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October 23, 2014

Life on Mars: Home Is Where You Hang Your Holster

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 18th 2009 11:55PM
Life on Mars: Home is Where You Hang Your Holster
It's been a while since Sam had his visions. I missed them. However, I think tonight's episode overdid it a little with the Wizard of Oz references. Sam is over the rainbow. We got it. We just don't know why.

I'm glad the creators wrapped up the Maria storyline as quickly as they did. They could only milk her daddy issues for so long, and Sam and Gene have way too much for a bromance going on of their own to let a little thing like sleeping with the boss' daughter interfere.

The profile freezes in the beginning were cute, but were they necessary? Which 70's cop show were they trying to emulate?

The introduction of Bobby Prince as another time-traveler in Sam's predicament brought some interesting observations with it. Assuming he's not insane, then he's from Sam's future but has obviously been in the past for a longer "time" than Sam. Was Prince involved with the Aries Project? Who was he in the future? Why did he come up with the exact same set of chalkboard reasons as Sam? Are they sharing the same dream? The only thing we can conclude is that Sam is not the only person this phenomenon has happened to. If it does work out that the future forward in time one comes from, the further back he or she goes then it's probable that Sam will run into others in future episodes.

Gene also said something of importance. He said Sam was there because Sam wanted to be there. This was true in the original British series and is likely true now. We simply don't know the context and likely won't until near the series' end (whenever that is).

Knowing the way the economy goes from 2008 to 2009, I wouldn't agree Prince's description of a "hopeful" future. I think it was the writers' way of describing the Obama inauguration (and using actual footage from it to drive home the point). It's nice that Sam can keep up with current events that way.

The methodologies Gene was using to question the murder suspects reminded me of the original version of the show for a minute. Things like having lawyers present just didn't seem to happen then.

Perhaps it's just me, but I thought the Chinese delivery guy overdid the stereotype just a little.

Ray's best line for the episode, when asked what was so terrible about a liberated women: "Nothing, as long as there's a fence around them." I like that Annie's character is getting fleshed out more. She even told a joke. It wouldn't surprise me if we learned later that Ray beats his wife. She just seemed a little too demure. Or maybe it's just the era.

The man handling Prince's delivery was holding a rabbit-tipped cane. It seemed an odd thing to have. I wonder if there's a significance to that.

I'd rate tonight's episode as good, but not great. I liked that the Maria storyline was wrapped up and enjoyed the mystery of Bobby Prince, but the rest of the episode seemed standard and lackluster. I love sci-fi, so I feel the drama would be improved if the creators concentrated more on the puzzle behind Sam's predicament rather than the standard cop story of the week. Given the popularity of shows such as CSI, I may be in the minority on this one.

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