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August 31, 2015

Dexter: Finding Freebo

by Debra McDuffee, posted Oct 6th 2008 8:25AM
Dexter looking into a hospital nursery window

Maybe the tone of this season seems slightly less sinister, but I am liking it all the same. Then again, with Dexter creeping around in the dark rain, murdering another victim, how can we claim less sinister?

What do you think about the way that they addressed Maria and the whole Bay Harbor Butcher issue? I was really wondering how she still could retain her position of power at the force when she was clearly impaired by her feelings for Doakes at the end of last season. They really left this hanging at the end of last season, and although they weakly tied it up in this episode, I still feel like Maria may not be quite done with the issue.

Now, you may be a bit skeptical about the whole pregnancy thing, but you have to admit that it is pretty interesting the way they are connecting it into so many things. We get to see more of Harry and Dexter, and these flashbacks are always a welcome insight to Dexter's personality and "code." Dexter's insecurities are brought out by his impending fatherhood, and we get some comic relief interspersed with Dexter's real fears. Could Dexter be a good father, or will his, um ... hobbies get in the way? Will he pass on his genetic imbalance to a child?

The plot thickens, as they say, and Dexter's accidental-kill storyline is becoming more intricate. Deb finds a connection between Jane Doe and Freebo through Anton, and another lead sheds a suspicious light on one of Miguel's former convictions (Chickie Hynes). I love that Jimmy Smits's character is being sucked into the vortex of secrets. I just know that this dude is going to turn out to be dirty with a capital D. And now that he's mixed into Dexter's latest kill ... man, where will they go with that?

I don't know about you, but I get severely tense when people find out about Dexter. I miss the old days when he was an untouchable, uncatchable killer. But then again, this way is a lot more fun.

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I loved the twist with Miguel. When he entered the house, I was afraid where they'd take it, but rather than focus on an investigation into the supposed self-defense killing of Freebo, they've turned everything on its ear. Couple that with what seems to be a new stream of serial killings, this season is great.

I don't like the pregnancy storyline but not for obvious reasons. Why do that to Julie Benz? She is too, too hot to be smothered in pregnancy. After the heat between Benz and Hall during the first episode of the season, they're going to take that away? I suppose they needed a grounded storyline for her and Dex after the first two seasons--a reason for casual viewers to be sucked in with a dilemma anyone can understand.

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AWESOME episode, once again proving Dexter to be Showtimes' "The Sopranos", this is the best show on TV. Last night's episode was intense, I loved how ADA Prado sees Dexter as a killer, but not the kind of killer he really is. All I can say is "Thank you Showtime for bringing Dexter back!"

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What's up with that CIA woman, the one after Deb? She seems a little strange, like maybe she knows something about someone other than Deb. I couldn't help but to laugh when those two girls at the party called Teagen a Ho that lives in her Ho-pad.

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1 reply to JW's comment

I think you're referring to the I.A.D. officer, which means Internal Affairs Dept. These are the cops that bust dirty cops, but they are generally disliked throughout any police dept.

What Sgt. Yuki Amado is doing is trying to build a case against Deb's co-worker, Det. Quinn, by trying to entice Deb first (with the promise of a coveted Detective rank). When that doesn't work, Amado will try to find something about Deb (or Deb's friends/FAMILY/etc.) to use against her in order to get Deb to cooperate/snitch.

Regarding the show, I also thought it might be headed down a tamer path this season but I liked what I saw last night. How much do you want to bet that the two Prado brothers are not exactly fair and balanced (especially the Sheriff brother with the temper)? I can guess where this will be headed this season, but I'm going to love watching Dexter try to hide his alter-ego while these two brothers put the heavy hand to him (probably to kill additional scumbugs).

A happy non-Dexter note: I was thrilled to see that Showtime greenlit a season 3 of Brotherhood that starts in November. Only noticed this before the previews for next week's Dexter. Brotherhood became the show that the Sopranos should've been after their third season went down the tubes (and never recovered).

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I totally did not see the ADA story line going that way. I expected the ADA to like Doakes last season. It was a nice surprise, and makes me even more anxious for the next episode.

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i was just commenting last night about how "light" the season has been, no real kills, which are so enjoyable. (ugh i'm sick!)

I hope they go back to the "mystery of the week" way of telling stories, like the first season - there was always a separate "kill", and then in addition there was the overarching Ice Truck Killer storyline. I miss that.

Being said, still best show on TV.

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