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October 9, 2015

Big Brother: Eviction #6 and HOH #7

by Kristin Sample, posted Aug 22nd 2008 7:41AM
Dan the Man(S10E18) "Anything else I could do for you, I would do for you." -April to Dan

Once again, Dan the Man with the Master Plan is the swing vote at eviction time. Renny nominated April and Jerry on Sunday, her target being April from Arizona. However, Dan has no personal reason to evict her. In fact, if Dan was playing the game strictly listening to his personal feelings, he should evict Jerry who called him a "Judas" last week and said that he "hides behind his cross." Furthermore, April offered Dan, the PoV holder, money on Tuesday before the ceremony.

Okay, what am I missing? Oh yeah, it's that April is a kick-butt player in the Big Brother 10 house who will pick them off one-by-one with her showmance Ollie at her side.

Find out what went down and who went home after the jump...

Pre-Eviction Drama:

After Dan put it out there that one of the nominees offered him money, the hamsters were abuzz with speculation. Dan said that he wanted to make everyone paranoid. And it worked. Michelle seemed especially perturbed by what Dan said at the Veto ceremony. Michelle said that whoever offered him the money should go home. Renny told Michelle just to ask Dan. Keesha said that "they are going to whatever" to stay in the house. Memphis said that both Jerry and April probably tried to bribe Dan. Michelle saw April's expression (complete shock) and took from it that Jerry must have offered Dan the cash. Unfortunately for Michelle, April's "shock" was at Dan calling her out in a public ceremony.

Despite Michelle's suspicions about Jerry, Keesha maintained that she would be stupid to keep April. "There is no way I'm changing my vote," she announced to Memphis. While he can't stand Jerry, Memphis said that he'd rather risk Jerry winning the next HOH than a possible April/Ollie victory.

Meanwhile, April cried to Ollie about how she's done nothing to deserve this. "Nothing except do dishes, and make cakes, and give people stuff," she grumbled. Stop right there. April hasn't exactly been a bowl of cherries to live with. She's had multiple fights with Libra and Keesha in front of other houseguests. She's been domineering. She won a competition and inadvertantly sent home one of the houseguests she promised to keep safe. I don't know how she can think so highly of herself. April is a staunch competitor. Still, April believes that Keesha is jealous of her and causing all the raucous.

Together April and Ollie decided that they can get Jerry evicted. They just need to work on Dan and Michelle. Ollie says that Dan basically owes them his vote. First they talk to Michelle who responds by saying that if they can get Dan, she'll consider it. If not, she's voting with the house.

Now it's on to Dan. Ollie worked on him during a game of basketball. He assured Dan that he's not a target. "That's two people who wouldn't come after you," Ollie argued. He brought up a good point: three of the six players in the next HOH would keep Dan safe (April, Ollie, and Dan himself). He made a good argument. April also pulled Dan aside in the sauna room. She offered him safety and money (again!).

Reactions to the BB10 Showmance

Ollie's proud parents say that he's a grown man and he can make his own decisions. The best part of their interview was Ollie's father not knowing what a showmance was and referring to it several times as a "showmass."

April's twin Angela says that growing up April was the dominant one and she was more laid back. Angela added that she believes April is attracted to Ollie because he is so much like her twin sister. She said later that the marriage proposal was shocking and hopes they'll take it a little slower after the show.

Interviews with the ChenBot

Julie Chen asked Ollie about his fear of crows. The clip package they showed of Ollie running from the crows was pretty funny and set the houseguests laughing. Ollie blames his fear of birds on the Hitchcock film of the same name.

Next up, ChenBot asked Dan about winning the Power of Veto. He laughed that he was very excited to win something. He said it was a little bit of skill and a lot of luck. (I have to interject that Dan is doing a very good job of throwing competitions, playing the whole "I'm a weak player" card. What do you think?)

She also asked Renny about how emotional she got when she saw the pictures of her parents. She replied, "They were wonderful parents...I'm so proud that they were my parents." She teared up trying to explain how it felt to see pictures of her sinced passed mother and father.

Jerry was asked about the slop -- how does he stay on it for so long? Jerry answered that he fries the slop and swallows fast.

Finally Memphis was asked who he would bring back into the BB house if he had the chance. He said he would bring back Brian just "for giggles." I'm suprised. I thought he might bring back Angie. I guess Brian was a cool guy. Many of the hamsters speak pretty fondly of him now that he's gone. I guess America really didn't get a chance to know him that well.

Renny, April, Michelle, KeeshaInterview with Current HOH, Renny

"Have your houseguests underestimated you in this game?," the Chenster questioned. "I hope they have!," Renny laughed. She told Julie that the "true Renny" can be seen in her the antics and jokes. However, while she's always the jokester, Renny maintained that she's into strategy too. She's playing this game 110%, the same way she approaches everything in life.

Nominees Speeches

April started by saying that she is so grateful for the opportunity to play and get to know everyone. Then she copied Angie's speech lecturing the houseguests on voting only for themselves. She then joked about how at least the hamster wouldn't have to deal with her neurosis anymore. Apparently she orders the cereal boxes according to size. Maybe she should work for Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out.

Jerry just made a generic speech about his experience on the show. He said that he and his wife will have many memories to discuss for years to come. He assured the voters that if he was a evicted, he wouldn't take any "sour grapes" to the jury house.

The Eviction

Keesha voted to evict April (no big surprise).
Memphis voted to evict April (no big surprise again).
Ollie voted to evict Jerry (it would have been awesome if he evicted April, right?).
Dan voted to evict April (the swing vote speaks!).
Michelle voted to evict April (still not surprised).

That's four to evict April and only one for Jerry. When the Chenster announced to the houseguests that April was going home, April smiled widely and nodded. She hugged everyone and gracefully left the hamster cage. At least she looked fab in her new designer dress as she walked into the studio audience.

Interview with April

The most recent evictee talked about Keesha first. April said that she doens't have anything bad to say about the Hooters waitress. April trusted the other blonde and doesn't understand why Keesha went against her. April still doesn't know why the house split during her reign as HOH.

She talked about Ollie next. Calling him her "sanity in the house," she said that she wouldn't have changed her relationship even though it made her a target. April announced that she and her showmance were not going to live together, that the marriage proposal was a joke, and that Ollie was already planning on moving to Arizona before the show.

Dan said that her ambition and relationship with Ollie was definitely a reason for her eviction. Renny called her vivacious, intelligent, and "one of the toughest ladies I've ever met in my life." Keesha called their relationship "rocky" and said they just never could find middle ground. I think that was as nice as Keesha could be (considering she's Keesha). Ollie said that she's his main motivation to win the grand prize. At the end of his goodbye message he said he had one question (a marriage proposal? ZOMG!): "Will you be ... my first girlfriend?" How seventh grade is that? Ollie's cute though. I won't make fun of him ... too much.

And now April has to go to the jury house where Libra awaits. I can't wait to see Libra's smug look when April walks through the door. They were always frenemies.

HOH Competition

Another endurance competition! The hamsters had to hang from a rope in a "jungle" as water drizzled on them. I couldn't tell if they were sitting on a knot in the rope or a small platform. I can't imagine a knot is too comfortable on the nether regions. Proving that hamsters don't like to get wet, Michelle whined that she spent an hour and a half straightening her hair.

When we came back from the commercial, the ropes had begun to move upward and swing into a wall with water balloons on it. They were hitting that wall hard. It looked kind of fun though. They all went "Whoaaa" like they were on a ride at a theme park.

Come back to TV Squad for our recap of Sunday's episode. We'll get to see who wins HOH. I think Dan is ready for a win. He's the only one who looked dressed for the competition, wearing a windbreaker pullover with a hood.

And we get to vote again! Go to CBS.com to vote for which hamster you want to receive a call from home.

Who do you want to win HOH?
Jerry21 (7.0%)
Dan184 (61.1%)
Ollie20 (6.6%)
Keesha37 (12.3%)
Memphis28 (9.3%)
Michelle11 (3.7%)

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April, You are not all that. Glad to see you go.

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April was not a victim of editing.

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I still can't believe April thinks she is prettier than Keisha! She is dillusional. I'm glad she's gone.

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I think April carried herself pretty well with Julie. I didnt think she was potrayed how she was in the house at all.

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