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September 5, 2015

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season -- DVD review - VIDEO

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 9th 2008 2:06PM
Lost: The Complete Fourth Season DVD SetAh, Season Four. You were so good to us, even though you were slightly shorted by that pesky writers strike. Lost wasn't as impacted as a lot of other shows because the creators had already gotten the okay to do three shorter seasons before any of this happened. Sure they lost a little bit of time, but not enough to have really impacted the show.

And Season Four gave us such pivotal moments. The introduction of the freighties, including some really good and interesting characters. The return of Michael. The identities of the Oceanic Six. An in-depth examination of what happened to them after the island in more flash forwards. The man in the cabin. Ben moves the island. And the identity of the man in the casket. So much happened in fourteen short episodes, but still that's not enough. To fill out the set, we've got two full discs of extras.

The basic format and layout of the boxed set matches the previous seasons, even adding "The Expanded Experience" subtitle that first appeared with Season Two. As an added bonus, when you slide the inner box out of the protective plastic carton, the graphic changes slightly to reveal the Oceanic Six. I would imagine if someone was waiting for the DVDs to watch the show and somehow managed to avoid finding out who these people are, they may have been a bit irritated by this, but I thought it was a nice touch.

There was also a clever insert that was designed like an Oceanic Airlines Safety Manual. However, if unfolded it revealed such helpful information as "Stand clear of flying hatches" and "If any passenger is in need of a wheelchair, please see Flight Attendant Locke." It's littered with inside jokes, as well as hints about the implied time travel aspects of the show.

There are more bonus features on this set than any previous set, and they even include the viral sensation that summed up the entire Lost saga in eight minutes and fifteen seconds. So even if this might be your first Lost DVD, you can still be ready to dive right in in less than ten minutes. In fact, why not watch that right now (it sums up the first 3 seasons).

Other extras include a whole slew of documentaries covering various aspects of the show from building the floating set for the freighter scenes, a general behind the scenes with the cast and crew, an examination of how they turn Hawaii into the World of Lost, and even special looks at the guns used on the show and a live performance of the show's score. Add to this the traditional bloopers and deleted scenes and you've already got a ton of extras.

But that's still not enough. There's a pretty nifty tongue-in-cheek "underground documentary" from an "anonymous source" called "The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies. Set inside the show's world, this documentary breaks down the stories told by Oceanic Airlines, the Oceanic Six and any other information that's been uncovered about Flight 815, including the so-called wreckage found. It's pretty cleverly produced and adds another element to the rich world created.

The creators also got the chance, for the first time in any season set, to provide commentary to the season finale, which they were pretty psyched about. There's commentary sprinkled about a few other episodes as well. And to help put it all together, they've spliced together all the fast forward sequences we've seen to date in chronological order. These flow very well together and paint a nice picture of everythhing that happened after the island for the Six.

On the one hand, I'll say this is about what you'd expect from a Lost season boxed set, but on the other hand that's a very, very good thing. Lost is a show that's served very well from repeated viewing, and especially from viewing episodes in quick succession. Now you can go back and catch every moment that made this season great. The set is available today and would make a great gift for Christmas for any Lost fan, or yourself.

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