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October 4, 2015

Dancing with the Stars: Week 10 Results

by Michael Pascua, posted May 13th 2009 12:32AM
Ty Murray(S08E19) I normally have the opportunity to watch Dancing with the Stars in high definition, but this week's results show I watched from the 4:3 resolution. I have to admit, this show needs the extra sides of frame for HD. There is a degree of beauty missing from the show.

One thing I forgot to mention about Melissa's performance last night was that she got an unlucky draw. I find it unfair to have the Cha-Cha near the end of the season since it lacks the flair of the Salsa and Samba, or the passion of the Paso Doble. I gave her some credit for doing as well as she could, but she lacked the passion.

It turns out that Afton was cursed. Everyone that Afton touched, including herself, got eliminated. More about the professional competition and the elimination after the jump.

Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash – I'm a little disappointed that ABC put Raphael first because I like him, but I love Adam Lambert more. I did like when he chucked his guitar off, but when he got to the middle of the stage, I got worried. Raphael Saadiq has that soul-revival/Amy Winehouse sound, but with that James Brown twist. His performance won me over by the end.

EncoreShawn & Mark – They got the opportunity to do the Argentine Tango again, and the chair sound effect seemed a little off this time. In hindsight, I appreciate the high amount of leg work that Shawn did. It's just that her well-toned legs don't really fit the dance floor aesthetic.

Champ's Assessment – Helio, Brooke, and Drew assessed the final four. Basically, everything that the judges have said, either during previous results shows or as post-dance criticism, are mentioned yet again. There was some dry wit, and a few celebrities were renamed (Melissa not being mentioned as "girl next door" and Ty was not mentioned as "the cowboy"). Of the three champion interviews, Brooke came off as really boring; this was a woman that went on adventures with E! What happened?

Professional Competition – Ballroom Round

Mayo & KymTango - This week they have two dances: Cha-Cha and Tango. Mayo's night starts off with the Tango. Kym is expecting the best, and Mayo knows his abilities. He tried a few unique moves and Kym likes the passion and fire. Mayo's height really is an advantage for showing his beautiful lines. Kym looks comfortable, too, even being a full head shorter than Mayo.

Len loved the tango. Bruno loved the lines and frame. He understands how to use the partner. Carrie Ann loves the dynamic and traditional choreography, but wants more passion.

Anna & Maks - Quickstep - Anna has the Samba and Quickstep. Maks is a very picky dancer, and he pushes her very hard. She gets very tough on Maks and puts Maks in the corner (Nobody puts Baby in the corner). As they dance the quickstep, there is an insane amount of speed and floor coverage. Why is it that the professionals dumb down the quickstep for the celebrities? I want the speed and floor coverage and never get it with celebrities. I hope if Anna makes it, she will pull off a stellar quickstep with her celebrity.

Bruno loves the technique and lighting fast dancing, and that she put her passion into the dance. Carrie Ann thinks that any celebrity would want her; she was wonderful. Len points out that she's 21 and she dances with maturity. She also brought the best out of Maks.

Macy's Stars of Dance - Fan selected Quickstep – I liked the piano design last year, but this year's design looks boring. Watching Lacey with the Ballas-Hough alliance is a little jarring; the three of them secured three of the top four votes? Maybe this show won't survive if the three leave. The dance was pretty, but wasn't really a quickstep. Did Mark and Derek choreograph the dance together? It was gimmicky; especially the same-sex dancing sequence.

Professional Competition - Latin Round

Mayo & KymCha-Cha – The only reason that this Cha-Cha is decent is because it is laced with a Disco undertone. It's great, but my fear kicked in: Stacey & Tony Disco freestyle emerged. The stereotypical Saturday Night Fever choreography was unnecessarily placed into the cha-cha.

Carrie Ann loved the dancing, but she still doesn't think he's versatile as a character. Len knows that he's a great choreographer, but the Tango was better. Bruno knows that style is a risky thing. When he picked Disco as the undertone, it disappointed Bruno. He was expecting a very traditional Cha-Cha.

Anna & MaksSamba – Again, Anna's samba is sizzling. It helps that both Maks and Anna steam heat and confidence with each move. The samba is so much faster than every celebrity version, and I fear that Anna will have to slow herself down for celebrities.

Len knows that the four-week process has been fantastic for Anna. Bruno thinks that she's a stunner and versatile. She's done a fantastic job with four different partners. Carrie Ann agrees and wants to see more. In the end, the judges clearly favored Anna.

I'm happy to see the show save the elimination for the last five minutes. The elimination was nothing to get upset about. Ty & Chelsie were eliminated. If it's any consolation, I had the three of Melissa, Gilles, and Shawn as the final three from the beginning. No matter who was fourth, they were going home.

Next week will definitely be a challenge, and I'm hoping that the freestyle will be great. I've always been underwhelmed by several of the freestyle dances (Stacey, Laila, and Lance all come to mind) and I fear that Shawn will have a boring freestyle.

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