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October 4, 2015

Heroes: Cold Snap

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 24th 2009 12:40AM
Heroes -
Hey, it's the episode that Swoosie Kurtz is guesting in. It's so exciting. Bryan Fuller from Pushing Daisies is back on board Heroes, though I'm not sure if his influence is felt yet, and now we get one of its stars in a big, important role where she ... um ... well ... she was there. Luckily, they more than made up for that with the revelation of Rebel's real identity. And I can tell you that many of you were dead on as to who it is. And some more of you were wrong.

Once again, our focus was tightened this episode, but the reason for leaving out many of our favorite cast members was pretty plausible. They were unavailable, as it were. With Nathan outed, Danko's control of the whole project was solidified, and I guess he no longer has any government oversight? And it still wasn't made clear if that means Danko outed Nathan to the President, or really anyone. But that doesn't mean we weren't treated to a lot of things, cool powers and dramatic moments.

Well we were promised three deaths in the closing chapters of this volume, two of which would stick and one which would not. And we got two of them tonight. So what do you guys think? I think Daphne will stay dead, but I'm not as sold on Tracy. She barely had an understanding of her abilities, and her body was completely ice when Danko broke her. I've read X-Men, and Iceman has survived worse. Plus, the blink/wink the half of her face that was still intact gave indicates that maybe once she melts down a bit she can reform. Maybe she'll be solid ice from now on; that'll be hell on the budget.

Other than Tracy's "sort of" noble sacrifice, one of the key reveals of the episode was Micah stepping forward as Rebel. Noah Gray-Cabey was a great character, and his abilities made perfect sense for the breadth of what Rebel was able to do with electronics. It looks like Micah has grown even more powerful, even as he's been growing up a little bit while he was away. I guess he was hanging out with Walt from Lost, even though he didn't gain nearly the height. Still, two kids leave their shows for awhile and come back all grown up.

Our other two major storylines involved Matt Parkman and ... Matt Parkman. The elder Parkman was freed from the internment facility by Tracy, along with Mohinder and the seriously injured Daphne. It seemed inevitable that Daphne would finally succumb to her injuries, because Matt is the most emotionally cursed person on the show. The writers just keep piling it on. At least they got a tender send-off with the fake flight through Paris and off to the moon. It was pretty damned obvious what was going on when Matt was flying, but I guess at that point it didn't matter because he knew he was running out of time.

As for the young Matt Parkman, I enjoyed both the return of the actress playing Matt's ex-wife, poor thing, and the fact that the baby has an ability. I didn't pick up on the connection to the depowered Hiro and the baby's ability to "turn on" anything until the SWAT-like goons were busting into the house. And they put Hiro exactly how I wanted him, with his abilities limited to stopping time. It's still an incredibly powerful ability, but it's far more limiting as far as "breaking" the show every few episodes. Plus, it's visually far more interesting than teleportation.

So now we have HRG established in Danko's inner circle, sort of because Danko doesn't really trust anyone, and we got to see Angela on the run. Her ability is almost completely useless in a crunch (I'm surrounded by guys with guns, let me just take a quick nap and see how this might turn out), but she did catch a life-saving catnap in the cab. Then a life-saving ride with Peter, still sporting his brother's flight ability.

Most of the missing cast members were out of the episode because they were trussed up and shut down in Danko's storage lab, but Nathan was just missing altogether. He probably just flew off to pout for awhile; he'll be back. He has to change his personality completely a few more times before this ride is through.

Do you think Tracy is dead-dead?
Yes, absolutely44 (4.3%)
God, I hope so224 (21.8%)
She'll be back as an ice woman360 (35.0%)
It's time to meet the third sister400 (38.9%)

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Isabelle Carreau

About Daphne's death, it looks like it is indeed one of those that will stick since one of the show's Powers That Be, Greg Beeman, posted on his blog the following:

A last note: All eyes were dewy as we said goodbye to Brea Grant. She has been great - and is a favorite of the cast and crew. I think she brought a lot to her role of speedster, both in terms of humor, pathos and raw spunky energy. I will miss her and I'm sure I'm not alone.

March 25 2009 at 11:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Riley Freeman

I just get more and more annoyed with heroes. I just caught this clip and its heroes in a nutshell


March 24 2009 at 7:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I loved this episode. If it takes a week off to bring the heat alike this, take next week off too, Timmy!

Daphne's death & the interaction between Hiro/Ando and MP2 (Baby Parkman) were pitch-perfect.

And some clarification. Tracy's blink/wink after her sacrifice was not a "I'm still alive, haha!" type of deal, IMO.
It was more of "I've finally attoned for my sins" kind of thing. Remember, she was crying. I think the character of Tracy Strauss is dead...but Larter will probably return down the line as Barbara.

March 24 2009 at 4:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm glad it turned out to be Micah. I thought so from the very begining of the whole Rebel thing.

I love how Parkman uses the Jedi mindtrick! Its sad that Daphne died but it does leave the door open for a reconciliation with Janice and the son he never knew he had.

And I like Baby Matt Parkman's ability to turn things on (that sounds weird; you know what I mean).

March 24 2009 at 3:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Tracy Strauss was a bad character, a sleazy politician who was willing to sell everyone out for her own personal gain"

That is why I don't think she is dead.. there is no way she would kill herself for someone else.. and she did it so willingly too!

"Che Guevara lead a Revolution this is a Rebellion!"
Confirmation that Micah is Rebel made this episode great... now if only Micah would cut off that juicy curl. I cant take him seriously if Jerri curl juice is dripping all over his sprint smart phone..

March 24 2009 at 2:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I really hope daphne isn't dead. I really like brea grant and daphne was a very interesting character.

March 24 2009 at 1:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I want to start off and say this episode was one of the better ones I have seen in some time. There are things I did not like but over all it was good.

I will start off with the Tracy issue. The whole freezing thing was really cool and all I could think about was a female Bobby Drake (Ice Man) I do not think she is dead because her eye blinked on the ground. I thought I saw that then replayed that part and she did that. I think she will come back to gather like how in T2 the liquid metal guy forms again only she will do it in ice form

With Hiro and Ando all I could think about is why Matt would care about his ex-wife kid. It was said not to be his. Did the people writing the show forget that or paternity test say in reality the child is his.

Now it was nice to see Hiro get his powers back plus not say Ya-ta as much as he does normally. Ando I guess is turning into Scott Summer's (Cyclops) brother. He can shoot lasers out of his hands too.

I got a lot out of this episode that people powers are really evolving.

Micah was pretty cool. I can see his power becoming really useful.

One thing I was wondering about is did Peter get his power back that allows him to have more then one power at a time because He did touch his mother so you would thing He would lose flight and gain future sense instead.

As for Daphne and Matt I thought the whole dream thing brought down the powerful episode. Though that is just me. I would have like Daphne to have survived but I guess she did not. All I could think about is what was the point in bringing her back from the dead she could have just died by the crashed airplane.

I know it was not in the episode but I so want Sylar's dad to go out and find Sylar so you can have his dad not die and this way may be make it that Sylar is not as powerful as He at one time thought.

Plus he could also make it look like his son was the killer.

Over all I think this was a great episode and if it is any thing to show what will happen next I think that is great news.

March 24 2009 at 12:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought that this was the best episode in a LONG time. I didn't really notice the wink cause I was looking away for a second, but the only part that really bothered me was that cheesy dream sequence. I knew the baby would give Hiro the power back, but I assumed that it was because the baby was amplified by Ando. It's cool how Ando was able to use his power. Honestly, this is the first high quality episode since season 1 that didn't have Sylar in it.

I said before it was going to be Micah (cause he's my favorite character and I wish I had his power more than any other), so it's awesome that it was revealed that Rebel was the cool kid. Tracy Strauss was a bad character, a sleazy politician who was willing to sell everyone out for her own personal gain, hopefully she remains dead, or comes back with a heart.

March 24 2009 at 11:52 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Love the show!! I like how it's brining all the heros from the begining. Love that they brought Micha back. I also like how everyones powers are not as powerfull as they use to be, example Peter and Hero both have been taken down a few notches.

March 24 2009 at 11:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Archon

I knew Rebel was Micah the whole time. But it did kind of kill all suspense when they showed Noah Gray-Cabey's name in the beginning. Why do shows do that? Do they think we don't know who the actors are?

And what was the deal with Danko in the beginning. Are we to assume Sylar gave him the puppet dude? Why would he do that? How did Sylar even know about Danko, find out where he lived, and how did he get there so fast from Samson's cabin?

March 24 2009 at 11:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to The Archon's comment

"And what was the deal with Danko in the beginning. Are we to assume Sylar gave him the puppet dude? Why would he do that?"

He is probably planning to ingratiate himself to Danko. As was peeked at in scenes for the next episode, Sylar appears to be making a deal to capture anyone with powers, with his own agenda to steal their powers and being the only one left.

"How did Sylar even know about Danko, find out where he lived, and how did he get there so fast from Samson's cabin?"

I'm not sure if we know how much time has passed between being at his father's cabin and arriving at Danko's home. He could have gotten the information he needed from one of Danko's men. I'm sure we may find out when the two have a one on one chat.

March 25 2009 at 4:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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