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October 23, 2014

Grey's Anatomy: What a Difference a Day Makes

by Michael Pascua, posted May 8th 2009 12:28AM
Grey's Anatomy - What a Difference a Day Makes

I appreciate a show that takes the time to have decently written dialogue, well timed music cues, and good use of set. A show like Grey's Anatomy needs a 100th episode celebration every week. When a show actually uses characters correctly, it can succeed.

I appreciate that this episode had characters that normally don't interact interacting. Seeing Mark/Meredith, Derek/Izzie, Lexie/George all interacting made me realize that the hospital is smaller than one thinks. You work with these people, you think you'd talk to them once in a while.

Clearly, the wedding was going to take a left turn. I was happy to see that the stress of work didn't affect anyone and they were all happily attending the wedding. So does every wedding end with sex after attending?

Thank you for explaining why Callie has no money. Not only did her father cut all emotional ties with Callie, he wiped all the money out of her accounts. Sounds illegal, but with his connections, I'm sure he could do anything. Simple and easy answer, but tying loose ends helps the extreme fans. I thought that Arizona was grating trying to pry for an answer, but when Callie finally explained her situation, Arizona understood.

I really liked the patients of the week. I could relate to having eight people in an SUV because I fit seven people in my Corolla without resorting to the trunk. Paralleling graduation with marriage seems obvious in hindsight, but having the valedictorian with Alex was a nice touch. Both "Today" speeches were fitting. I was actually happy to see that Lexie and Christina could identify who exactly the kids were from the descriptions they were given. My real question is: if the guy who saw his dead girlfriend stayed in his bed and waited, would he be alive?

George didn't seem to handle the Trauma that well, but Owen is a great mentor. If the rumors are true, George makes some Trauma-related decisions that will change his character.

I hate when people look over my shoulder, especially parents. Meredith dealt with the situation well better than I would have, especially with the Chief's mumbles and grunts. It's great finally seeing Meredith and the Chief in a healthy father/daughter relationship.

As for Izzie, I appreciate that she's grown. I'm sure that Katherine Heigl is happy to submit one of the past few episodes for Emmy consideration. Another plot hole with Izzie's hair was answered, and she looks pretty bald. I never realized that Heigl was basically her character in 27 Dresses until someone pointed it out to me. Also, Denny scared the crap out of me. Did he look like that on Supernatural?

My final thought: The whole wedding was beautiful except for Meredith's hair. How did you think the wedding went? Was anyone out there disappointed that there wasn't a Mer-Der wedding? Post comments below.

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