Cowell says all four judges will return next season on Idol

by Jason Hughes, posted May 6th 2009 6:00PM
Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

What Simon Cowell says goes ... I think. With former executive producer Nigel Lythgoe having jumped ship from American Idol to focus more on his summer baby So You Think You Can Dance, Cowell is one of the "big dogs" at the show. So if Cowell says that the entire judging panel will be back next season on Idol, we can probably believe it. This is possibly in response to TV Guide's recent issue declaring that Cowell was just about done with the show himself and that he wasn't sure about Kara on the show. Now apparently he thinks "she's cute."

But next season is Cowell's last season in his current contract, so maybe we'll see some changes then? He's been talking about how much work it is being involved in his own show The X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, as well as Idol. It's still hard to imagine the show without Randy, Paula, Simon and Ryan, but I guess anything is possible. Would you watch if Simon left? Paula? Can Idol survive if anyone leaves?

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yep get real talent judges in there. simon and paula are wonderful. when randy said to dramtic to adam he upset me. he was selling his version of the song. then he said a little pitchy? OMG! Adam pitchy? Then he really made a stupid statment when he said kris was better suited to that studip song kara wrote. Kris nearly did not make it threw the song. At that I thought he was giving birth to twins. It was so upsetting to see randy go there.nKara is just usless space.l

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Four judges is too many, so if anyone goes, it should be Paula. Her comments are usually incoherent and irrelevant and her antics with Simon are just silly and a waste of time. Although Randy is basically useless as a judge of performances and seems mainly to be trying to see how much slang he can force into his comments, he seems like such a nice, likable guy that he does bring that to the table. I like Kara, but she seems to be a bit over the top with her praise at times. I think she is still feeling her way around her new job and will be fine when she figures out what she is doing and who she it on the show. That brings us to Simon. I dont think he is going anywhere anytime soon, but I think the show would fare better without him than most people assume. Simon is known for telling it like it is to the contestants, but he is also cranky and often needlessly cruel in his remarks. You can be honest and critical without going out of your way to be heedless of peoples feelings and downright rude.
I realize that many of the contestants are clueless and have wildly inflated opinions of there own abilities and need a little objective evaluation to get their head on straight. But they dont deserve to be subjected to ridicule and called names on national television, as Simon is know to do. He may be the only judge that anyone really pays attention to, but his overbearing personality often is like a black cloud over the show that brings it down.

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My vote - either Kara or Randy goes.

Idol does not have time for four judges as we noted this season with time runover problems.

I'm glad that Kara stopped with the "artistry" and Randy more or less shelved "dawg" which left Paula and Simon staying Paula & Simon. While it is true that this was Kara's first season and one of everyone having their "inner critic" out and waiting - overall, she did well. I'm not a fan but then I'm not truly a fan of any of the judges. They may seem to be "superstars of Idol", yet the show is supposed to be about the contestants and who is the American Idol!

More to the issue is the tiresome Ryan. During the early days of Idol, I remember thinking Ryan was going to be someone who would go far (which he has) but now, he is too polished and seemingly it seems like a slick, lean-down version of what he was developing into which was a warmhearted, friendlier host.

In closing,again, I would rather see three judges. Insisting on four means having to streamline elsewhere and in considering that as an option, other than commercial time (which we know isn't going to happen).

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Captain Awesome

After this season's shameless pimping of Danny Gokey and slandering of Allison and Kris, I'd be quite happy to see all four judges go. Just let Quentin Tarentino take over as a solo judge.

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I could watch easily if Kara left.

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2 replies to tony's comment

Kara is a moron (the "sing older Aerosmith, like Crazy or Cryin' instead of the newer stuff like Dream On" took the cake for me) and she's done horrible things to the world of music in her career, like writing songs for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and calling Adam a "rock god". Randy and Paula are bad enough, but Kara is even worse because of her petty attitude with women contestants. She clearly gets jealous of any female contestant more attractive or talented than her and tries to show them up.

Last night's elimination was likely because of the idiot judges and their comments all season long to those two contestants. While Gokey clearly has a horrendous voice, they praised him all season...and while Allison clearly has tremendous talent, they found things to bash about every performance she did. This show will never have any credibility as long as they have judges like Randy, Paula and Kara...

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If they could just muzzle her and keep her clothes on. She is such a ego freak. she stood up and sang to embarass a YOUNG girl at try outs. wouldn't a no thank you have done? I could never see paula do such a degrading thing.

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