So Kris made it into the American Idol top three

by Allison Waldman, posted May 8th 2009 6:00PM
Kris trio
It was really nice of you guys not to write scathing shout-downs in the comments of my story about how Kris Allen was going to be sent home from American Idol the other day when it turned out I was wrong. Well, thanks for that, everyone, but I'm here to tell you that I was wrong. America voted and they want the cute guy to be in the finals. It didn't matter that he didn't rock out with the Beatle song that would have shown him off better.

What did matter is that at this stage in the competition, Allison Iraheta had impressed with her voice but not her personality. Ultimately, that seems to be what we've got with the three finalists -- Kris, Adam and Danny.

Kris is the nice guy, the sweet humble fella who's just happy to be in the competition and engenders our good will and admiration. He's a feel-good story and he sings the soft stuff really well. He's flew under the radar for a while, but now he's definitely in the spotlight.

Danny Gokey has the story. He's been downplaying it for weeks, but from the start he's been known as the young widower who's entire family is behind his musical career. He's skated through the competition and is no surprise to be in the Final Three.

Adam Lambert's the odds-on favorite in many circles because he exudes the confidence and artistry of an established professional. He's ahead of the curve, and it's more than just the experience he gain on Broadway. Week in and week out, Adam's made his mark, which is why when he was in the bottom two a few shows ago it seemed so out of whack.

Who's going to win the whole thing? I'm done predicting. Looking into the future, I can see Adam becoming a very successful performer. A year from now he could be playing Elvis on Broadway in a musical biography of Presley's life. I could also imagine Kris selling records like John Mayer. Danny's tougher to pigeon-hole, but maybe that's my lack of imagination. Whatever, it should make for an interesting couple of weeks to come.

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I'm sorry, America voted and they were wrong. Kris should have went home a long time ago. Kris can't sing and has never made me think different.

It struck me pretty hard that they would send Allison home and allow no talent Kris to stay on the show. The only person who came close to Adam was and is little Allison.

I love Danny, Danny has a strong stage performance and a very sad story. With all that said he lacks in true talent. Danny and Kris need to work on notes and style. I see Kris as a one hit wonder and Danny as a Vegas performer.

No, matter how America votes Adam will win and he will get a music contract. This is the first show in a long time we got talent, Adam. Adam, has reached acrossed many generations gaps, transformed music with creativity, his performances is stage ready and he has a wide range in music he can sing. No, one has come close to Adam or deserves to win.

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American Idol and Simon Cowel could bring the house down with the appearance of Britain's Susan Boyle singing "The Dream" at their final.

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Adam has demonstrated the most consistently good theme week performances, and I don't think there's ever been a more talented singer on American Idol. I also think Kris and Danny deserve to be in the Top Three.

As good as Allison was, I think she sounded alike week to week, picking songs that didn't wow us the way Adam did. I don't know if she'll be someone who can have a fabulous career like Jennifer Hudson, Daugherty and Constantine, but, I hope she does. I personally found her appearance hindered her, whether it's fair or not. People consider the whole package. That's why Brittney Spears is a billionaire, while singers as good vocally as Allison, don't stand a chance because her looks are below average and the hair and outfits only exaggerated her absence of beauty. I'm not saying this to be mean-spirited, but, it does make a difference.

In the same way, I think Danny may go home before Kris, because Kris is handsome and Danny always looks disheveled. We'll see.

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I don't know if she'll be someone who can have a fabulous career like... Constantine....

I think I almost just coughed up a lung I was laughing so hard at that idiotic comment.

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I'm glad Kris made it thru b/c that means I can enjoy hating him for another week. He's got the bland, boring good looks to match his bland, boring musical style. Just what the world needs, an even more milquetoast John Mayer.

Danny has a good voice, but no stage presence or charisma. Look at how he awkwardly lumbers around the stage. The man should watch tapes of Mick Jagger so he can learn how to strut.

Adam will likely win, but even if he doesn't, it doesn't matter, b/c he'll probably have the most successful career of the bunch. He's far more creative than any of the other contestants.

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Phil Leitch

Kris I can see having a fairly good career doing the dave matthews/jason mraz/john mayer thing. Definitely more than a one album guy although it might take him five albums to reach the sales of daughtrey's one album.

Adam seems more poised for a career on broadway. Like others have said I think he is more playing the role of a rocker than actually being a rocker. Does a great job of it, but in his heart I don't think he's seriously a rocker ala daughtry was (not saying I like daughtry, just using him as a comparison). Can't imagine listening to him on the radio, ouch!

Danny I've disliked from the beginning and can't understand why he is still around. He sings fine but the only future path I see for him is doing gospel/christian adult contemporary. Why Simon is so ga-ga for him is beyond me. I know I will never ever hear a Danny Gokey song after this season is over. He may record and release one, but I will never hear it as I'm sure I don't listen to anywhere that would play it.

In the end I think this season ends up producing a long-term nobody, unless kris wins. Adam could, and likely will, have a great career screeching on broadway.

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well, sure you can have your boring Rock performer Daughtry
I like David Cook sooooo much Better than Daughter...
However, you are wrong about Adam.. I think Adam is on his way to a Huge Star... He can sing Hard Rock and Soft Rock. I think he is very smart and he will play his role very carefully. I can see him to be in the movie... I think think you will see him more in Broadway.. he has done that what he really wanna do is record his music, perform in Concert(i think he will be one of very entertaining to watch in Concert). Too bad you are assuming you don't want to listen to hear music or his music will not played in Radio Station. I think he will get that attentions. What Adam need to do is the "beat" of the songs... if it's a good beat to it... Hell yeah!!! it will play millions of times in all the stations.... unless that station is anti-Adam. You know how that goes :)

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Adam has appeared in plays, but never on Broadway.

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That is one gorgeous footnote. Hahahahaha
TH gave Grease an extra $150,000 each week in Grease. We should all be such a footnote.

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i personally think kris should of went home considering he's skated through the finals and danny has really never made any mistakes and as for adam he has nothing really to worry about and allison in my opinion is a far better singer than kris only reason he won the votes is because of the popularity with the teens etc. he's very lucky is all i can say.

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As you can see America is not voting for talents. America is voting for looks. See how bad Geekey did and Kris ofcourse is no better. The one like Allison sings her heart out got thrown out? You know why as Simon keep saying she is Boring. She got the voice but not enough fan base. However, when I voted for Allison my Guy Adam ended in the bottom 2 :( I like Allison but can spare anymore of my votes since is so close to the Finale.
However, I think everybody is doing who they like not about talents. Adam is huge favorite but his fans need to get together and support him until the end of the competition by voting. Cuz of his popularity they may not vote they think he will win anyway. No folks you need to dial more especailly next week and the following week if Adam still in the competition.
I was shock that Kris still around, with Gokey's performance last week he should be kick off. But see, how the audience vote... is all about who they like.
I like Adam a whole lot since he is the he gets all my votes.

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I'm with you, Adam is the best and I plan to vote like crazy.

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Not at all surprised Kris made in here. I've been voting for him since the beginning because he's the only performer who has not yet made me cringe. I'm a BIG FAN of Allison and Adam as well but they both have given one or two cringe-worthy performances.

Yeah, Kris is not as flashy as the rest of the performers, but I see that as a plus. I do hope he crashes the predicted and utterly boring final of Adam/Danny.

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