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March 3, 2015

America's Got Talent: Episode 317 (season finale)

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Oct 1st 2008 10:29PM
America's Got Talent(S03E17) "The best new act in America." - The Narrator

Not to worry, I won't spoil who won the America's Got Talent before the jump. So since I have space to kill before I chit chat about the result show, let's use it for stats, shall we?

The first episode of the season aired on June 17, meaning that we spent 3 months and a half watching the competition unfold. In total, we've spend 31 hours and 13 minutes (including commercials) watching acts ranging from the awful to amazing as well as listen to the judges comments and Jerry reminding us that it's "One winner, one nation." Why 13 minutes? Well, the president's address last week cut the Top 5 episode short to 43 minutes according to NBC.

Now that I've used a few lines with stats that make us sound like people who didn't have much to do over the summer, let's get down to business....

And the winner is....

As in all results shows, I won't reveal the name of the winner just yet. Before Jerry started announcing the results, we were treated with the usual recap. The rest of the half hour was filled by an unnecessary performance by a singer I forgot the name of because she didn't belong on AGT, the Top 10 singing "A Moment Like This," a performance by some of the worst performers, and good luck messages by celebrities to the Top 5 contestants. I must admit that AGT did pretty good in reaching to celebrities who were linked style-wise to the Top 5 acts (Il Divo for Neal, Brian McKnight for Emily, Marc Cohn for Eli, Andrew Lloyd Webber for Donald and Wyclef Jean for Nuttin But Stringz).

One thing that this results show was missing was Piers. Yes, he was sitting in his usual judges seat but what about him making some more comments? Did he even talk tonight? Maybe they could have shown less of The Hoff crying and gave those seconds to Piers' comments instead?

Your Top 5 America:
  • 5th place: Queen Emily
  • 4th place: Donald Braswell
  • 3rd place: Nuttin But Stringz
  • 2nd place: Eli Mattson
  • 1st place: Neal E. Boyd

There you have it. America now has its own version of Paul Potts. Neal does have a wonderful voice and will surely do very well as an opera singer but, as you know it, he was not my first choice (I actually said the F word outloud when Jerry announced that NBS was in third place... mind you, the F word is not really a bad word in French-Canadian... so pardon my French?). Actually, he wasn't TV Squad's readers first choice either, as in our last set of polls you placed him in third place behind Nuttin But Stringz and Eli Mattson.

What did you think of the results show? Are you happy with the results? Will you watch the fourth season of the series when it returns? Let your voice be heard in comments below!

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