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October 10, 2015

Big Brother 10: Nominations #10

by Kristin Sample, posted Sep 7th 2008 10:02PM
Dan and Memphis the musclemen(S10E24) Aftermath of Renny's Eviction

Keesha was obviously the most effected by the Renny's absence. She cried in the Diary Room saying, "It's just really hard to watch her walk out the door." Later she lamented that Renny's picture turned black and white. Renny, a woman who lights up the room when she walks in, should always be in color according to Keesha.

Other reactions to Renny's departure varied. Jerry had mixed feelings. He thinks his HOH reign was a success because it kept him in the house another week, but a failure because Dan was his target. Memphis feels that this past week was extremely successful. Renny never really trusted him so he's taken out another threat. And I'd have to agree. Renny called him a snake in the past and didn't really want him in the alliance of four. Dan was also happy with Renny's eviction. If she had made it to the final two, she would have won. Hands down.

KeeshaDan won Head of Household for a second time. He said it was a huge win and it certainly was. This will keep him and his renegade alliance safe for another week. Or will it? Memphis was already saying how he would "hurt" Dan if he put him on the block again. And there's always the danger of Keesha or Jerry winning the PoV.

Keesha was worried right away about how close the guys were. The more she worries about the friendship between Dan and Memphis, the more she misses Renny. Later on in the hippie room, Keesha tried to strategize with the guys. She brought up how Jerry was going to try his best to break them up. Dan expressed a concern about the Veto competition but said nothing else. Memphis kept pretty quiet.

I felt bad for Keesha. She probably didn't consider the brewing relationship between the guys because she always had Renny. They showed her crying in the backyard by herself. She must feel quite lonely. But don't count her out. In the Diary Room she said, "It's going to be rough for me. But I'm going to give these boys a run for their money."

The Elephant, er, Sumo Wrestler in the Room

When the hamsters reentered the house after the HOH competition, the sumo wrestler was sitting there. He said "I am sitting on the information you need" (presumably in Japanese) over and over again. He then got up a number of times, did some sumo warm-up stuff and sat back down. It was hysterical how all the hamsters moved back when he stood up the first time.

Dan was the first to spot an envelope the wrestler was sitting on. He sat on the couch, debating if there would be any consequences for moving closer to the huge wrestler sitting in front of him. However, Dan quickly swiped the envelope and revealed to the hamsters that there was a luxury competition coming. And here's the kicker. The winner goes on a trip but this trip "could impact the game." And since there's nothing else to think about in the BB house except BB, they are all consumed by the possible "impact" on the game.

Some Antics

So apparently the boys have been obsessed with getting a pet all summer. I remember reading in one of Jackie's live feeds that they even had a funeral for one of the BB fish that died. Memphis wanted a pet so badly that he adopted this gnarly spider that made a web outside in the backyard. Memphis loves his Charlotte so much that he caught a few moths to throw into her web. All the while a disgusted Keesha was screaming at him. Dan wasn't bothered though. He's a biology teacher and enjoyed seeing the spider take its prey.

Dan's HOH Room

Not much happened during this segment. I will point out two things of note: Jerry rudely called attention to how fat Dan was back in college and Dan's mother actually mentioned the other houseguests in her letter to her son. The first is funny because Dan wasn't fat. Can you imagine someone Dan's size ever being fat? Also, does Jerry expect to make a friend of the new HOH by calling him fat?

As for Dan's mother mentioning Memphis and Keesha and Jerry, I thought that was interesting. I don't think I've ever heard an HOH letter where the writer actually referenced other players.

Luxury Competition

The Luxury Competition and aftermath were probably the two most interesting parts of tonight's show. Jessie dressed up in a gorilla suit to terrorize the hamsters. In the Diary Room, he wondered, "who else could fill out this suit?"

When the hamsters got out to the backyard, they saw it was filled with random objects: a huge diamond, a big blueberry, an egg statue with the word "IT" on it, a contortionist (with whom Dan was half in love), a bathtub full of mud (or worse), and other things.

The houseguests had a figure out a common phrase (one that applies to the Big Brother game) by putting together the statues. They have three hours to make three guesses. But there's a catch. Jessie the Gorilla will go around and cover irrelevant stuff up over the course of the three hours. Jessie also went around and mocked all the hamsters. They didn't realize who was behind the gorilla suit until later when Jessie posed like a body builder and made his trademark noise.

Here's some of the guesses:
Keesha: "Blew it" (Her rationale was the blueberry plus the word "IT" on the egg.)
Memphis: "Fruitless exit" (His rationale was okay but "fruitless exit" isn't a common phrase. He took the blueberry "fruit" and put it together with the egg with the word "IT" on it to get "exit.")
Jerry: "Diamonds are a girls best friend." (He combined the contortionist, "the girl," and the huge diamond.)
Dan: "Bury the hatchet." (He took the "berry/bury" from blueberry and combined it with the hatching egg with the word "IT" on it.)

Dan won. Again. (Sidenote: I like Dan a lot. I think he's very smart. I just hate his Dairy Room narratives. He's so annoying in the Diary Room.) So Dan the Man won a trip to a private beach. He can take a houseguest OR someone from the jury house. I believe that this is the first time BB is letting a current player have contact with a jury member before that extremely uncomfortable question and answer session (the one they do right before the finale). It will impact the game in a big way. But I think Dan has a good plan. He's going to take Michelle. She had a trip taken from her and she might appreciate a fancy getaway like this. I like his reasoning but doesn't Michelle basically hate him?

When Dan got back outside, he told everyone the news (minus the part about getting to take a jury member). He said that he could go by himself or with one of them. Jerry already smells some foul play. He wondered if Dan was going to a private beach where the jury house was. He noted in the Diary Room that it was odd that Dan didn't pick Memphis considering the two are "linked at the hip."

Nomination Ceremony

Dan's speeches are getting better. He began the final nomination ceremony by assuring the three hamsters that he cared about each of them. After all, they've lived together for sixty days. He also said that they should all be proud because they've outlasted some tough opponents.

Dan nominated Memphis and Jerry for eviction. It's a bold move for the Renegade alliance. However, the nominations keep the attention off of Memphis and Dan's friendship. Memphis acted upset with the choice and Keesha and Jerry bought it hook, line and sinker. Keesha is relieved and now believes that Dan feels closer to her than he does to Memphis. Jerry was shocked when Dan didn't pull Memphis's key. But Jerry took this to mean that Dan has turned on Memphis yet again.

Do you think it was a good idea to bring Michelle?
Yes.268 (61.3%)
No, it will backfire.169 (38.7%)

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as for jerry he leaves the bathroom picking his teeth and picking his nose. the dr room needs too tell him theres tissue and soapi in the house he`s rolling bergers all thru the house. hope he`s gone on thur. i can`t watch him no more he`s sooooooo filthy

September 11 2008 at 8:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I CANNOT stop watching the spider scene. And I hate the damn things. The angle of the camera is intense. It's hilarious that Dan & Memphis have named him and he has a g/f.

September 08 2008 at 2:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Would love to see Michelle okie-dokie this slimeball and vote against him for the big money if he makes it to the final 2. What goes around, comes around!

Would love to see Keesha or Jerry win the POV and send Memphis packing.

Unfortunately don't see Keesha or Jerry winning the final HOH competition, so one slimeball is probably guaranteed to be in the final 2.

Another great season of BB!

September 08 2008 at 1:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i was hoping that dan would come back with a black eye from michelle and see how he was going to lie out of how he got it. he would probaly tell them a big bad bully was picking on him. what about him and his lover tring to figure out how to cheat jerry out of his money the snakes

September 08 2008 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"I like his reasoning but doesn't Michelle basically hate him? "

Which is precisely why he should take her. Taking Renny or Libra would not sway their vote from Keesha if she is in the final two and no way is he ever going to flip April or Ollie. Michelle was his best choice as he can explain why he did what he did. She is extremely emotional, so maybe he can use that somehow.

I always thought Dan's Diary room voice was hilarious. It's obvious that he can't shake his teacher mode when explaining something to the camera. He talks loud and explains in precise detail as if he is talking to a class of 25 students.

September 08 2008 at 5:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

See ya later joes. You must gotten on this site by mistake. You probably just misspelled www.imaninbredgoatpoker.com. It can happen to the best of you inbred goatpokers, not that there's much separation between the best and worst of your species. Just try not to let it happen again.

September 08 2008 at 1:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jesus whirling krist people, I swear to god i'm about to stop reading this page completely unless you stop with the Big Brother onslaught. Could you take it elsewhere please? I DON'T CARE about those retards and idiots. And yet you insist on inflicting 15 or 20 Big frigging Brother articles on me every damned week.

September 07 2008 at 10:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
3 replies to joes's comment

I hope Michelle lets Dan know how much Keesha is hated by most of the jury. Maybe Dan will consider this into his gameplay when he gets back, and take Keesha to the end instead of Memphis. This is the only way Dan can win this game.

September 07 2008 at 10:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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