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October 8, 2015

Big Brother: HOH #9 & Nominations #9

by Kristin Sample, posted Sep 1st 2008 9:22AM
Jerry (S10E22) "We don't even get a week to campaign do we?" -- Ollie to Jerry
"Yeah well, life is short." -- Jerry to Ollie

Once again, Big Brother began its show with an insanely long recap of the previous show. I think this one was almost fifteen minutes. We went over how Michelle was evicted, how Keesha won HOH, how she put up Ollie and Jerry, blah, blah, blah. Too long.

We did get a few nuggets of information to add to our mental portraits of this summer's houseguests. We got the exchange above which happened as Jerry and Ollie sat in the living room awaiting the results of Big Brother 10 "Fast Forward." But all that really shows is Ollie's bitterness and Jerry's nonsensical reply.

All was not lost though, I liked seeing how the alliance of four scrambled to pick an evictee after Dan won the Veto. Dan grabbed Keesha and whispered, "Who do you want to go home?" Keesha replied Ollie and Dan made sure that Memphis and Renny knew how to vote. I guess it was an obvious choice for them though.

Filler Time!

After a long recap in the show's first segment, we were treated to some filler. It was humorous filler though. So I'll forgive it. First we peeked in on Dan, Memphis and Renny in the backyard discussing time zones. The basic problem: if it's 8 p.m. in Los Angeles, what time is it in New Orleans? The real answer is 10 p.m. since New Orleans is on Central Time, two hours ahead of Pacific Time. Renny argued vehemently that it was 6 p.m. in New Orleans. And since she knows for sure that New York is always one hour ahead of New Orleans, she argued that it was 7 p.m. in New York. She then yelled at Dan thinking that he was just trying to make her angry. Dan and Memphis had a good laugh at her mistake and her excitement about being right. Memphis shouldn't laugh too fast though; he had it wrong at one point in the numerous explanations too.

We then moved on to a montage of Keesha laughing. This was really funny. Dan likened Keesha's laugh to "hyenas at the zoo." Renny said, "I'm sure dogs can hear her all over the place." I think we all knew how annoying Keesha's voice was so we could probably guess that her laugh was just as ... pleasant. She told the houseguests that her boyfriend never makes fun of her laugh. Memphis replied, "He's just being nice."

HOH Competition

The houseguests walked outside to a set of skeeball games. They were asked questions about when certain events took place in the Big Brother house. They had to know the day an event took place and have some skeeball "skillz" as they rolled there ball to the corresponding day.

As expected, Renny is horrible at this game. She knew some of the answers, but didn't have a prayer when it came to rolling the ball. Memphis (also as was to be expected), had no idea when things took place. It was basically a competition between Dan and Jerry; both knew what days events took place and had adequate skills in the skeeball department.

I take you through the game in a moment, but I have to point something out first. In the Diary Room, Dan pointed out that it was basically three versus one for this competition. If his alliance couldn't win with those odds, then one of them certainly deserves to go home. Later on, he lamented how poorly Renny performed and noted that it was basically up to him and Memphis. Apparently, he didn't realize that Memphis isn't too great at competitions either. I didn't like how he wrote Renny off. She's won an HOH and Memphis hasn't. Dan should be worried about the performance of his Renegade partner.

Here's how the competition broke down:

ROUND ONE: What day did Jerry call Dan "Judas" at the Veto Meeting? (Day 35)
Renny shot 50 (15 penalty points). Memphis shot 41 (6 penalty points). Dan shot 39 (4 penalty points). Jerry shot 28 (7 penalty points).

ROUND TWO: What day were there reports of aliens in the windows of the Big Brother house? (Day 14)
Renny shot 19 (5 penalty points, 20 total). Jerry shot 27 (7 penalty points, 14 total). Memphis shot 23 (9 penalty points, 15 total) Dan shot 18 (4 penalty points, 8 total).

ROUND THREE: What day was Brian blindsided at the Veto Meeting and put on the block? (Day 6)
Memphis shot 11 (5 penalty points, 20 total). Dan shot 9 (3 penalty points, 11 total) Jerry shot 11 (5 penalty points, 19 total). Renny shot 2 (4 penalty points, 24 total).

ROUND FOUR: What day did past houseguests return with news from the outside world? (Day 32)
Memphis shot 40 (8 penalty points, 28 total). Jerry shot 29 (3 penalty points, 22 total). Dan shot 27 (5 penalty points, 16 total). Renny shot 18 (14 penalty points, 38 total).

ROUND FIVE: What day did an earthquake hit the Big Brother house? (Day 22)
Jerry shot 22 (0 penalty points, 22 total). Dan shot 26 (4 penalty points, 20 total). Renny shot 18 (4 penalty points, 42 total). Memphis shot 20 (2 penalty points, 30 total).

ROUND SIX: What day was Jessie evicted? (Day 31)
Renny shot 22 (9 penalty points, 51 total) Jerry shot 28 (3 penalty points, 25 total). Memphis shot 28 (3 penalty points, 33 total). Dan shot 20 (11 penalty points, 31 total).

ROUND SEVEN: What day did America supply the Big Brother hosue with lollipops? (Day 39)
Dan shot 39 (0 penalty points, 31 total). Jerry shot 35 (4 penalty points, 29 total). They didn't even reveal what Memphis' and Renny's final scores were.

Jerry won Head of Household! I love it! The other hamsters hate it. This is why I love this show. I hate when one alliance is in power for too long. Now Memphis, Renny, Dan and Keesha are all scrambling and anxious about who Jerry will choose to nominate. Renny has put him on the block. Keesha has fought with him. Memphis has threatened to physically harm him. Dan has put him on the block and double-crossed him twice.

Directly after the competition, Jerry told the hamsters in the kitchen that he had no idea who he wanted on the block so they should all talk to him. Later in the Hippie Room, Keesha told Memphis that what Jerry said was crap; you always know who you're going to put up. Dan came in and said he thinks it will be himself and Renny. Memphis announced that he will not take any deals Jerry cooks up (yeah right).

Jerry's HOH room

The alliance of four pretended to be sooo interested in Jerry's HOH room. It was pathetic. In his Diary Room confessional, Jerry pointed out the false sense of popularity one has when one wins HOH. They looked at his pictures, cooed at the cuteness of his grandkids, ahhed at the beauty of his youngest daughter, and marveled at some wooden box Jerry made. Then Keesha found a stuffed animal snake and asked about it. Big mistake, Keesha. Big freaking mistake. Jerry exclaimed, "Oh Hissy!" and proceeded to tell a long and disconnected story. I just want to point out that none of them looked interested. I know they truly weren't interested but they are all terrible fakers to boot.

More Filler & Pre-Nominations Strategy

We got some more filler before we saw any hamster scheming. Renny apparently sleep walks. She got up in the middle of the night (zombie arms and all) to Memphis and Keesha giggling and asking her to come back to bed. She returned to bed with a chocolate bar saying in an affected accent how she needs a piece of chocolate before she rests. The next morning she told Jerry it was a crazy night. Keesha asked about the Almond Joy she ate and Renny denied ever eating anything.

Next we spied Renny and Keesha in the Hippie Room. Keesha was already bent out of shape about the impending nominations. She told Renny that she would need Renny more than ever this week. Renny said Jerry's best move would be to put up either the two girls or the two boys. I wondered if Renny would bring that proposal to Jerry. She never did.

Dan and Memphis basically had the same conversation in the backyard. Someone from the alliance of four is going home. This is the worst case scenario. Dan is probably going up. However, the Renegades moved past that and tried to spin this week so that they would both survive. Memphis decided to talk with Jerry. Hopefully, Jerry would keep him off the block, opening up plenty of opportunities for Dan's and his own security.

Hey, remember when Memphis said that he wouldn't make a deal with Jerry. You know, because he just despises Jerry? Yeah, whatever. Jerry proposed that he and Memphis go to the final two together. Jerry seems to think that Memphis hasn't made any deals with anyone and therefore trusts the bartender from LA. Either Memphis is very sly or Jerry is completely blind because Memphis basically has an "understanding" with just about everyone in that house.

Memphis gladly took Jerry's deal adding, "I would rather battle the best person in this game. And the best person in this game is you." You got some brown stuff on your nose, Memphis. The plan according to Jerry is to get Dan out. The plan according to Memphis is to win the Veto and take Dan off the block.

Nomination Ceremony

Jerry didn't make any speech to begin the ceremony. Nothing about strategy. No general comments on the state of the game. He just pulled the keys. Renny's came out first. Then Memphis's key came out. So Keesha and Dan were nominated for eviction this week.

Jerry cited that both of them have put him on the block in the past. With Dan, Jerry says it's nothing personal. it's "strictly a matter of trust." I think that was nice phrasing on Jerry's part. He really can't trust Dan. That shouldn't come as a surprise to Dan either. Plus, I hate when they just use the "you're such a good player" speech. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Jerry gave Keesha. He cited that she's won several competitions but didn't give her anything else.

After the ceremony, Keesha looked upset but ready to play. She told us in the Diary Room that it was all about the Veto for her this week. Dan and Memphis seemed relieved with the nominations. Dan feels confident that either he or Memphis will win the Power of Veto and save the "Renegades." Memphis actually wants Renny out this week (as he should because Renny is the only one in the house who sees Memphis for the sneak he really is). Memphis says that he has deals with everyone except Renny. He feels safe. Well, here's one person hoping that either Renny or Keesha win the Veto and that they send Memphis packing.

Time to pick a winner. Who do you think will take home the cash?
Jerry37 (9.2%)
Renny37 (9.2%)
Memphis105 (26.0%)
Dan180 (44.6%)
Keesha45 (11.1%)

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Boy, am I ever thankful I wasn't in that HOH room & had to sit through Jerry's pointless story about that dumb stuffed snake! Is he that delusional that he thinks anyone was actually interested in that long-winded story of his? God, he must be dumber that even Jessie was & that's saying something!

I actually liked Keesha even more after this episode. I think she has a pretty funny laugh. While I won't mind if any of the 4 in that alliance (everyone except Jerry!) wins the game, I will really be pleased if Keesha can pull it off. I've liked her all season & she hasn't done one thing I've disliked. However, my prediction as to the winner? It'll be Memphis. Just my gut feeling. We'll see.

September 02 2008 at 2:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I guess nothing exciting is happening on BB Jackie? I really miss news that you have to share. Did Memphis use the POV to take Dan off? Did Jerry put Renny up?
Can't wait for the update?

September 01 2008 at 6:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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