. April has a for sure alliance with Ollie & Jerry. The HG's don't have all the information we have and from where they're sitting, A/O/J is the biggest alliance left in the house.

I agree that Memphis and Dan are huge threats, but they're so low key in the house that nobody really sees that. They obviously don't talk with their housemates the way they talk in the DR.

August 18 2008 at 1:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

First Why was Renny crying so much upon seeing the 1940's pictures of her parents? Did I miss something? Did her parents just die?
Second, Why did Renny nominate Jerry knowing that Dan and Memphis don't trust him. They would be fools not to try to kick him out. They can do this because Michelle and Ollie will also be voting Jerry out. What a fool this woman is.

August 18 2008 at 12:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bad move by Renny. Dan and Memphis need to go. It should be obvious to everyone that Dan has physical abilities and is smarter than they are. Plus, he can't be trusted. Memphis isn't the threat Dan is, but he can offer a physical challenge for the POV and force Dan to work for it. And he can't be trusted. He has promised Keesha, Dan, and Michelle that he will take them to the finals. Jerry sees through Dan and Memphis. That's why they want him out. So what if April is kicked out of the house? Her alliance with Ollie is weak. Ollie's no threat. Renny played right into the hands of the strongest players by focusing on April and Jerry. She's being played all the way!

August 18 2008 at 11:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Seriously dude

It should have been April and Ollie, and then Jerry if one of them got removed by the Veto. It would have been fun to see how long the showmance lasted, when they are battling each other to stay. I agree April should go!

I think the highlight of the entire show was Dan saying Grace before eating his first plate of crickets. Priceless!

August 18 2008 at 9:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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