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October 13, 2015

Prison Break: Vs.

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 25th 2009 10:33AM

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller
(S04E18) "I warned you not to come Michael." - Lincoln

Eighteen episodes into Prison Break's final season and we finally got some solid explanation as to what exactly The Company has been up to all this time. Answers are a good thing - except when they create more questions. After learning about Scylla's true contents (at least some of it anyway), I'm more confused than ever.

After Cristina's meeting with the Indian ambassador, we found out why Scylla is so important. However, if Cristina wants to complete her power play over Krantz, then she needs to have another country on her side, ready and willing to take Scylla's knowledge and use it. So what's the damn thing have on it? Well, based on what we heard, it actually doesn't sound so bad:

  • Prototypes for a solar cell energy production unit
  • a desalinization technique that can yield potable water in seconds
  • revolutionary vaccines
  • extremely resilient crops

It's starting to sound like Krantz's "we're not the bad guys" speech from earlier in the season might actually have some truth to it. That being said, if Scylla contains research on all those things, it's probably a safe bet that there's also a wealth of info on other such goodies like bio-weapons and nuclear technologies.

So why am I still confused? Without going off on a giant rant, I'm failing to see how this all ties together; how it all connects to the bigger picture as far back as season one and Lincoln being framed for murder. I'm willing to accept all the inconsistencies at this point though - I just really want to know what Cristina's end-game is.

As for Lincoln and his team, like I said last week - it's great to see them working so cohesively. It's far more enjoyable than when they're bickering. I'm hoping we get some more background on Self and T-Bag. I'd love to know more about Theodore's mother and the identity of the person in Self's picture. Speaking of T-Bag, it's been a while since he provided some good comic relief too. Can elephant dung really be used to make parchment?

As for the title of the episode, you gotta love double meanings. Not only was it a reference to the brother vs. brother plot that's been set up (Michael is totally going to win by the way), but it was also a reference to Dr. Vincent Sandinsky. He was the biggest mystery of the episode. An environmental professor, on one level it seemed as though he was being set-up as a voice against the contents of Scylla, disproving it. However, the end of "Vs." suggested that he actually might be working with Cristina, not against her. His wily smirk seemed to confirm that. What does everyone think? I'm betting there's more to Scylla than Cristina told the Indian ambassador. Maybe Sandinsky just needs the manpower and capital of a large nation so that he and Cristina can unlock a greater secret?

Final thought? Sara being pregnant - big surprise or pointless addition that simply got thrown in since the show is ending? Personally, I don't see it really impacting the end all that much other than providing a happy ending... maybe.

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Terrance Steadman HAD to go into hiding because Linc supposedly KILLED him. If anybody saw him, and remember he was the VP's brother, so he's not just a nobody, then that would prove Linc's innocence. This was a famous murder, heavily televised all over and the media had a hey day with it, I'm sure.

May 01 2009 at 12:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hi Jonathan.

I'm getting really impatient for the series finale which I'm absolutely sure will somehow tie things together as to why Burrows was set up. But to kill time until May 15, I'm re-watching some of the episodes in season 1 and trying my best to come up some theories. Terrence Steadman was the CEO of a company called Ecofield, wasn't he? What if Ecofield had a lead on the same technology that Scylla had on it? Or even weirder, what if Ecofield's research WAS what was on Scylla? Aldo Burrows, Lincoln's father, leaked information about Ecofield, so that's why they chose Lincoln to be framed for the murder (i.e. so that the Company could get back at Aldo when he came back to rescue his son). I guess the only piece missing from that story is why Terrence Steadman had to be killed (or disappear/put into hiding) for the Company to continue its operations--but the answer lies obviously somewhere in the fact that he was the CEO of an energy company. Once it's revealed how Terrence Steadman and Scylla are related, we'll have our answer.

Just some food for thought.


April 26 2009 at 3:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Aakash's comment

I'll bet you the name Terrence Steadman will not be uttered once throughout the rest of the series. The fact that Linc was framed is long over and long forgotten by the BP writers.

I doubt anything will be wrapped up. Instead they'll just have a super bad guy (their mother) take credit for all the crap that the brothers have been through.

I still want to know what the General meant at the end of season 2 when he said, with respect to Sona, that "michael will do what he was born to do" (or whatever he said, I'm paraphrasing from memory). We know Michael and his mother are both smart, but that doesn't explain anything.

April 26 2009 at 4:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Terrance Steadman was the VP's brother and that's who Linc was framed for murdering. I would think that a high profile crime like that would get TONS of media attention.
Terrance Steadman HAD to go into hiding so nobody would know he was alive. If anybody found out he was alive, Linc's innocence would be proved!

May 01 2009 at 12:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If you have secret information (not pure data, but info about an actual process) why put it on a computer chip, unencrypted, rather than simply not telling anyone, or only telling a few secret people. Like the recipe for Coca Cola or the recipe for KFC. If you have to write it down, encrypt it! As fancy as scylla is, nobody bothered to download PGP freeware and encrypt its contents with a 4096-bit key? What the hell? Then again, stupidity is the very essence of Prison Break (yet I continue to watch... what does that say about me?).

Also, if the Company really has this information and it all really works, why would they not patent it and go into business selling the stuff? Like there's not a market for an abundance of efficient, clean solar energy, etc? Why is The Company not an actual company? Are they in the pocket of the auto/oil companies? I don't buy that... they're powerful but not that powerful. The company could have far more money and power if they actually implemented the info on Scylla and went into business. They could put all competitors out of business rather quickly and change the world. They'd be so popular, the most liberal democrats and the most fascist republicans would both love the company.

Did the Prison Break writers forget that early in last season, the General (back before he suddenly decided to throw away his pad and speak to everyone) wrote a note saying that there would be 10,000 casualties. What was that about? It was implied that it had to do with Scylla.

Finally, I just don't buy the "Michael against Lincoln" plotline. They've been through far too much together to suddenly be going up against each other. It's just not plausible. Of course, there would be no Prison Break if plausibility were a requirement.

April 25 2009 at 3:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Secret Asian Man

The content of Scylla was already revealed during Michael's operation prior to the hiatus. I don't blame you for not remembering that though.

Even though the content of Scylla contains advanced technologies that appears to be for the good of mankind, it's still a very sought=after technology that many will kill for and did as seen by The Company. It's a very powerful bargaining chip that is also safe because it can't be used against The Company or cause The Company any trouble. If The Company was selling secrets for WMD, I think the whole world would go after them.

April 25 2009 at 2:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah that was my first thought as well. How all this ties together from the story in the beginning..

April 25 2009 at 12:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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