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October 4, 2015

Election Night: NBC (Part 2)

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 4th 2008 11:02PM
NBC election
They're dyin' to call this for Obama, aren't they? (In fact, they just did at 11 PM ET) In our last update, NBC called Pennsylvania for Obama before barely any votes were counted, then they were on top of Ohio like lions on a limping elk. According to their board, the big O has over 200 electoral votes already, whereas the New York Times website says Obama only has 159. Do the networks have better exit poll data than the Times or are they just too eager to wrte the conclusion to The Obama Story? It's anyone's guess. At least they're not falling all over themselves to call it based on Ohio, like other sites are doing.

More observations:
  • From the girlfriend: "Ann Curry looks foxy! Well, she does!" I agree. Curry's rockin' the boots on the virtual set tonight.
  • They showed the green room again at 9:30. BriWi's doing it for "full disclosure," but when the graphics turn off, Curry ends up looking so lonely in there.
  • Speaking of which, Curry told Brian Williams that "she felt like she was in a video game," then her Sincerity Chip kicked in and she added "Whatever it takes to get the information out to people, Brian." Sure, because phony columns, fake birds, and spinning graphics are the only way to do that.
  • BriWi's famous sense of humor rears it's head every so oftern tonight, but it's rare. During a shot of 30 Rock, he quips that "I won't divulge the location, but I just noticed that I didn't turn the lights out in my office." I mean, if there's a night where Brian can cut loose a little bit, it's this one. Dan Rather had no problems doling out the Ratherisms in 2000; why can't Williams break out some funny lines? Maybe he's not tired enough.
  • Talk about elaborate: The skating rink, the "buckets" on the side of the building, the screens... a far cry from a wood-veneer desk in front of a map of the world, isn't it? Wonder what Edward R. Murrow would have done with all these geegaws and knicknacks.
  • Brokaw took pains to say "the Western states haven't even finished voting yet." In other words, "It ain't over, Skippy!" He's just defending his home state of Montana.
  • The ad for Frost | Nixon freaked me out. Frank Langella's Nixon impression looks like something Rich Little rejected in 1972 as "too over the top."
  • Not a lot from Chuck Todd and his goatee in the 2nd and third hours. And, to be honest, his funky touch-screen podium isn't being used as creatively as he used it during Meet the Press and Nightly News. Maybe the Microsoft Surface OS they're using gave them too many Blue Screens of Death?
  • "When we see you at the top of the hour (11:00)... some major states, some major calls... it's getting exciting." I believe you, Bri. I just wish I saw the excitement on the NBC set. It's a snoozer so far.

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Ryan Olsen

And you mod's can combine this with my previous comment, those virtual studios looked pretty great in High Def.

November 05 2008 at 1:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Ryan Olsen

Warning note nerd speak ahead.

He wasn't using Microsoft Surface tonight, he was using a Wacom touch screen. Now Lester Holt was seen using it when he had spots on MSNBC.

November 05 2008 at 1:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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