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July 30, 2015

Scrubs: My Cookie Pants

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 28th 2009 10:35AM
Scrubs(S08E06) This episode was a little better than "My ABC's," but not by much. I don't know what it is, but I just didn't laugh all that much during either of these episodes. At least this one dug into some good character-based stories, from Cox getting in his own way on the way to becoming chief of medicine, to J.D. and Elliot continuing down the path of a drama-less relationship, to Denise/Jo revealing a little about why she got into medicine even though she's as sympathetic as a rock.

About the "Jelliot" thing, as Bill Lawrence has taken to calling it on his ABC.com blog; he writes on the blog that the decision to get them back together, but take them down this mature path, was a compromise between Lawrence, who didn't want them back together, and the members of the cast, who did. And because one of those castmembers was his wife Christa Miller, he made the compromise because, "Ultimately it came down to this - I wanted, at some point, to sleep with my wife again..." That's always the best motivation, isn't it? (By the way, thanks for the commenter last week who pointed this fact out... I was wondering where he got it from).

So Jelliot go about their business in fairly low-key fashion, which is what they did here. Even when there is a little bit of drama, like Elliot trying to figure out a new way to wow J.D. in bed after all these years, folks like Turk step in and echo the sentiments of the audience. He tells her that the reason why things between he and Cara are perfect is that they don't overthink things and just like being together, something that everyone who's in a mature relationship knows already.

We all knew that Cox was on his way to becoming chief, weren't we? And we even knew that this last bit of self-sabotage, that came after Kelso gave him the lowdown on the crap he has to deal with in the job, wasn't going to get in his way. The fact that the now-retired Kelso decided to recommend Cox between bites of free-for-life muffins shows that the former chief had a heart after all, and that the job was what made him into the dark-hearted meanie we all knew and hated. Since Cox was half-way there already, he was perfect for the job. But Kelso seems to be softening in his retirement... he even tried to group-hug with Cox and Jordan after Cox got the job... thankfully, Cox said "too soon."

J.D.'s analysis of what mucks everyone up at the hospital was a pretty good moment, because it was very accurate. Cox gets in his own way, Elliot is amazingly insecure, and J.D. himself cares too much. It was a good way tScrubs season 1 cast photoo show Denise/Jo that, yes, she's not sympathetic, but she'll have to work with it. It helped in the case of the patient that she gave the test to despite J.D.'s orders. Eliza Coupe did a nice job in showing that Denise was more than just a tomboy who "likes banging dudes," as she put it in the previous episode. She seems to be the intern that's going to be the most fertile character-development mine, isn't she?

By the way, didn't Elliot in her cookie pants look eerily like what Sarah Chalke / Elliot used to look like in season one (cast photo at left)? It was almost refreshing, and shows that Jelliot isn't about J.D.'s beard or Elliot's glam look; it's about two best friends finally falling into an adult relationship.

More fun stuff:

  • Missing cast member alert: No Judy Reyes. Elliot's frantic voice mail message to Carla, though, was funny, as it ranged from love to anger to annoyance to insecurity. Classic Elliot.
  • Gotta love Elliot using the piano mat to alert her to intruders. It especially helps when Turk comes in to steal cookies.
  • That Turk cookie-stealing fantasy sequence was probably the funnies thing in the episode, especially the pratfalls they all took as the gas entered the apartment.
  • "Angry woman out... Angry woman in." Always a good Janitor moment even in a bad episode.
  • Kelso was good with the callbacks in this episode. "He brought it back!" was Cox's amazed declaration when Kelso brought the fake-phone gag back at the end of their opening conversation. Very nice.

Anyway, if Lawrence and company can pair this nice character development with some genuine laughs, we might have something. Feel-wise, the season is definitely closer to what we saw in the earlier seasons, but the humor isn't as consistent. Maybe that'll come back soon.

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