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October 4, 2015

Weekly Reality Awards

by Michael Pascua, posted Mar 14th 2009 10:02AM
Scott from the Real World: Brooklyn channels his inner ZoolanderThis week finally heated up for reality television. Tyra's hamsters took part in their second photoshoot on America's Next Top Model, the American Idol hopefuls started to compete on the big stage, the Dancing with the Stars cast finally started to ... well dance, and Chekhov got a shoutout on The Amazing Race.

There weren't any shocking eliminations or anything horrendously groundbreaking, but there were some definite moments. Here are some highlights, and lowlights, after the jump.

Most Unnecessary Loss of Teeth
JT (Survivor: Tocantins) – Sure, you can be intense in a game, but when I start losing teeth, that's when I draw the line. It makes sense to vote off Spencer, since Taj was actually holding back stronger men. It was only half a tooth, but now JT sounds funny when he talks. If he survives a lot longer, I hope he gets to a dentist as soon as he possibly can.

Best Model Scott (Real World: Brooklyn) – So what if Tyra teaches her models how to walk or use those airplane lighting sticks? In five minutes Scott finds his own photographer and they take multiple shots (several that channel Zoolander). Tyra always points out that time is money, so why don't they ever do more than three shoots in a week? Then to show that Scott makes money modeling, he helps cover Katelynn's bills by giving her a check for $1500.

The Helen Keller AwardMargie & Luke (The Amazing Race) – How wrong is it that the first deaf contestant on The Amazing Race used the first Blind U-Turn? Sure, it saved Margie & Luke's friends Jamie & Cara, but it definitely was amusing. It also gave Luke some extra time when he couldn't scramble letters to get the name "Chekhov." I would rant and rave about this, but I'm just a big fan of anagrams and jumble games.

Easiest WinBlack Team (The Biggest Loser) – After winning a 24 hour luxury prize, the black team had tequila shots, burgers, and kobe beef sliders; the latter being repeated several times for some weird reason. Jillian flips on them and they all break down. It didn't matter. They still won. That's not a good message for this show. It also shows that stress can make you gain weight (someone on the Blue team gained two pounds!) no matter how hard you work out.

Most Unnecessary Feud Aminat vs. Sandra (America's Next Top Model) – The two girls complain about each other the whole episode and what happens in the end? Both end up with horrible photos. Aminat has that "Wha?" look of confusion in her shot, Sandra gets trumped by her extras and whites herself out. To make it worse, neither got cut. Great, more feuding next week.

Crossover AwardGeorge Clinton – Going from Gone Country to Sober House seems like a big jump, until you realize that George Clinton wasn't the one going to rehab. With the combination of colorful hair and Dennis Rodman-style speech, I'm happy to see he still is in prime form making music.

Worst JudgeBruno (Dancing With the Stars) – Bruno returned from a season break with even weirder and more sexual comments. He's degraded from a passionate judge to a creepy old man. It doesn't help that Carrie Ann is slowly turning into Paula Abdul.

Worst Food ChoicePony (Jon & Kate Plus 8) – In a house with eight little children, adding two dogs seems like a disaster. It turns out that it was a disaster for poor Nala. She ate a toy pony and had to go to surgery to have it removed. I wonder how much the bill was.

A Name that will Haunt You ForeverStory (Toddlers and Tiaras) – Imagine all the jokes this poor girl will get. I mean it sounds cute when you're two, but when you become 18, there are definitely some bad pickup lines that Story will hear. (What's your ... Story? Can I open your book?) To make it worse, to have your crown stripped from you has to be traumatizing. Even if your mother won't tell you, it's on tape.

Nuttiest Friendship Tom Green and Scott Hamilton (The Celebrity Apprentice 2) – Bonding must be weird when you turn to someone and go, "Hey I only have one testicle" and they go "Hey! Me Too!" Having a small connection like this in a white collar environment seems odd, especially when you have to throw someone under the bus. The friendship didn't last that long when Scott went home.

I Will Never Eat Citrus Again AwardMiss Mandarin (Drag Race) – Sure she may have a woman's bum, but her lip smacking scared the hell out of me.

Contestant of the Week Melissa Rycroft (Dancing With the Stars) – After having a horrible week, Melissa definitely rose to the occasion. With only two days of practicing, she looked better than many of the men.

Anyone got any favorite moments from this week? Leave your comments below.

News and Notes

Celebrity Rehab 3 is casting. - I will miss Nikki McKibbin. I will admit that I actually voted for her the week that Tamayra Gray got kicked off. Who wants to put money on a former reality star popping up on the next season? I wonder what happened to Ryan Starr?

The Real World: Brooklyn screened the movie Pedro - From the preview on the show, the movie looks quite sappy. I'd have a box of tissues ready. Anyone who claims to be a fan of The Real World hasn't seen The Real World: San Francisco. Shame on you.

Spencer May have gotten voted off of Survivor: Tocantins, but he's technically in the money. He's been seen dating former winner Todd of Survivor: China fame.

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It's Chekhov, not Chekov. :P

I felt so bad for Luke on that challenge. He has no idea what a Russian surname typically sounds like, which is what helped almost everyone else solve that puzzle. There is no such thing as "sound it out" for a deaf person.

March 16 2009 at 4:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ryan Starr is currently touring with David Cook on local campuses!

March 14 2009 at 1:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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