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October 4, 2015

Big Brother 10: Double eviction #7 and #8 - HOH #8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 29th 2008 7:38AM
Julie Chen briefly talks to Dan in the BB10 house

(S10E21) "Dan has gone from the sidelines to calling all the plays, leaving the house in utter chaos." - Julie Chen

So here we are at the big live double eviction show of the season in the Big Brother 10 house. With the recent events in the house, it's a show no BB fan dare miss. The double evictions are great because we expect them and, even though the hamsters know there's one a season, they're always taken a bit off guard when it actually comes. Don't you love a good jaw drop?

Read on past the jump for the full review of this special double eviction show.

But first ... let's talk chaos
Gee, you wouldn't think in a live show so pressed for time that we'd get the usual Recap City. But we did. At least some new fodder was thrown in. Dan tells us in a Diary Room segment that he wanted to hide the track of his secret Renegades alliance with Memphis by nominating him (as per Ollie's wishes). Now, I tend to believe that Dan never planned any of the promise(s) to Ollie in advance. Oh, maybe the not nominating Ollie part, but the rest was done in desperation to get Ollie to drop. I don't think Dan planned on reneging on the deal at the start, but then realized that he gave way too much power to Ollie and felt he had to back out.

But it's the way Dan broke the promise which really set off the fireworks in the house. He didn't just stand up and say, "Sorry, have to break the deal." Nope, Dan had to throw his game into the play with his "Replacement Nominee Roulette." Michelle went from shock to furiously fuming and Ollie went on a rampage. We saw a smidgen of Ollie's rage in the last episode, but the show went into a lot more detail tonight.

"He's a snake! He's a plant! He's not a regular houseguest! I'm gonna go call him out!" Yes, Ollie. That always works so well, doesn't it? Both Michelle and Ollie rushed to the backyard to confront Dan and his allies. "That football picture is a fake!" spat Michelle. In a highly edited segment, Ollie exposed Dan's nefarious deeds to his alliance, all of whom knew all about them before Ollie's rant. Dan was out of there quickly. Safely away, he tells us that "no one lights a bomb and then sticks around."

As Ollie ranted on about how he was to hold all the power, he was HOH, Dan is a plant, and on and on ... he didn't get the reaction he wanted. I don't know how he could seriously think that he could turn Dan's alliance against him, but that seemed to be his goal. Of course, Keesha just laughed and pointed out that she can't complain because if Ollie had his way, she would have been on the block. Their reaction made Ollie even more angry and he called Memphis a vicious expletive before going into the house.

This is SO not what Ollie called Memphis
I don't usually mix live feeds and the show in the review, but I just can't let this edit go without venting about it. If you want to believe that Ollie called Memphis a "red-headed cabbage patch kid," don't look at the actual video from the live feeds. There are no spoilers in it at this point, but it should be an eye-opener about Ollie and his crude nastiness -- very rough language alert. Cabbage patch kid indeed. That expression was never used. I hate the editing of the show at times and it gives me good reason to watch the live feeds!

After he calmed down a bit, Ollie was once again set off by Dan. He confronted Dan only to get a shrug of the shoulders and "it's just a game." Uh-oh. Ollie thinks that Dan tested his manhood, embarrassed him in front of millions, and more. I don't know. I think April took his manhood into the sequester house for safekeeping. But that was it. Ollie ran off leaving Dan and his buddies to watch him throw a tantrum, throw a lollipop, knock over things in the yard, break a lamppost, and then stomp the yard. I mean stomp. And he screamed about "You want to play a game?" all along.

Out of Dan's alliance, only Renny seemed to think he (Dan) went a bit too far in the way he did the veto meeting. Thankfully she didn't go berserk like Ollie did. Even Michelle, whose temper is volatile, reacted better than Ollie. In her talk with Dan, she was mad but she seemed hurt, too. She seems to place a lot of value on whether people like her in the house, something which isn't really advisable in the game of Big Brother. Yeah, she raised her voice. Sure, she accused him of being a plant. Definitely she cussed a lot. She wouldn't be Michelle without a potty-mouth. But she didn't go around breaking stuff and becoming really scary.

The first eviction
Julie Chen, looking smart tonight in black, announced to the houseguests that tonight would be a double eviction with a week's worth all in one show. Dan looked like he was expecting it. But Ollie, who might have also been expecting it, just hung his head. Keesha became very nervous while Renny looked dazed.

In the speeches, Jerry once again reminded them he's 75 years-old. He said that at his age he's had ups and downs and this was just a bump in the road. If he makes it through it, he's missed another pothole."It's been a great ride. It's your vote, your choice." He was composed throughout, but he's been getting a lot of practice with this lately.

Michelle wasn't as composed. Her voice quivered and it looked like she just wanted to go hide and cry. Her speech itself wasn't shabby. She thanked everyone, then told them they need to vote for themselves, not the person next to them. "If it benefits them, it doesn't benefit you." In another life, it might have been effective. But not in the here and now. Ollie was the sole vote to evict Jerry. Keesha, Renny, and Memphis voted out Michelle. Buh-bye, Michelle. I just have to place an image of how we will best remember her presence on the show.

How we will remember Michelle on BB10

She managed to compose herself for her talk with Julie Chen. When Julie asked her about Dan, Michelle went into the conspiracy theories -- "He's a plant. With Dan, one plus one doesn't equal two. He's not a regular houseguest." Julie clued her in that Dan is not a plant. She looked shocked, then said he must be crazy. Now that he's not a plant, she feels he targeted her because he's scared of her ... even petrified of her. Yeah, right. She just got played, that's all.

HOH Comp time!
Ollie had to run and get his gloves. He knew that he'd be following Michelle unless he (or maybe Jerry) won the Head of Household. Of course, with time so tight, there wasn't any need for gloves. It was a question and answer comp. Based on the poll answers show fans gave on the CBS website, the comp was called "Big Brother Headlines." Julie explained to them that show fans had decided who the headlines would be about and would give them two answers (houseguest names) for each question. With Dan (current HOH) sitting out, the rest were in booths with three steps. They started on the middle step and would step up or down according to their answer.

The HOH comp is very important tonight

1. More likely to get lost on their way home from work -- Jerry or Keesha. The correct answer was Keesha. Renny was the only one who got it wrong.
2. More likely to headline a national comedy tour -- Dan or Renny. The answer was Renny, Memphis was the only one to get it wrong.
3. More likely to be called a hero for saving a family from a burning building -- Dan or Ollie. The correct answer was Dan and Jerry was the only person to get it right.
4. More likely to be entrusted with a national security secret -- Memphis or Jerry. The correct answer was Jerry. Memphis was the only one to get it wrong.
5. More likely to have life story made into a feature film -- Jerry or Renny. The correct answer was Renny and Renny is the only one who got it right.
6. More likely to be arrested by the fashion police -- Memphis or Ollie. The correct answer was Ollie. Jerry and Keesha got that one right.
7. More likely to beat Jessie in arm-wrestling -- Dan or Keesha. The correct answer was Keesha (heehee, body boy!). The correct answer was Keesha. Memphis, Keesha, and Renny got that one right.

So we have a tie between Jerry and Keesha. Using chalkboards, they had to write the number of lollipops on the table after the food comp without going over. They both guessed 100 (it was 218), so they went onto a second tiebreaker. This one called for the total amount of seconds it took for the winners of the three heats in the "One Giant Leap" comp. Jerry paused for a moment, then wrote down a number. Keesha scribbled doing the math until Julie told her twice to finish. Jerry guessed 320 seconds while Keesha's was 500. The correct answer is 1560, so Keesha was named HOH.

Short, sweet and expected nominations
Although Keesh was definitely flustered, I think we all knew all along who she'd nominate. She claimed it was hard because everything was happening so fast, then put Jerry and Ollie on the block. She said that Renny, Memphis, and Dan have been behind her all the way in the game while last week Ollie and Jerry worked against her. Well, those noms were a bit of a no-brainer, so let's go on to the veto comp.

Veto in a Haystack
It was immediately onto the veto comp. The backyard had rows for each houseguest with hay bale obstacles. They had to run their row, get to the bin of hay at the end, and then fine their hidden veto symbols in the hay. There were two for each houseguest. They had to bring them back one at a time and the first one to get both back to the start wins the power of veto.

Dan went at it like a madman! He found the first one and it was Eenny and Memphis on his heels, then Keesha. Both Jerry and Ollie were having no luck. Wait! Dan got his second one and was running to the start. Hey, Memphis is out of the hay and running with his second one, too! Does it really matter which one wins? It was Dan. Neither Jerry or Ollie even found one in their haystack bin. As the cameras cut away, Ollie looked like he was heading back to make sure there was one in there. I'm sure that will be his next conspiracy theory.

Once again, there were no surprises other than the fact that Ollie sort of behaved himself in his speech. at the veto meeting. Jerry gave pretty much the same speech, but he's had even more practice now. Ollie challenged Dan to play his games. Nope, Dan knows when to hold and when to fold. He declined using the veto using the same reasoning Keesha made about the alliance backing each other.

Eviction #2
He saw it coming. We saw it coming. There was no way that Ollie was going to remain in the house. Sure enough, it was unanimous -- Ollie was evicted. Before Julie even finished saying "By a vote of three to ...," Ollie leaped out of his chair and headed towards the door. Now, that's taking the "evicted houseguest must immediately leave" bit a tad too literally! He paused to say, "See y'all later, man. Good luck." Then he was outta there like he just wanted to leave a bad nightmare.

Bye-bye, Ollie

Ollie was more cordial than I thought he would be in his interview with Julie Chen. He told her that he didn't really get to compete. (Perhaps if he hadn't been attached to April and secluded from the others until last week and actually had played the game instead of playing house ...!) He said he wasn't mad at Dan (yeah, sure), but instead was confused by his actions. Julie mentioned that Ollie himself had betrayed Brian in the first week much like Dan betrayed Ollie. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Ollie figured that he and Dab were even, then Dan played the entire house against him and gave him the "okey-doke." Julie changed the topic to April and Ollie is still planning for her to be his first girlfriend. Blech. What we need to do is set up a pool to guess how long they remain together after the show!

How long will April and Ollie last as a couple?
I give them a month230 (32.6%)
Less than a year63 (8.9%)
They'll marry and live happily ever after10 (1.4%)
I don't care. I never wnat to hear about them again403 (57.1%)

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I couldnt believe how well Jerry did during the HOH competition. He got all but one wrong! I was shocked. I couldnt believe him and Keesha both wrote down the same number! What are the changes of that happening?! LOL

August 29 2008 at 11:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
luv bb

I thought that Julie absolutley messed with the game when she told Michelle Dan wasn't a plant. The whole point of sequester is so that they don't get influenced about game play other than what they experience. I would have loved to see the sequestered debate the whole plant issue.

...and then Julie asked Michelle (well actually impilied) that Dan was playing an excellent game (perhaps that is my bias as i'm not a fan of Dan).

I stand by my opinion of Julie crossing the line

August 29 2008 at 11:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to luv bb's comment

That's an excellent point. CBS wouldn't be responsible if Dan made the final two and lost because a few houseguests didn't vote for him, because they thought he was a plant. They didn't put the foolish idea in their heads.

August 29 2008 at 12:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for the great recap, Jackie. Now I feel like I actually got to see the show. I too am really puzzled about why they substituted the cabbage patch kid reference in Ollie's rant. It's passe, irrelevant and not even very insulting. Surely there were better and less deceptive options!

August 29 2008 at 11:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

dude Ollie never won anything, at least that old 75 yr old man competed his arse off. What a loser that "ALI" is..baaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahah Dan will make it to the final and will not win the money, i can already see sour grapes at the Jury house and Dan will pay for that. Its a game and I think he is playing it well.

August 29 2008 at 10:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I can't believe BB turned down such a great ratings moment of Ollie melting down by editing the crap out of it. I can understand bleeping it, but come on, what a missed opportunity.

It should get real interesting wehen the next HoH has to nominate one of their own this week.

August 29 2008 at 8:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Red headed cabbage patch kid? Where the hell did that come from?! What does that even mean? How can BB edit like that when people have ready access to what was really said?

The pic you posted of Michelle made me laugh out loud! Did anyone else notice how often she called Ollie "Ali"?

I thought Jerry's speeches were good. That hypnotizing washing machine therapy he's been doing seems to have calmed him down quite a bit. Maybe Michelle had been doing it too because she seemed almost tranquilized during her speech. But why no taped goodbye messages for Michelle? I know there was a time factor, but I like seeing the messages. Also, when Julie told Michelle that Dan was just a regular player, she failed to mention that for one critical week, he was America's player. It was that vote that started everyone questioning Dan's motives so Julie might have mentioned that.

Anyway, great episode! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief :-)

August 29 2008 at 8:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


Thank you so much for all of your updates. I hardly watch the show as I know you give us alot more info on the actual goings on in the house.

To say they edit the show is an understatement. The Ollie rant and distruction was a joke and who came up with the comment..."Red Headed Cabbage Patch Kid"...clearly they think everyone is stupid or naive...

It was great to see Michelle and Ollie go...Jerry should be next and then anyone of them can win...it would be good to see a Dan/Memphis final two...Dan would win for sure...anyone else and I don't really think he has a chance...

August 29 2008 at 8:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to John's comment

I would hope to see Dan win if it were he and Memphis, but I think the current meatheads Ollie, Michelle and April will vote on emotion and not out of appreciation of game play.

August 29 2008 at 8:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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