Where's the breakout star on American Idol?

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 27th 2009 4:27PM
Allison Iraheta of You can say Adam Lambert is the breakout star of American Idol this season, and you'd almost be right. But he's not. He's too over-the-top most of the time (keep your tongue in your mouth!) and though he's come closest, he still hasn't had that "moment" Simon is waiting for. In fact, none of them have. This is about as bland a "Final Five" as we've ever seen.

After all these weeks, there should have been a performance from almost everyone that forced me to back up the DVR and experience it at least once more. It hasn't happened.

Remember Jason Castro's performance of "Hallelujah" last year? How about David Archuleta on "Imagine?" And beyond that, we had the incredibly distinctive and diverse sounds of Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado. Even underperformers Kristy Lee Cook and Amanda Overmyer brought a unique style to the show. In one season they touched on rock, country, soul, R&B, folk and pop. For all Kara DioGuardi's talk of "artistry" in this season's crop, there's very little diversity on that stage. If it weren't for Adam and Allison Iraheta they would almost be totally interchangable.

But this problem didn't start with the Top Five. Anoop was the same kind of singer as Kris and Matt and Danny. Most of the ones who did have a unique sound turned out not to be very good. Megan Joy was one of the most singular voices on the show, and she became awful. Lil had all this potential and got worse and worse. Alexis? Cut down almost immediately. And poor Scott MacIntyre was never as good as his story, despite what the judges tried to tell him.

In a way, it reminds me of Season Three when Fantasia was in a league of her own and the rest of the contestants just fell by the wayside, one boring performance after another. This year, the front-runner seems to be pretty clearly Adam, though I prefer Allison. Back then your top 5 was Fantasia, Diana DeGarmo, Jasmine Trias, LaToya London and George Huff. I know. So the pool is stronger this year, and the genders reverse, but it isn't any more interesting to watch.

For the first time in a long time, I don't even look forward to the new episodes anymore, really. And I don't think it's the show because I'm just as ridiculously fanatical about it as I've always been. And I'll be there next January hoping for a better crop of contestants to get excited about. I guess it's hard to get the right blend of talent every season. If you find a bunch great singers who all sing in the same way the same type of music, you could have a great singing group ... bit it makes for one boring season.

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Lisa Bloom said the truth about the way the votes came down. American who were honest cast honest votes. For what? When parties of cheaters where being held with AT&T reps showing them how to vote 10 to 1. that equals thousands of votes. That equals cheating.

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I want a singer to grab me and sell me on the song. what is your point?

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You love him or you hate him,your choice.
But you cant tell me that Adam is not an outstanding personality with an outstanding talent,the most exiting contestant since Idol exist.
-Got a S.O. by SIMON
-a frontpagecover on a magazin even before the finals
-7 most downloaded songs in the I tune top tens
-3 times more internetreserchs than any other contestant before
-frontrunner since top 13
-with his name all over the place as number 1 in any poll
about winningchances and publicity

And the most powerfull,controled voicerange ,showmanship,stagepresens that you can imagine.
Theres nobody in his league,not before,not nowhe s lightyears beyond any other contestant.
Of course his experience helps,but also Matt and even Taylor Hicks earned money for living with music.
I agree that it should be an amateurcontest,but you cant blame Adam for getting his chance!

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1 reply to labelle's comment

none of the finalest were new comers. they all worked in the industry. kris worked all over ARK in a band/allison was in numerous contest/ Adam in theater. Adam is the clearly most talented artist in the competion. He is a class act no doubt.

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I have been watching the show this season, I feel that the show is losing its appeal. Most of you are correct the singers are boring at times. I don 't like Adams singing or his stage presence. He is usually over the top, but I think the show is fixed so that he can win which will be a shame. Most people like Simon's comments and so do I usually, however, his comments or excitement with adam is crazy. I'd like to see Danny in the finals. I still thinks Danny's friend who got the boot early the black fellow should have gone further. That was planned.

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Adam is too much of a "showboat" for me. Arrogance is also a part of his personality. Yes, he can have a good voice and pull of an extraordinary performance (Mad World), but overall, his presence on stage just makes my skin crawl. His overacts everything, walks with a stagger that is quite superficial, and thinks he's won this contest already. I would hope his being in the bottom three last week humbled him some. My vote goes to the underdog in this - ALLISON. She's a true talent and hasn't been jaded by the business and remains true to herself. It'll be unfortunate that her innocence will be shortlived now that she'll face fame, but she's the true unknown artist in the bunch with enormous talent. I wish her the very best!

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I think this has been one of the most exciting seasons of American Idol. It haven't been this exciting since Fantasia and Jennifer's were competing. As for break out performances, I would say the first one was Track of my Tears by Adam Lambert. That was an amazing performance, followed later by Mad World. When these guys release their cd's, I will be there to buy two of Adams, one for my home and one for my car. Hopefully, one day maybe see him in concert. As for the others, I just don't think any of them are ready yet to produce a cd or go on their own tour, especially Allison. She's just a kid and needs seasoning. She doesn't know who she is yet and half the time she's mumbling the world.

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Adam Fans come to Adams side this week. He is clearly a polished winner. I feel anti gays are out to hold this talented man down. He is clearly being picked on and made fun of. Ryan was so mean and crule and ( Lets not forget small.)
Where is rosey when u need her? Come on Rosey they are ripping this talented kid apart!

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No breakout performance? Are you kidding me? Did you not see Kris Allen's "To Make You Feel My Love" ?!?!?!?!

I get goosebumps every time!!!!!!!!! GO KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Adam's tounge

As someone who took piano and voice for 12 years prior to majoring in music at L.S.U., let me tell you: It is proper singing technique. You have no idea how many of us will spend hours singing with a pencil underneath our tongues to keep it from slipping to the back of our throats and blocking the natural flow of sound.

Secondly, Adam is a counter-tenor, which is amazing. Very few males are. While I can go up into my head voice, I could never dream of hitting some of the notes he hits. His range is incredible.

Lastly, what is truly amazing about Adam is his passagio. He can go from his chest voice to his head voice effortlessly, and you do not even notice the transition because he is so skilled at it. This is something that it takes years to achieve. Everyone needs to get beyond everything else, realize that this is a music competition, and if you judge it by that, he is undeniably the best. The reason the judges fawn over him every week is because he has earned it the past seven weeks. GO ADAM!!!

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Cecil Jones

Are you seriously talking about American Idol still? The breakout star of this year has to be Simon. When he bolts from this show and promotes "The Ugly Duckling" and the "Motown Midget" his ratings will soar. Let's be honest about "AI" they are about as popular as "Alan Iverson." The Detroit Pistons decided it would be better off without his disruptive influence on their team. Without Simon, American Idol has no chance of winning the ratings. Stick a fork in that show. It ended before Fantasia Dawg.

April 28 2009 at 5:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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