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October 13, 2015

Big Brother 10: PoV Competition #6

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 20th 2008 8:23AM
April looking vulnerable on Big Brother 10

(S10E17) "I have to make myself look vulnerable to those people right now." - April

Now, do you seriously think that April can look vulnerable to anyone on Big Brother 10? I can think of plenty of adjectives to describe her and "vulnerable" ranks at the bottom of the list along with "sweet" and "innocent." Oh, sure, she can put a perky bow in her hair and try to look the part. But it's just not happening, not for me anyway. Read on past the jump for my full review of tonight's show.

Day 39
We've seen the recaps and the recapped recaps, so we go to color. Jerry, after telling Renny the nomination was okay and "big boys don't cry," reminds us once again that he joined the Marines at 17 and it's kill or be killed. Oh my, I hope no blood is shed this season on the show. I'm not too sure that a Marines analogy is really applicable to a reality television show. But I have a feeling that Jerry enjoys reliving the days of his youth and tends to use the Marines as an analogy for life itself.

April isn't quite as stoic about being nominated. She thinks everything is personal and she'd be a liar if she said it didn't hurt. Well, she lies about a lot of things, but I think she's pretty upset. Do I feel sorry for her? Nope, she brought it on herself. I know that if I were in a house with her thinking she's the smartest and prettiest thing in the world, I'd probably have to stuff her in a garbage can or something. However, Ollie was very consoling and if they didn't make me gag, it would have been very touching seeing how caring he was for her predicament.

April and Ollie, quite the showmance on BB10

Dan, while happy that he himself isn't on the block, just can't stop wondering why Renny didn't put Ollie and April, the house couple, up together on the block. Could she have a deal with Ollie? Talking it over with Memphis, they're both worried that one of them (Memphis or Dan) could go on the block if someone uses the veto to save either nominee. Neither can figure out why Renny nominated Jerry instead of Ollie.

Keesha, on the guise of concern for Jerry, talked with Renny. I don't think she really is too concerned whether Jerry is okay or not. I think she's shocked at the nominations and wanted to pry for information from her "best friend" in the house. Renny, playing her own game and obviously liking or disliking whomever she wants, told Keesha she nominated two out of the three. The three, of course, are Ollie, April, and Jerry. Did she nominate the right two? I guess she did for her own means. But Renny's actions have even made Keesha feel unsafe in the game, a total turn around from her reaction when Renny won HOH. Without telling her to whom she's referring, Renny told her certain people are targeted and they must go.

Filler fun
Big Brother always likes to let us know funny things happen in the house -- not all has to do with lying, backstabbing, and deceit! So we get our little humorous fillers within each episode. First up for the night was a bit with Jerry talking to himself while still in bed. Oh, he answered himself, too. He asked if he should discuss politics, but he's not up on the latest. Religion? Nope. He decided he'd talk to himself about his family, his grandchildren, and his dog. Ollie thinks he's lost it. I would think "lost it" would be a criteria for going into the house.

In a later filler, Renny gave Dan a haircut. If you haven't noticed, Dan tends to pray over things. Thankfully, he's not of the Amber School of Prayer and Good People. His prayers tend to be funny, like he prayed and said grace for the crickets in the food comp. He has deemed his hair his prized possession and prays that Renny is an actual hairdresser and not just a crazy woman. Renny was as funny as Dan with an "oops" every now and then and her insistence that she would cut his hair the way she wanted, not the way he wanted it cut. In the end, he was pleased with the haircut. I'm sure he's going to soak it in product anyway, so the cut itself isn't a big deal.

A "freaky and outright evil" Power of Veto comp
Before the competition could begin, they had to draw for veto players. Renny chose Dan's name out of the bag first. April drew Keesha while Jerry drew Ollie. I find it interesting that for the last two PoVs, it's been once allies, now rivals, Keesha and April drawing each other's name out of the bag. Ollie was just happy to have a chance to play, but we haven't seen him win anything yet, have we? Renny chose Michelle as the host of the game.

In this apparently nameless veto comp, the backyard was all done up "freaky and outright evil" as Ollie put it. There were mummies in caskets, boiling cauldrons, cobwebs, graves, hissing cockroaches, a huge fake python, voodoo doll effigies of the houseguests, and more spooky creepy stuff. Michelle told the players that they had five minutes to examine everything. Dan took a methodical approach, studying and estimating counts on the items in the yard. Ollie took more of an 'I almost wet my pants" approach, especially when he almost bumped into a fake crow. Keesha was too scared to reach into the tank of Madagascar hissing cockroaches to try to get a count.

After the five minutes passed, Michelle told them the rules of the game. The object is to earn three points. BB will ask a question and the answer will always be an amount. They will write the answer down, all will show their answers, then they can decide whether to stay or fold. If they fold, they're safe to move onto the next round but earn no points. The closest answer wins if stayed, but the answer furthest from the correct count gets the player eliminated (if the houseguest chose to stay).

The first question was on the length of the serpent (python). Jerry got it right and Renny got the boot. Next came a question regarding the number of pins in all of the voodoo dolls. Jerry got his second point on the way to three to save himself while April blew her chance to win the veto and got eliminated. How many cockroaches in the tank? Keesha's clueless and ended up eliminated while Dan got his first point. Ounces of blood in the containers on the table? Ollie and Jerry both fold leaving Dan to pick up his second point. Then came the last question ... how many nails in a bed of nails? Dan was the closest and won his third point. That makes him the big winner of the Power of Veto. Yay, Dan!

Wheeling, dealing, and trust issues
Dan really seems to think if he uses the veto to save either Jerry or April, Ollie would go up on the block. But I don't think he's thinking through it all too well. He was questioning earlier if Renny had a possible deal with Ollie and, if he thinks back a few days, Renny was asking him, Memphis, and Keesha about being pawns. She obviously wants April out but it's uncertain who will go up if a nominee is saved. While she didn't do well with folding or staying in the PoV comp, she holds her cards close to her chest.

Ollie and April think they just might have a chance that Dan may consider saving April to ensure that Jerry goes home. Jerry did call him "Judas" and was hateful to him, right? April talked to Dan suggesting that they could promise him an alliance and some money, too. She has that $5,000 in BB gold bars and is willing to part with some of it. Dan didn't commit, telling her he would think about it.

What about Jerry? Well, all of a sudden he feels the need to apologize for his Judas comments and nastiness. He would have sounded more sincere if he didn't wait for Dan to hold the veto before apologizing. Dan has always seemed not overly upset about the comments and acted like a perfect gentleman in accepting the apology. Jerry didn't ask for him to use the veto and Dan didn't offer. All Jerry said was that he would be loyal to those who help him stay in the house -- it could be use of the veto or just voting April out as I read the talk.

Dan is the veto holder this week on BB10

Dan went to Renny hoping that she would offer to put Ollie on the block if he uses the veto to save (probably) Jerry. Instead, he had a bit of a surprise. When he asked Renny if she had a deal with Ollie, she said she didn't but that she likes him. When Dan tried throwing out scenarios such as if he saves Jerry, Renny just stared at him and acted like she didn't understand. She said if he uses the veto, she would consider him a traitor and she trusts he won't use it. Yikes.

The Veto Ceremony
Jerry made his speech first, reminding everyone that he's 75 years old. He also (for the third time in this episode) said he's like a little street fighter. He grew up hard and he's set in his ways (no kidding). He said he doesn't like to sugarcoat things and apologized once again for the Judas comment. He said Dan should use the veto or not as he sees fit. April's speech was a bit shorter, but cordial enough. She said she respects Renny's decision to put her on the block and doesn't expect the veto to be used on her ... but would love it if it is used to save her.

Then it was Dan's turn to make the worms squirm. While he wasn't nasty like Jerry was in the last PoV meeting, he made sure he said something which got everyone thinking while putting pauses in for effect. What he did was mention that money was offered, but he didn't say who offered it. Then, after a long pause, he declined to use the veto. So the nominations remain April and Jerry.

Who will be voted out this week?
April381 (92.7%)
Jerry30 (7.3%)

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Renny is getting a little fiesty. She always has to answer with an attitude. I also want to see what happens to Ollie when his master April leaves. I like Ollie but he is not playing the game, he is in on the wrong reality show, he should try out for the Bachelor. I hope he finally starts playing and without remorse because the others just want to see him play the game. If he even mentions April I hope they vote him off next week. She made me sick on BBAD last night.

August 21 2008 at 1:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It surprises me that the HoH doesn't understand that the POV holder can change the HoH's noms and that if you wanted to ensure cooperation, you probably should have come to agreement over who to nom in the first place. Of course she'll be upset, just like Dan was when Renny didn't put up Ollie. Turnabout is fair play.

Renny could have made her case without going overboard. She didn't and now people don't trust her.

I'm really curious to see Ollie cut loose from his anchor.

August 21 2008 at 11:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It always suprises me that people think they can change the HOH's noms & the HOH won't be upset. Occasionally, circumstances change &the HOH wants the veto to be used, but not very often. That's the whole point of winning HOH, to put up who YOU want. You'd think after this many seasons, people would understand that. I thought Renny came across as a little blunt in her talk with Dan, but not unreasonable.

The fact that April thinks she's better looking than Keesha just dumfounds me. I don't think April is attractive at all & I'll take great pleasure in seeing her booted before Keesha (actually, I don't want to see Keesha booted at all. I'd like her to win!)

Having said that about Renny & her HOH, it might have been better for her to be a little more receptive to suggestions from people who are on her side. I don't think going on a power trip when you win HOH is ever a wise move. You don't alienate your allies; politicians have known this forever.

August 21 2008 at 3:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

April definetly needs to go, i think she is a fake and that her and Ollie will not last. I hope he realizes that he can't just move to Phoenix with a showmance. April and Keesha sound just a like so I don't get how their voices annoy each other. I think Renee put dought in everyone this week. I don't like how she treated Keisha this week.

August 20 2008 at 4:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

BYE-BYE April!!

On BBAD last night the crawl along the bottom of the screen mentioned that Michelle was trying to secure a third vote to keep April. It's not going to happen as I don't see Keesha, Memphis, or Dan wanting to keep April.

The crawl also mentioned Renny and Keesha have formed an alliance with Jerry. It is doubtful that they would have
approached Jerry. He probably went to them. He is going to need someone to latch onto once April leaves.

August 20 2008 at 1:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope April is gone. Dan and Memphis should make a deal with Jerry not to put them up if he wins HoH this week.

August 20 2008 at 12:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

One of the funniest things to me this season is April's opinion of herself. She is pretty enough, but she is definitely not prettier than Keesha. Defintely not prettier than Angie. I don't even think she's prettier than Libra or Renny. (I am leaving Michelle out of this equation because if you can't say something nice.....)

My two favorite April facial expressions: 1) In the hot tub when she tells Ollie that Keesha is jealous of her because she's prettier than Keesha and then she screws her face up into a "can you believe that bitch?!?" type of expression. I like to freeze frame on that moment because it's so comical how UGLY she looks making a face in reaction to someone's supposed jealousy of her beauty. 2) Her slight smirk and furrowed brow when Ollie's key was pulled so early in Renny's nomination ceremony. Hint to April: Don't play poker babe.

Anyway, April may be pretty in a bland sort of way, but her demeanor is ugly and "ugly demeanor" trumps "bland pretty" the way "crickets hop slop" and "slops drowns pigs ears".

Adieu, April. Au revoir and arrivederci. Bee-yatch.

August 20 2008 at 10:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to deebopalula's comment

Great post, deebop! I loved the hot tub bit, too, because right after April's expressions, Ollie made two faces right in succession that must have touched the soul of every male viewer. First, he reacts incredulously to her statement; then, when he realizes she is serious, he changes to a serious expression and quickly agrees with her. It was text book diplomacy at its finest and a tribute to all men who have been there and done that!

August 20 2008 at 1:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You know...watching Renny in the HOH room w/ Dan makes me not like her as much. IDK what it was w/ her..she was just very cocky telling Dan that he trust him that he will keep the noms the same and to not tell anyone who she would put up as a replacement if Dan uses the veto. I guess that is good gameplay...let the other HGs start thinking..but IDK.

Very funny watching Jerry talk to himself and Dan praying while he was getting a haircut! Loved those pieces!

I cannot wait to see April gone from the BB house!!! Buh-bye!

August 20 2008 at 8:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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