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by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 25th 2009 9:00AM
Steve Thomas and Kate go GreenOne of the best things about reality shows for me is watching people succeed or crash in a fiery abyss. While watching Grey's Anatomy, I caught the commercial for all the summer shows and was excited to see the return of I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Last year was heavily underrated. All the contestants were likable, everyone learned about Japanese culture, and the biggest thing everyone came off learning something.

While I wait for summer and hope for a new season, this week started off MTV's The Phone. I was nervous about Justin Timberlake being the executive producer, but the show surprised me. Any fan of The Mole, The Amazing Race, Cha$e, or Treasure Hunters should probably consider. Now on to the weekly awards.

Best AssumptionSteve Thomas (Jon & Kate Plus 8) - This week was a special green episode and Steve Thomas from Renovation Nation came in to help install solar panels. Unfortunately, the solar panels showed up late and the work schedule was thrown off. Steve turned to Jon and asked him, "Is your wife gonna beat you up?" Kate's reputation precedes her.

Best Warm-up Prepping Hair (The Duel 2) – So what's the best way to prep for a physical challenge? According to Brook, it's making sure your hair is perfect. She curled her hair, instead of let's say... stretching or maybe lifting a weight or two. I want ranting, raving, drunk Brook back. Suffice to say, she went home.

Most Inflated MotherAnnie Duke (The Celebrity Apprentice 2) – While cooking different dinner options for their frozen dinner challenge, Annie Duke took the opportunity to toot her own horn. The best part was when she included, "And I give a good (beep) job." I wonder if she's bluffin' with her muffin?

Most Awkward MomentTammy & Victor (The Amazing Race) – One would think that knowing Mandarin would make a race leg in China easy. Unfortunately for Tammy & Victor, they got tag-alongs in the form of Margie & Luke and Keisha & Jen. As the three raced to the end, the brother/sister team was sandwiched in second and had to stand awkwardly as the other two teams initiated Bitch Fest 2009. I'm sure they wished that they were in Tranny Taxi again.

The So You Think You Can Dance Award American Idol Contestants – Paula Abdul decided to show her choreographing chops this week. I thought the group dance was only on Dancing with the Stars. They only did this now because Scott was holding back their group dances. They dance to stereotypical Disco moves while lip-syncing; that really doesn't show Paula's choreographing talent. To make it worse, the words "Dance" and "Shout" kept popping up on the screen behind the contestants in Comic Sans MS.

Total Asshole AwardTyson (Survivor) – There was a short time when I thought that Tyson was funny; then I realized he was a total ass. This week was his highest point of douche-baggery as he belittled Sierra. He confidently turned to Sierra and told her, "You're gonna be the next to go. You're not gonna change that." Who went home? Tyson. Sierra better thank Erinn for waking up from her under the radar strategy.

Worst TatooTaylor (Tough Love) – VH1 continues to mine the Taylor gold on Tough Love. Along with her Amy Winehouse beehive hair and her constant usage of "OMG" in sentences, we learn this week that Taylor has a huge tattoo of a butterfly amassing her lower abdomen and crotch. She playfully flashed America her butterfly crotch, along with her leopard print underwear. Yep, she's a catch.

Hobby of the WeekCapoera – Brazil is well known for several things, but apparently if you are a Survivor or a Top Model Capoera is the shit this week. I was excited that Coach lost yet another cool Brazilian reward. I'm just disappointed that marshmallow London couldn't stick around an extra week to exercise.

The Déjà vu (all over again) AwardThe Biggest Loser – Yawn. The following events happened several times in the past two weeks: Tara wins the important challenge, someone gains weight, Bob makes shocked face, and the Ron-father gets rid of his biggest competition so his son can win this show. I really hope that next week, Tara and Helen can figure out a way to get rid of Mike.

News and Notes:

VH1 pushes Rehab to another extreme -This time it's sex. Couldn't we have this when David Duchovny was suffering from this? I need more brooding Mulder. I'm finding these shows to get more and more intrusive and this show will not be on my "To Watch" list.

Project Runway gets air date - Lifetime has announced that the show will start August 20th, which seems like decades away. Hopefully the knockoff version that Bravo has created will hold me until I get some Tim Gunn love.

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the ironic thing about lip-syncing is that popular media outlets do it all the time, but it never seems to fool anyone

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