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October 6, 2015

The Amazing Race: Please Hold Me While I Singe My Skull

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 3rd 2008 12:05AM
Dandrew irons on The Amazing Race
(S13E06) Moms, don't let your boys grow up to be non-ironers. Let 'em by cowboys, let 'em be frats. But, whatever you do, make sure they know the basics of laundry. It's a life skill which may come in handy if they're ever on The Amazing Race. The remaining teams headed off to India for this leg of the race. India is one of those countries which always provide teams with frustration on the roads, but some had their own frustrations with each other. Read on for the full review of tonight's show.

Attractions, distractions, and squabbling
Ah, Dallas is attracted to Starr and vice versa. Could it be a romance or just another showmance? Nick seems amused, but not necessarily opposed to the idea of Dallas being interested in his little sister. Unlike Big Brother, The Amazing Race isn't a paradise for showmances. It will be interesting to see if anything develops.

Then there are distractions. The frat boys or Dandrew (as the divorced duo have dubbed them) are really the bumblers of the season. Tonight's show actually saw them doing well only to get bogged down in the ironing task of the Detour. I swear if they just focused on the task at hand like they did with the painting taxi Roadblock, they'd do so much better.

And, speaking of distractions, I think Nick and Starr had a valid point about the skimpy clothes worn by Kelly and Christy. I recall in an early season of the show, the women were groped on a crowded train in India. Looking at the people of the country, the women aren't dressed with lots of skin showing. Oh, we know they think they're too sexy for their halter tops, but they really should cover up some. I'm beginning to wonder if their divorce papers were signed along with the contracts to be on the show. Tonight they had to mention the ex-husbands or divorces at least three times. Get over it, gals.

There was squabbling aplenty this leg. I'm beginning to think of Tina as Talky Tina from that old episode of The Twilight Zone. Ken better be nice to her! Now, I'm not one prone to violence, but I want to shake her and yell at her to shut up as she incessantly yapped at Ken during the painting the taxi Roadblock! The same thing with Terence. I'm still not getting why those two ever became a couple. Sado-masochism maybe? I still like Sarah, but since she chooses to be with him, she's not my favorite for the win.

Although I'm thinking they probably won't win it all, I'm still enjoying Dallas and Toni the most. I don't have any clear-cut team for the win at this point. I think I could respect a Starr and Nick win as they gain my favor a bit more each week. Ken and Tina can go far away. Perhaps from each other, as well. Dan and Andrew are just too bumbling to bumble their way into a win. I contend that Kelly and Christy are doing much better than they should be for screwing up as often as they do. I reluctantly admit they did a bit better tonight.

The sights
The cities in India always seem to be such a sensory and cultural overload. Densely populated, cows in the streets, a rather dubious underclass while the wealthy seem to be so glitzy ... I'd probably be mesmerized by my surroundings and forget that I was in a race. I've never been there, but I think the teams should realize that English is widely spoken in the country and taught in the schools. Running up and down the streets screaming, "English! ENGLISH!" like Tina did probably wasn't necessary.

The Pit Stop order
1. Nick and Starr, winning what I think is the coolest prize ever -- each won an electric car.
2. Kelly and Christy (How do they do it?)
3. Dallas and Toni
4. Terence and Sarah
5. Andrew and Dan
6. Ken and Tina

Since this was the first non-Philimination leg, Tina and Ken are still in the race. Sometime during the next leg they will encounter a Speed Bump. What that means is that they will have to do a task in addition to whatever all the teams have to do. It can be done if the task is done quickly enough. After all, Terence and Sarah had a half-hour delay to the start of this leg as a penalty from the last leg. They also had extended taxi and task woes, yet came in fourth. I actually think that Tina and Ken are a stronger team than Sarah and Terence. I don't like them, so if the Speed Bump is their demise next week, so be it!

What team needs to go away next?
Nick and Starr10 (2.6%)
Kelly and Christy94 (24.2%)
Dallas and Toni7 (1.8%)
Andrew and Dan57 (14.7%)
Terence and Sarah91 (23.4%)
Ken and Tina130 (33.4%)

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I'm right there with you on both Tina & Terrance. My God, between those 2 I wanted to plug cotton balls in my ears! I don't condone maritial infidelity, but in Ken's case I'll say "Who can blame him?" If he has any sense at all, he should know at this point that he needs to run in the other direction as fast as he can, as soon as the race is over! No one deserves to listen to that crap constantly. And Terrance, boy, you need to grow a pair! What a sorry excuse for a man. Sarah, too, needs to run the other way. I could not believe the way she hugged him at the pitstop. Maybe she needs a shrink,too.

I like the frat boys, but it sure looks like they will be lucky to survive another round or 2. It's been fun, but they just aren't good enough.

Starr's a cute girl, I can't blame Dallas for taking a shine to her. At this point in the race, I have to say either Nick & Starr or Toni/Dallas have the best chance to win. Although there's still a lot of ways for things to go wrong, those 2 teams seem to have it the most together.

November 04 2008 at 3:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Normally I don't condone marital infidelity, but in this case, I don't blame Ken at all for cheating on Tina. Who would want to be in a relationship like that? I imagine it goes something like this:

Tina: Honey, the dog needs to go outside. Can you take him?
Ken: I'm on the phone right now, Dear.
Tina (angry): Are you talking to that whore you slept with?! Are you?!
Ken (depressed): Sigh... Fine, I'll take the dog out...

November 03 2008 at 3:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sarah and Terrence are like freaks of relationship nature. Terrence seems like a psycho and this episode Sarah took on some of his odd attributes. Instead of telling him to STFU - she tells him to give her words of support. She might as well has said rub my head or something like Terrence did when they were driving. Yuck - he is just gross.
I like Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas. As moronic as the Frat Boys are, I like them too.

The Divorcees are stupid and annoying. They aren't fun to watch run the race because of their high and mighty attitudes. Eventually they are going to want to be married again though not at the same time then their friendship will end. Boo Hoo!

Ken and Tina. Wow! She was so annoying, give the guy a chance to breath for heaven sakes. I like them at first, but after last night's episode, not so much. She doesn't listen at all.

I like the season very much. When are they going to have some crazy food detours or road blocks. I love and hate those at the same time. My favorite was seeing the blonde chick (Pageant Blondes) puke after eating the sausage. I love them for that, but hate them because they make me sick too.

November 03 2008 at 1:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Joyce N.

I hope Ken and Tina leave next, too. Her nagging is driving me batty. If Ken has any sense at all, he will leave her in the dust. That woman will NEVER let him forget his past indisgression. And if Sarah stays with that whiny, needy Terence, she should have her head examined. The frat boys are likable, but not too swift. I don't think they're too long for this season. The divorcee's are miserable and don't mind making everyone around them feel the same way. I'll bet they were filed against for their divorces. Nick and Starr are my faves, but Toni and Dallas winning would be okay with me also. Next week's preview looks pretty good.

November 03 2008 at 12:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Since the beginning I've been rooting for Nick/Starr. They may not be the nicest team (Toni/Dallas) but the other teams are way worst than they are. Plus their spats have been with teams I didn't like namely Kelly/Christy.

I knew Dandrew would mess up along the way. This team is just incapable of finishing strong. They got quite lucky that Ken/Tina has crazy taxi problems in this episode because they were ripe in being in last place.

I wished you're allowed to switch partners because I'm sure Ken and Sarah wouldn't mind pairing up leaving their demanding and shrill partners behind. God, imagine a Terence/Tina team? Insanity.

November 03 2008 at 10:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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