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October 4, 2015

Prison Break: Cowboys and Indians

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 9th 2009 1:05PM

As time runs out, Michael (Wentworth Miller, R) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell, L) are left with few options to save themselves and Scylla.

(S04E20) "What kind of loser gets set up for two high profile assassinations within five years?" - Lincoln

That's a question I've been asking myself for some time now, except that my query was a bit more broad - what kind of loser gets messed up in this many conspiracies period? Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield (Quick sidebar: different last names. Obviously they weren't brothers.) haven't exactly had it easy, but it's finally starting to look like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel ... at least for Michael anyway.

Of course, his happiness hinges on who he wants to give Scylla to - Cristina or Krantz. Give it to the general and Sara lives. Give it to his mother and Lincoln lives. However, if we know one thing about Michael, it's that he's smarter than Cristina and Krantz combined.

The rest of the episode didn't provide too much in the way of explosive revelations - it was more set up for next week. Hell, more than half of it was just waiting for Lincoln and Michael to escape from the hotel. That mini-fridge bomb was pretty cool, though.

Anyway, we did get a lot more info on Cristina's game plan - start a world war and sell Scylla to everyone, starting with India and China. Krantz made the best point about her. She's so prideful, that at this point she doesn't even realize what she's doing. It's all about the money which ironically enough will probably be worth nothing once the international economy crumbles as a result of the war she started.

With that in mind, the Cristina character has lost some of the allure she had when she first appeared. Initially, the prospect of Lincoln and Michael's mother appearing was intriguing and created all sorts of questions. Instead, she's just devolved into this one dimensional clichéd villain with extremely loose justifications for all of her actions.

I'm still having a hard time buying into her complete dismissal of Lincoln as family. She may have only adopted him, but she still helped raise him. It's just not believable and even though this show is the definition of exaggeration, for the most part, the characters have been pretty well fleshed out and Cristina just isn't. Granted, that's a direct result of her only being introduced a few episodes ago, but that's the problem - there wasn't time to give her more back story, and the overall plot is suffering as a result. I asked this same question last week, but I don't see how this all ties together. As things stand right now, the connection between season one's events and what's happening now is near non-existent and that kinda sucks.

The only other thing worth mentioning is Self. We finally found out his motivations for trying to steal Scylla. Years ago, he got drunk, and he and his wife were in a car accident, crippling her. His government benefits only covered a crappy facility and in an attempt to atone for his sin, stealing Scylla and selling it would have allowed him to put his estranged wife in a much better facility. Touching isn't it? I'm glad we found out, but it is a bit crazy to think that's what started season four off - Don Self's guilt.

Anyway, Don may not be the only one with past actions weighing on his conscience. In next week's finale, some familiar faces return to help Michael. I've already seen the finale and there's one person making a return that you'll never see coming. Any predictions?

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I thought I read long ago C note would be back... but the writers said Kellerman may not be dead a long time ago. That might have been a jail break..we never saw who was shot.

I would like to see Mari cruz again...yum

In the previews..anyone know who Michael was talking to? It wasn't Mahone's hair so I am trying to decide.

May 10 2009 at 10:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

They found Bellick's body, had it in a casket, and sent it to his mom for burial. If Bellick is still alive, they'll either have to ignore previous facts, or pretend those facts were all fake, a complicated ruse. Of course, I wouldn't put that past them. But I'm sure it'll be Kellerman who comes back from the apparent dead. Bellick was a sacrifice that the Island demanded. Yes, the Island on Lost. It controls all the coincidences that happen in Prison Break, just in case you didn't know that.

May 09 2009 at 11:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yes, it's apparently Kellerman. As if this show hasn't launched a Saturn V rocket over the shark already, now Paul Kellerman is going to randomly show up out of nowhere.

What ever happened to his courtroom testimony blowing the lid off of the Company's conspiracy, the evil President (who resigned - yet nothing ever came of that either), and the murder and framing of innocent people? I thought Kellerman was going to be indicted and sent to prison... but of course he was seemingly shot in the back of the truck. But no, he must have actually done a fancy Company-style handcuffed karate-chop to take away the machine guns from the guys who were going to shoot him in the back of the truck, so as to turn the gun around and shoot them instead.


It's gotten to the point where the PB writers are just sitting around a table, drinking lemonade, asking "what's the most unexpected thing that could happen to the characters right now?" ... and that's how they're writing the show.

How about:

Bellick comes back from the dead, as a ghost, and haunts the Company into submission?

Haywire never really died, and had been in a coma all this time. Now he has woken up and has superpowers - he can shoot electricity out of his hands, and he wants his revenge against Mahone.

Whatever happened to the big bag of D.B. Cooper money they spent all of Season 2 trying to find? All this time Micheal had it up his ass, and now he pulls it out and is able to use it to bribe General Kranz into leaving him alone and letting him keep Scylla. Yeah!

The brothers are running from their evil mother, and they bump into C-Note's little daughter in the street. She pulls out a gun and shoots mommy Scofield.

Scylla is not really about scientific secrets, it's really a device that was found in the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, and it's used to communicate with the gray aliens from the Zeta Reticula system. The General wants to keep it secret, but Mommy Scofield wants to start a war with the aliens and intends to use Scylla for that purpose.

Michael and Lincoln end up back in Sona - but Sona was never in Panama, it was really in an underwater facility in the bottom of the Marianas Trench 8,000 feet under the ocean. This time they have to do an underwater escape, but if they get the bends they'll die. UNLESS Micheal can make an anti-bends compression chamber out of duct tape and bleach. But they only have 45 seconds to get to the surface or else the Company's trained mako sharks will eat them.

Dah duh dah!

May 09 2009 at 9:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to bruce's comment

I'm going to ignore most of what you said, because it seems you want answers to only questions that are rhetorical and backpedal in some way.

I will say that when it comes to Bellick... maybe he didn't die. Oh god, rushing water, no one could survive white rapids! At least that's my perspective. Sure, it was brave of him to do what he did, but I've always held out hope he could have been washed away by that water. Look what all he survived on the show.

May 09 2009 at 11:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe it'll be Stacy Keach as the warden of Fox River. That would be awesome! I love Stacy Keach.

May 09 2009 at 8:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

my colleagues and I are crazy about 'Prison Break', great movie. Hope to see familiar faces ;O)

May 09 2009 at 3:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope it isnt Veronica Donovan... Im thinking about Kellerman.

May 09 2009 at 1:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
David Gunter

The firdge bomb would not work.Using TP to burn spray cans until they blow up in a sealed fridge doesn't allow for enough oxygen to burn enough TP to blow the cans.When Micheal said to close the door that was the exact wrong thing to do.

The end of PB the series has been restricted by the fact that it's the end and there's no time and limited resources to end it like this.PB's writers should have had an additional season to work with to flesh it all out and they didn't.

That said the series has suffered from far too much that required the viewer to suspend belief down to even basic physics and common sense.Like you're really going to pull a doorstop out of a wood baseboard with dental floss?

This could have been a classic cult hit.It was until the writing became way too oddball and the network just threw in the towel.

May 09 2009 at 1:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to David Gunter's comment

Please, the show has been great for years, 100% better than any other action show on TV. Your mumbling about the show suddenly "not being a cult hit" because of a perceived rough final 5 episodes is lame.

It was a bonafide hit that is ending strong. Not a cult hit. Everyone loved and does love it.

May 09 2009 at 11:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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