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October 24, 2014

I'd need a hole in my head to watch Hole in the Wall every week

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 11th 2008 7:28PM
Hole in the Wall
I love quirky and unique game shows as much as the next guy, but can you really base a whole show off of people trying to fit their bodies into a shape in a wall before they get pushed into a pool of water? FOX thinks so, with their new game show Hole in the Wall. I know it's a huge hit overseas, I just don't get why. Maybe if the challenge were just one of several different types of challenges in a show, it'd be more compelling.

If every week on Survivor the challenge was to stand on a pole out in the water until you were the last man standing ... every week the same thing ... I think that show would have gone off the air a long time ago. And yet, FOX seems to think we can watch this for an hour a week and keep tuning in. Of course, we keep tuning into Deal or No Deal which is basically just picking briefcases so maybe we can.

I recorded the sneak preview after Fringe a couple of nights ago and watched it last night. After a few minutes, everything about the show started to annoy me. First there are those bizarre silver almost-spandex outfits the contestants wear. And the contestants themselves are so over-the-top and "enthusiastic" they seem almost scripted. Oh, and I had to mute the show because if I heard Mark Thompson try one more time to make a catchphrase out of "It's time to face the hole!" I was going to book a flight to Hollywood and turn his face into a hole!

There was nothing about this show that would make me want to watch it every week. Even Brooke Burns wasn't a hot enough distraction. The only curiosity factor for me, and I found myself scanning through all the crap to get to it, was the opportunity to see the next wall and see if they can get through it. Which means I can probably watch the whole thing in less than five minutes. But maybe it's just me. Maybe this is the next great American game show.

Did you catch the preview? Are you tuning in again tonight to the true premiere (8/7pm Central Time)? Are you building a giant "Hole in the Wall" set in your backyard so you can train to be on the show? I did see a clip of an episode where they had a fat girl facing the wall, and the shape in the wall was one that she would never be able to do because of her size. Isn't that discrimination? She should sue!

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