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October 9, 2015

Big Brother 10: Eviction #9 and HOH #10

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 5th 2008 8:22AM
Jerry is the outgoing HOH this week

(S10E24) "I was running out of bodies." - Jerry

Oh, no! Could Jerry be talking about dead bodies in the Big Brother 10 house? He's been talking about being all alone in the house. Now, if there are bodies ... gulp. You never know with some of the houseguests they get on the show. Sure, they pass the psychological screening, but Jerry could just snap. Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination. Read on past the jump for my full review of tonight's live eviction episode.

Wardrobe changes?
I'm in shock. First off, Julie Chen looks like she's about to go on a safari with an off-white pocketed pantsuit. But the real shocker is Jerry. He's shown wearing a Korea War cap instead of his red Marines cap and he has sleeves on two different shirts through the majority of the episode. I realize Jerry's proud of his "guns," but they're not something I want to see. His cut-off sleeves on his red Marines t-shirt take me only a step away from the same creeped-out feeling I get when I see a chubby guy roll up his t-shirt to expose his fat hairy beer belly. Ew. About time he has sleeves on his shirts!

The veto aftermath
If looks could kill, Jerry's glare at Memphis for saving Dan could account for one of the bodies in that quote at the start of this review. But that's not it, not at all. Even though Renny is adamant in her belief that Jerry planned this all along (her and Keesha on the block), it was Dan he wanted out all along. He wasn't even worried about splitting up Renny and Keesha. If anything, he wanted to split up Dan and Memphis. Renny has had ongoing issues with "the Colonel" and she's going to believe what she will, but she wasn't his target at all. She was Memphis' target.

Keesha is in quite a spot. She really adores Renny and doesn't want her to leave. But the only other option would be she herself going home. When viewing it from that angle, her loyalty to Renny falters. Dan is the happiest camper in the house. Using his projecting (my ears!) voice in the Diary Room, he tells us just how happy he is. Renegades rule ... or something to that effect.

Renny and Keesha

Jerry, on the other hand, is one miserable older dude. He feels betrayed once again. So, now just about everyone in the house has let him down. "Betrayal should not go unpunished. I stand alone in the house," he tells us. Now, he should remember he's playing the game of Big Brother. Betrayal is the norm in the game, much more prevalent than loyalty.

What to do? Jerry, obviously scrambling a bit, snagged Keesha and tried to tell her how Memphis and Dan are in it together and won't back her at the end. He tried his best sales tactics to convince her that her only shot at the half-million is to go to the final two with him. Then he pulled pretty much the same sales pitch on Dan. Yes, I said Dan. The betrayal by Memphis has overtaken the original Judas sin. I don't think either Keesha or Dan really bought the goods Jerry was selling. But you can't blame him for trying. He can't suck up to Memphis right now, so he needs to try other paths.

Dan and Keesha compared notes on the Jerry talks so they know what he's trying to do. Once Memphis joined them, they told him that Jerry said he has a deal with everyone in the house. He denied it although they both know he has deals with the both of them. But he didn't really lie -- he never had a deal with Renny for the final two.

Renny has always distrusted Memphis, calling him a snake long ago. In the past she tried to warn Keesha not to trust him. And now that both Keesha and Renny are on the block, she tries again to warn her. Keesha seems to realize that Dan and Memphis are tight, but I don't think she thinks she can do much about it.

Memphis girlfriend Ashley
Gee, it looks like the show is trying to better Memphis' image to the audience. Aw, how sweet. In between clips of Dan and Memphis talking about Memphis' girlfriend Ashley and their relationship, we had clips of Ashley telling us about their relationship. They've been together for three years and share an apartment. He was quite the player before they got together.

As Memphis told Dan that he's maturing and knows he needs to be a better boyfriend, not take Ashley for granted ... Ashley tells us that she thinks he's going to be marriage material eventually. He had father issues growing up and has been working his own way as a man. Since his father was married five times, that's the reason he reacted so emotionally to Jerry calling him a "womanizer." Ashley seems quite nice. I'm sure that Ashley and Memphis will be together for a heck of a lot longer than April and Ollie!

Julie talks to the hamsters
After congratulating them for making it this far in the game, Julie showed them the clip of Jerry falling in the pool. Even Jerry had to laugh. He claimed he was having a senior moment and took it all in good stride. As was my first thought (after giggling) when I saw it happen, Julie asked him if he hurt himself. Nope, he's fine. He's a Marine after all. Julie also asked Dan about his relationship with Renny. He spoke highly of Renny, she reminds him of his mother, and said if he didn't like her as much as he does, he wouldn't tease her so much. Renny said she had fun with him, sometimes even in bed. But not in that way, mind you!

In her HOH private talk with Jerry, she asked him why he trusted Memphis. Okay, there's where the "I ran out of bodies" quite comes in play. He was running out of people to trust. "I want to be like Velcro and stick around for a while," he told her. When she asked him who he would like sitting next to him in the final two, he said Keesha because the other two would stick like glue together. He said that he has to win POV this week and HOH the next to stay in the game.

The jury house
It's a very nice house, but I felt a bit letdown with this segment. First there was Libra hoping she'd see April walk through the door. And dreams do sometimes come true! Rats, no catfights. I wanted Libra to be too gleeful and April to go off on her! April went on and on about how she wanted Keesha to arrive next. Nope, it was Michelle. So then, both Michelle and April sat there saying how much they despise Kieesha while Libra sat silent with them. They watched the HOH comp and then Dan's "Nominee Roulette." And, cursed out Dan and Keesha as they watched..

Libra, Michelle, and April at the jury house

But instead of either Dan or Keesha coming into the house, it was Ollie. He had asked if April would be his first girlfriend (as opposed to the many women he had sex with) in his goodbye message to her. He asked her again in the jury house. She will. Now I'm just a bit sick to my stomach. Oh, maybe I'm just being jaded and cynical, but they aren't going to last!

The eviction
Renny gave her speech first. She gave Keesha accolades, spoke of how proud she is to make it this far, and advised them to take the person they think they can win against to the end. Keesha's speech included thanks to everyone and how much she adores Renny. Aw. She said Renny is the most amazing person she's ever known. But that didn't save Renny -- both Dan and Memphis voted to evict her.

When Renny came out of the house, I think we witnessed the loudest most enthusiastic crowd response we've had this season. Sure, they applauded for Michelle, April, and Ollie. But that seemed to be more because the applause sign lit up and they wanted them out. This time it looked like the audience genuinely loved Renny.

Holding her head high and only tearing up for a moment, Renny did well with the ChenBot interview. She told Julie that it was her own fault she was evicted -- she should have won the PoV to stay. as she watched the goodbye messages, she teared a bit at both Dan's and Keesha's. Dan said she was like a mother to him, adorable, lovable, and caring as well as being a lot of the life in the house. Keesha's goodbye was emotional and from the heart. Jerry commented on her cooking. But it was Memphis' nice goodbye which ranked a thumbs down from Renny. She knows he's a snake. But he's just playing the game, I say.

HOH Comp - Freeze Frame
Earlier in the day, the houseguests were shown photos from previous competitions. They were given one more opportunity to look at them, then had to head to the yard. Standing on a round platform with partitions between them, Julie made statements about the photos. For true they stepped forward, for false backwards.

Only one more HOH comp left in the season

Each correct answer garnered them a point. The first hamster with seven points wins. Well, it certainly wasn't Keesha! I don't know what was going on with her tonight. If she didn't need to win so badly, I would think she threw it. I'm not going to bother going into detail with all the questions because they're based on the images. But she did horribly. She got every single one wrong but one. Argh. Unless she is planning to really go all out for PoV and deliberately threw the comp with that in mind ... well, I just don't know.

Memphis and Dan were running just about even through the comp, but then Dan pulled ahead by one. And, then by two points. Dan was the first to get to seven points and he's the new HOH. But, when you think of it, this is the most powerful PoV comp coming up. It's the PoV winner who has the sole vote and decides who will go into the final three with Dan.

Who's that Sumo in the living room?
As the houseguests went back into the house, they found a Sumo wrestler in all his flabby glory sitting in the living room. Julie told us that the Sumo wrestler holds a clue to a luxury comp with a twist that could change the game. But the hamsters have no clue. Well, they do, but they're still clueless. Mr. SumoMan just kept repeating a phase in Japanese at them. Thankfully we get subtitles. But how do you move a Sumo off a gold box? Very carefully, I'd say.

I won't wrestle him for the information

Next week there will be a special live show on Tuesday starting the final Head of Household comp in addition to the live eviction show on Thursdays. We're almost there!

Who is the most strategic player left?
Dan386 (81.1%)
Jerry9 (1.9%)
Keesha14 (2.9%)
Memphis67 (14.1%)

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I'm really upset that Renny is gone allthough I know no one else would have a chance against her if it came down to final two. I am now set on wanting to see Keesha and Dan make it to the final two. Jerry gets on my nerves. He hasn't played well at all, and the Judas comments were uncalled for considering it's a game and he already knew what he was signing up for! I can't stand Memphis. He's used Keesha ever since he was on the block the first time, when everyone wanted him to go home. Keesha helped him gather up votes and now he continues to have a deal separate with her and also Dan & Jerry. Renny has very good instincts and Keesha needs to trust that more.

I thought it was funny how the nominations worked last night, eviction nominations being Jerry and Memphis. Keesha said she thought it meant Dan wanted her to be in final two with him more than Memphis. And Jerry thought it meant Dan and Memphis don't have a deal to go to final two. Memphis's plan worked out perfectly so far.

September 08 2008 at 12:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
tv junkie

April and Michelle are just awful. so gross. even worse than when they were in the house.

i'm really gonna miss Renny. she's been amazing, so different from the way we were introduced to in the first week.

it seems by now, Jerry has the most chance to win over the jury, so he's gotta go. and whoever won the last HOH, they should just take Dan, since it seems impossible for him to get any vote now. sigh.

September 05 2008 at 6:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Once Jerry gets evicted, I don't care much at all who wins, though I would prefer Dan or Keesha, but even Memphis winning wouldn't cause me to lose sleep. If the jury had to vote between Dan and Keesha as the final two, I can't imagine who would win that one, but the jury comments will be one for the books.

I was delighted to see disgruntled April in the Jury House batting her eyebrows to no avail. She lost and lost BIG and she thinks America adores her. I guess they really haven't gotten out yet. Even if Keesha doesn't win, she got April out of the house and got farther than April did...in all likelihood, Keesha will still end up with some good cash and April will have her designer clothes...and...ahem...Ollie.

September 05 2008 at 6:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I know that Dan, Memphis, and Keesha all want Jerry out next but the smart move would be to have him in the final
three. Since the last HOH is a three part one with the first part being endurance, Jerry won't win it.

I was hoping that Keesha would have won the HOH so that at least one of the Renegades would be on the block.
The Renegades need to be split up.

I'm pretty sure that Dan will put Jerry and Keesha on the block. It would really be interesting if Jerry won POV. He takes himself off and then Memphis goes up in his place.
Who would Jerry vote to evict? Memphis betrayed him by
taking Dan off the block. Jerry has mentioned about only guys being in the final 2 so would he vote out Keesha?

September 05 2008 at 2:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe the twist of the trip is whichever HG wins the trip can send 2 members of the jury on the trip causing them to miss out on voting for the winner. So they could pick 2 jury members that probably won't give them the big money and get them out of their way. That would be a cool twist that could also backfire if they pick the wrong ones. Sometimes they don't vote like you think they will.

September 05 2008 at 12:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It was great seeing Dan get the information from the sumo dude. A trip to Japan doesnt seem like the most logical idea but that would be a hell of a trip for any one of the guest. I truely think Dan deserves to win. My only question is who will take who when they win....hummmmm

September 05 2008 at 11:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

They have to get rid of Jerry. He is pretty much automatically getting 3 votes. Michelle is emotionally 13 years old and cannot look past her personal feelings to appreciate game strategy. April is a vapid self centered priss who is insanely jealous of Keesha and hates anyone in her alliance and Ollie will vote however April will. I don't think Libra would ever vote for Jerry.

The way one of the three is nominated, will determine how they will vote in the jury house. If Keesha gets booted and feels betrayed, she may vote for Jerry to win out of spite.

In any event, Jerry, Keesha and Memphis should want to take Dan in the finals.

September 05 2008 at 10:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ollie kinda reminded me of Spanky from the L'il Rascals the way he was dressed. The only thing missing was a propeller on his hat.

September 05 2008 at 9:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dan, Keesha, and Jerry better be thinking of sending Memphis to the jury. Against them all, he would win.

If THAT happens then Dan OR Keesha needs to take Jerry with them for the final two giving them the win. But for an exciting finale, Dan vs. Keesha because who knows how certain people will vote!

In any case, if I was Dan right now (woo final 3!) I wouldn't even try for the PoV. Let someone else get their hands dirty. Yes, he has a final 2 agreement with Memphis, but it will be his downfall if he follows through with that. Plus Memphis will be his biggest competitor for that final HoH and you all know that is true.

September 05 2008 at 9:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Goodness, I cannot believe how horrible Keesha did at the HOH competition. :( Well..you know her and Jerry will be going on the block. I just hope the nominations stay the same and Jerry is sent to the jury house.

I abs LOVE Renny. She did a great job w/ Julie.

September 05 2008 at 8:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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