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July 30, 2015

Will online venues predict show winners?

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 2nd 2008 8:02AM
I wouldn't bet on itIn the past some online venues have had to cut off the wagering as it became evident that spoilers were leaked by either the cast or the crew. In particular, I remember the winners of two Amazing Race seasons leaked. We're just starting the fall television season and those sites are already hopping. Now, I myself am not a wagering kind of woman. I never condone throwing away money. But I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the sites to see how the odds are running for players in my favorite reality shows.

Be warned -- there may be some spoilers past the jump, especially with pre-taped shows. Shows such as Dancing With the Stars are live and dependent on the audience votes so they're more popular opinion than any real spoilers.

As I mentioned, I'm not into wagering and I won't promote it, but these are some of the odds I found at various venues:

Survivor Gabon
Ace Gordon - 3 to 1
Danny Brown - 5 to 1
Crystal Cox - 5 to 1
Matty Whitmore - 5 to 1
Dan Kay - 11 to 2
Marcus Lehman - 11 to 2
Sugar Kiper - 7 to 1
Charlie Herschel - 7 to 1
Ken Hoang - 7 to 1
Corinne Kaplan - 8 to 1
Kelly Czarnecki - 8 to 1
Jacquie Berg - 10 to 1
Paloma Soto-Castillo - 10 to 1
Bob Crowley - 10 to 1
Susie Smith - 15 to 1
Randy Bailey - 15 to 1

Hmm ... they might have the top picks for the win right. As I read and listen to what Jeff Probst has to say about the contestants, he seems to be taken in by Ace. I'm a bit surprised with the low winning ranking for Jacquie and Bob, though. They seem like they're going to be contenders to me. And Danny Brown is GC. I haven't been too impressed by him so far. Well, he did race up the hill to grab individual immunity in the first episode.

The Amazing Race
Nick and Starr - 2 to 1
Ken and Tina - 3 to 1
Andrew and Dan - 4 to 1
Terence and Sarah - 4 to 1
Anthony and Stephanie - 5 to 1
Mark and Bill - 7 to 1
Toni and Dallas - 7 to 1
Kelly and Christy - 8 to 1
Aja and Ty - 8 to 1
Marisa and Brooke - 10 to 1

Again, from spoilers I've perused on the internet, I think the top few might be right. On a personal level, I really hope Mark and Bill do better than that, but that could just be me. At this point I still want to say, "Anthony and Stephanie? Who are they? Are they on the show?" I guess we can use this as a measure as the teams get Philiminated.

Dancing With the Stars
Remember, I told you I wasn't a wagering woman -- the site I located for the odds has a different system and I can't figure out how to boil it down to the kind of odds I listed above. But I can figure out their favorites for the win. This is from order of the most popular to win down to the least likely winner.

Brooke Burke for the win

These folks are tied not really close to Brooke:
Misty-Mae Treanor
Lance Bass
Maurice Greene
Susan Lucci
Toni Braxton
Warren Sapp

Next in line:
Cody Linley

Huge gap, then:
Rocco DiSpirito

Humongous gap, then comes:
Cloris Leachman

So do they have it right? As much as I really enjoy Cloris Leachman and give her props for even being on the show, she needs to be in that way last shot of winning spot.

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