Is the media ruining Adam Lambert's chances of winning American Idol?

by Jason Hughes, posted May 2nd 2009 2:01PM
Adam LambertI don't know why today it's the big story, but suddenly everywhere I look there's another story about Adam Lambert being gay. Or maybe gay. He's never officially come out one way or the other. And it's mostly the same story being recycled on every website or news portal imaginable, but while it's asking the question "Could Adam Lambert become the first gay American Idol?" I'm asking if all these news stories could hurt his chances.

It would be foolish to say that we're a nation that's completely beyond caring about sexual orientation, just look at legislation across the country. And while former contestants have come out and admitted they were gay, most notably Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken, nobody has admitted it while competing on Idol. And yet, Lambert has been the most ambiguous about it, which is a step in the right direction. Most people are just kind of assuming he is, I guess. But there is probably just as large a group out there that has no idea. And a lot of them may see these articles.

In a week where Lambert was in the bottom two despite having the greatest vocal range of the remaining finalists, and from what I'm told right here at TV Squad, the largest fan-base, you have to wonder if whether or not he is gay will have an impact on his ultimate finishing place. If he does win, is he going to be able to come out if he is gay? Does the show really care one way or the other any more? Speculation certainly has been that they've cared in the past. "Family friendly television" apparently means no gays, just ask Miss California.

Of course now we're in a situation where if Lambert does go home next week or soon thereafter, here's the reason that his fans can claim. At the same time, it is unusual that he ranked so low considering the judges gushing over him constantly and the way the audience reacts to him when he performs in group numbers or during his regular performances. Maybe it's just the typical mid-season "shocker" that we get every year.

I'd like to think that we're better than that, but as with Miss California, I know there are just as many people out there who passionately believe against homosexuality. Whether they're also watching American Idol in enough numbers to make a difference for Adam I don't know. Certainly if they are, and people decide that this is a factor, I think future contestants will be much more adamant about their heterosexuality, regardless of their true state of being.

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The media didn't have to "ruin" his chances. Adam made no attempt to hide the fact that he is gay as he never removed his website prior to the competition. Adam Lambert was not ambiguous about being gay as all you had to do was go to his website or view some of his videos prior to A.I. currently on YouTube wherein in one he said it was not his preference to kiss a woman, though he found it pleasant. He also made no attempt to take down his drag queen pictures on the internet. He also is dating another man and introduced him to others as his boy. It is who he is and he doesn't care and he is true to what he is. So he doesn't have to "come out" and people are really stupid speculating if he is gay. How much proof do you need? That is not the issue as other factors came into play.

I can see Adam's type in Vegas, Broadway, or any musical stage. He's not unique but his type has never been on American Idol, who are supposed to be looking for that amateur to be the next pop star. Adam is a professional and he certainly has talent but his performances soon became very predictable week after week where he either slowed down the song or vamped it up but always ending the the inevitable scream and tongue flailing accompanied by 'evil eyes look' and sneers. He was trying to channel Elvis (or his perception of Elvis) and we don't need another Elvis impersonator. As a "rocker" he doesn't even play musical instruments which is almost a requirement. Gene Simmons (KISS) stated on his blog that Adam is NOT a rocker, he's Broadway and that is 100% how most people saw him. Kris is more radio friendly on mainstream radio & though he's not as gifted vocally, nor was he ever "pimped" so blatantly as Adam was, he showed progression more so than Adam. Adam is too bombastic a performer for most people's tastes.

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Adam is the best ever performer on Idol. I think the title was stolen from him. Even Danny put up a blog stating Kris was going to win --was that to sway his voters---why does Danny and Kris want to save Adam's soul. Is Danny a sore loser??
When did Idol come down to this????
I will never but any Kris or Danny CD--or will my friends.
It is only Adam for us---we will buy all his CD's and dish out the money to see him on his own tour--
Clay Aiken is a loser----his music will not even come close to Adam's---- Just wait Kris fans----he does not have the drive to go on forever---
Adam is the international star!!!!!

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No one should care if gay or not. This is rediculous. I believe in equality and he is THE AMERICAN IDOL as far as I am concerned and the fact that he came in second and lost the crown, doesn't mean a thing to me. He was by far THE BEST AM IDOL HAS EVER HAD on it's stage.

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Regardless of Adam Lamberts sexual preference the fact remains that he was the better singer. Even if he were gay, look at Elton John, Freddy Prince of Queen, and a few other famous singers out there, actors and comedians as well. The fact of the matter is that "America Idol" supposedly showcases someone like Carrie Underwood, the girl back home type winners. The question being asked "Can they represent America". I can certainly tell you that Adam represents America.

Not to mention that if Adam Lambert had won, the questions would now be "Did America get it right?" Can we have someone who's SUPPOSED sexual preference is a role model?"

I know that the singer from Queen as well as alot of people in this world were definitely shocked. I could tell by the way that the one man in Queen acted towards Adam, that he was very impressed with this guy. I could see the disappointment in Adams eyes, just as well as the shock in Chris's eyes. The shock in the judges eyes? The shock on Ryans face.

Again, regardless of the way the show wanted to call it, whether it's fixed or not, I too said weeks ago when all the gay bashing came out about Adam, if he didn't win I would never want to watch this show again. It's getting old as it is. They need to come up with a new concept. The old concept is boring.

The fact is, Adam Lambert was on television, he was noticed by alot of the world. Believe me, so he doesn't have the title of "American Idol, season 8. He did show himself and I believe that there will be all kinds of offers out there for him. Look at Bo Bice, he came in second, has offers out there, and is in no way equal to Adam Lambert in any way, voice wise, except that they both came in second.

I predict Adam Lambert will have a long, strong career out there and we'll definitely hear more from him.

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Anybody remember Chris Daughtry? He ended up booted out, much to everybody's surprise, because many people assumed he would win, so they didn't vote for him. I think that's why Adam ended up in the bottom two, not because he's gay or not gay. He is clearly the best performer, but if you want him to win - VOTE!

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I am a christian remember one nation, one God, one heaven, God does not discriminate. We are praying for the prayeees that want Adam to confirm to thier beliefs forget what God has taught us.

*For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, ... that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life*. John 3:16

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This is a singing competition.....I repeat... a SINGING competition....and anyone who cannot hear that Adam Lambert is far and away the best singer this year ....and except for perhaps Carrie Underwood...the best winner idol would have ever had...needs their hearing checked.....I don't care if he's white or black or purple....I don't care if he's gay or straight or a monk.....that boy can SING!!! And that is what idol is suposed to be about.

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He is so exciting to hear, to watch. He's the total package. As far as I'm concerned he can be a lesbian twice removed, heterosexual, bi, and gay in the malest sense. Awesome!!

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Adam will win American Idol. Why? because he is "IN", at least right now. But to say he is the best? Close but not quite. Gokey is STILL the best singer, seconded by Iraheta. Lambert on the other hand SCREAMS his way through most of his music. His phenomenon can be compared to that of Taylor Hicks when he won: A flash in the pan. Kris Allen, on the other hand, despite being behind Lambert, Iraheta and Gokey in terms of vocal skills, will likely sell more records than the others because of originality.

Adam, meanwhile will most likely be in broadway or something. I can see him probably winning a Tony someday.

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AAdam is a great singer and entertainer,but their are american`s who still believe Gods way,and that is man&women together.Not saying that my belief should keep him from winning on idol.

May 05 2009 at 9:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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