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August 29, 2015

Who will bite the dust next on Prison Break?

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 4th 2009 1:33PM
Prison BreakIt's no secret, Prison Break is one of those shows that is not afraid to kill characters along the way, even major ones.

Therefore, it will be no surprise to you to learn that more deaths are coming in the final episodes of the series. But did you know that there is one that will be so major that the show's Powers That Be needed to meet face-to-face with the network to get approval?

Curious as to who may bite the dust by series' end? Want to speculate on how it will happen?

Extreme spoilers follow! You've been warned.

Those of you who read my weekly Spoilers Anonymous column know about this major death already. But in case you hadn't heard about it before, here is what we know about it:

  • An upcoming death is so major that the show's Powers That Be had to fight with the network to actually have that person die on screen. Fight the network? I doubt they would kill Sara (again) or Michael since they want to somewhat please fans and have them wed and live happily ever after. For the bosses to fight the network over this death, I think it's Lincoln since we know T-Bag is still alive after episode 22 (he is in the extra two hours the show shot). Mahone? Maybe. I don't think they would have to fight over killing Self. Have an idea which major character will die? [Source: TV Guide]

Extreme spoilers are coming up below. So if you don't want to know more, stop reading now.

Personally, I thought Lincoln would be the one biting the dust. In an upcoming episode, we know that Michael will need to decide to save either Sara or Lincoln. The death could have happen then with Lincoln telling Michael to save Sara, blah, blah, blah, and have him die a bit the same way Bellick died.

But The Man, who is a usually reliable spoilers source over at Spoiler TV, claims that I have the wrong brother dying. Don't adjust your computer screen, you've read right, Michael would be the extremely major death happening before the season's end.

Here is how The Man describes the death: "At the end of episode 22, the scene that is 4 years later has Sara, Linc, Sucre, Mahone and Michael, Jr., at Michael's grave. And then the show ends. In episodes 23 and 24, you will find out what happened: Michael ends up sacrificing himself to save Sara to get her out of prison, but the reason he did it is because he still has a tumor and was going to die anyway."

In case you didn't know, episodes 23 and 24 were produced by the show (not the network) to sort of offer fans a better wrap up to the series. It is unknown if the two-hour thing will air on FOX, but it will find its way on a DVD eventually.

Having Michael die would definitely require the show people to meet up with the network executives to get approval and explain why they want to kill the lead character of the show. Spoilers for episodes 23 and 24 put Gretchen in prison, but maybe they changed the name so we wouldn't know that the person is in fact Sara. And other spoilers for those episodes say that the new inmate is pregnant. So that could explain why The Man says there is a Michael, Jr. at the grave site. Michael has been willing to do everything and anything to save his loved ones along the way, so it would make sense to have him make the ultimate sacrifice to save Sara and their son.

Do you think that The Man's spoilers are accurate? How do you feel about the possibility of Michael dying by making the ultimate sacrifice? If Michael is not the one dying, whom do you think it is and how will it happen? Vote in our polls and share your theories/opinion in comments below.

Who will die on Prison Break?
Michael158 (52.8%)
Lincoln78 (26.1%)
Mahone21 (7.0%)
Sara5 (1.7%)
Someone else (specify in comments)37 (12.4%)

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Michael cannot die. I probably would be Mahonn or somebody else who returns in the finale. i am 100% sure that Michael wont be the one dying, I mean, its not fair for him to die. If Michael dies, the whole series is gone. It will all mess up. How could this happen?
i Have been watching and storing each and every episode and i just cant imagine that Michael die.
He isn't worth dying. Not HIM!!!!
Not Michael, not even Sarah, neither Lincoln nor Mahon.
Each of them is as important as can be.
Christina should be dying, actually.
Or some one else. T-Bag should probably go to Fox-River, General Should die as well as Christina. Graychen should be at prison.
Its not fair for Michael to die. i cant believe that Michael still have that stupid Tumor. The company removed it for him!
Anyway, we'll see what happens, but if Michael dies, it going to be the worst and the worst ending of all HISTORY!

May 28 2009 at 1:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

NOOOOOOOOOOOO...not my micheal plz..i can't emagin wasting 4 yaers watching this show and at the end they kill my hero !!!
so , i hope that the died one is kristina , couse if they kill micheal it will be THE WOREST ENDING OF ENDINGS HISTORY

May 11 2009 at 2:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No! They can't have Michael, Sara, Mahone, or Lincoln die. If it is going to have to sad ending like those sad dramas...boooooooo!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! oh why why?? I hate those Titanic movies where someone survives for the love of one another. Good story, but makes me feel soooo sad.

May 10 2009 at 7:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Making PB was absolutely genius. The way they keep us waiting for weeks, months ans years, it's a masterpiece. The fans must remember the names that made this show what it is now. But if the producers do something like killing Michael in the last episode, than there will be no respect for them at all and everything they build in years will go down in 2 episodes. So believe me, P. Scheuring (and others) can't be that stupid...so this is what I think:

There are som stuff that HAVE TO happen.

1. The company should be taken down, so Michael and co have again a briliant plan to do this. First the general will help them to make sure Lincoln is fine than he will go down and I think that he's a dead man at the end.

2. Michael and Sara should be together so it's possible that Sara goes back to Fox River but not for long, perhabs 3 years for shooting Cristina but that's all. Maybe Michael will help her escape but maybe he won't.

3. Mahone and Lincoln lost family and friends so they can't suffer more. Mahone finds his wife and he stays with her. Lincoln and Sofia are a couple and LJ is their hope.

4. T-Bag is walking away at the end, just becaus he's T-Bag and at the end he always walks away.

5. Kellerman returns and has a plan that can't fail. He's definitely the 'promised hero at the end'...

6. We will see Sucre and C-Note again.

That's Prison Break and it will end just like you want it to end ;-)

I apolagize for my english.

May 09 2009 at 1:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was always in the camp that if it had to be one of the brothers, it should be Lincoln who takes the bullet. Especially after all that Michael has done for him. I always wanted the good characters to get happy endings. While Michael sacrificing himself would, to him, be some way of atoning for slipping into the nasty things he's had to do to complete his plan, it's a bunch of ridiculous Moses "I won't get to the Promised Land with you" bulls**t!

After all these characters have been through, they deserve a happy ending. Bringing back Sara was a great step towards this. Being a PB fan from DAY ONE, I think to give the fans anything but a story where the good characters get a happy ending is a big "F**k you!" to everyone who's hung in there with the show. This is PB we're talking about, not "Six Feet Under"! If there is a scene at Michael's grave at the end of the final episode (and Michael isn't faking his own death!), I will be pissed.

Please PB Powers-That-Be: do not kill any of the good characters!

May 04 2009 at 4:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Something doesn't add up here: if Michael is known to be dead already at the end of ep. 22, what's the point in a TV movie? (aka ep. 23 and 24), there will be no suspense and nothing to expect as the end will be known right from the start - I find it hard to believe that FOX executives would shoot their own legs like this.

May 04 2009 at 3:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Gillian's comment
Isabelle Carreau

Remember that FOX didn't ask for the TV movie, the show did that on its own. It's mostly aimed to answer questions that will be left unanswered at the end of episode 22 and give hard-core fans extra info/tidbits about the characters.

May 04 2009 at 3:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
David Gunter

I'm having trouble accepting the "Micheal has a tumor still" idea.I suppose the Company could have faked the operation or it could come back but good ole Mom had one just like it and the operation worked out for her.Plus how come Micheal isn't feeling bad or any effects from a returning tumor?And why would having them all at his grave really make for a good ending if the reason he's dead isn't revealed in the epiosdes set to air?

Perhap Fox has decided to air those other two eps and hasn't announced it but otherwise the death would be unexplained to all but DVD viewers which seems like a bad idea.

I suspect there are disinformation campaigns going on and maybe this is part of that.Linc would make far more sense as the death and I can't help but believe that these characters have some value as maybe a movie basis etc.That would especially be true of a Micheal Sara couple.The one exception would be a revenge story line.

May 04 2009 at 1:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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