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by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 12th 2009 11:52AM
A week never starts off well without The Amazing Race on Sundays. I hate when shows get delayed or moved to Wednesdays because of basketball.The shows were all a little off this week: there was only one vote on The Biggest Loser, there was no vote on Survivor, and The Real World/Road Rules challenge ended with a cliffhanger.

Speaking of Survivor, it has to suck to be Joe, who had to be evacuated to save his leg. Alas, his life is probably more important than a million dollars. More odd decisions after the jump.

Weirdest Judge Clay Aiken (America's Next Top Model) – I understand inviting Clay as the acting coach, but having him judge a commercial seems off. I've never seen him sell any product, let alone women's makeup. His strengths are singing and theater, not being a CoverGirl.

Best Pickup Line Arian (Tough Love) – Imagine walking into a bar. Some girl walks up to you and says, "I suck a mean dick." Then she proceeds to run her hand up your leg. Let's just say that I wouldn't bring that girl to my mother. Arian needs as much help as she can get from Tough Love.

Worst Liar - Juin (Pretty Wicked) - In an auction for charity, Julin donated a fake Chanel bag and didn't mention that it was fake. After being disqualified, she quickly tried to explain that it must be real because she got it from a guy off the street. How do you lie by telling the truth?

The Godfather Award Ron (The Biggest Loser) – Ron decided to start a war against all the people who voted against him. In this week's episode, though, he took the high road and lost the most weight, and one of the people that voted against him went home. Ron will probably stay around due to his non-threatening weight and plant seeds to vote off specific people.

Best FightCT vs. Adam (The Duel 2) – MTV has been providing some good drama with Making the Band last week. This week the drunken debauchery of The Duel 2 began with a bang. After a fun night, rumors started whizzing around and CT confronted Adam about Diem. It was the most intense fight and the fourth wall had to be broken. Everyone in the house had to hold either CT, Adam, or Diem from each other. Before the first challenge CT and Adam went home. The best part? I'm pretty sure it was Katie who talked to Diem, not Adam.

Worst RiskScott MacIntyre (American Idol) – This year's contestants on Idol all have a specific image. Scott's was the piano player. So this week he decides to forgo his piano for an electric guitar? That's like going from nothing to guitar, Allison. Scott picked a song that had a strong piano section; to make it worse, Scott strummed a little and then just held the guitar. His vocal screeching didn't help the cause.

Best ActressSaaphyri (I Love Money 2) – Saaphyri has been trying her hardest to play the game. When she was finally backed into a corner all hell broke loose. First, she threw It's clothes out of her window. Then with the help of Buckwild attempted the most interesting vault performance. Without any more options, she decided to go for the faint. The medics came in and she quickly gets healed by the sight of needles.

Worst Pole PerformanceSierra (Survivor) – Poles should be sexy or practical, not a challenge item. The flaw that the producers probably didn't think of was the high amount of splinters a contestant could have gotten. Sierra lost her focus and slid down the wooden pole as she tried to hold on with her arms for dear life. Her arms rubbed against the pole with such force that I'm surprised that she didn't peel skin. She was just lucky she wasn't wearing a bikini.

News and Notes:

Groomer Has It Returns – Wait, someone watched the low budget first season? The budget must have increased because they are now using The Real World: Hollywood (and Confessions of a Teen Idol) house.

Richard Hatch wants to be released to Argentina – Maybe we'll never hear from him ever again. Knowing my luck, he'll stir the pot again. Just imagine, if Hatch just paid his taxes after the first season of Survivor, I'd never have to talk about him.

The Octomom may have a reality TV show soon – Can she just go to Argentina too? Nadya Suleman's lawyers have confirmed meetings with television executives. One episode that is being talked about is Nadia learning to drive a 14-person van. Jon Gosselin is probably just rolling his eyes.

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Not only miss..but boycott the advertisers for supporting another persons stuppppidity. This will only lead to others.

April 12 2009 at 9:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

'weirdest judge'
He judged on their acting abilities, with their 'acting skit' with him involved, not how they did IN the makeup commercial. As an actor trained, he does possess the capabilities to critique their acting abilities. Did you literally watch it, or just flying by the seat of your pants?
Did you just read that he was going to be on there, and foisted your judgmental opinion into a blog, blindly?

April 12 2009 at 4:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Martigyrl's comment
Michael Pascua

I watched the show and Clay Aiken was part of the judging panel at the end. I truly believe that Clay Aiken brought nothing to the judging panel. Yes, he may have helped with the skits, but he also helped critique the CoverGirl commercial.

The only plus was that he said that some of the girls got a little better from the teach, but Paulina could have said the same exact thing since she was there as well.

April 12 2009 at 5:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Chi Shannon

The Octo-mom show is one I will definately have to miss :)

April 12 2009 at 2:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Chi Shannon's comment

double ditto!!

April 12 2009 at 6:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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