Is anybody changing your mind on American Idol?

by Jason Hughes, posted May 13th 2009 7:55PM
Kris AllenFor the most part, people tend to make their picks for who should win American Idol pretty early on. And for now the odds-on favorite remains Adam Lambert. Last night Simon told Kris that he'd all but written him off for the finale, but after his second performance he'd put himself right back into the thick of things. It's hard to argue that all three of these finalists are amazing talents. But has anyone done anything to make you change your mind about who should go to the finals or possibly even win the whole thing?

We've been building to a Danny/Adam finale pretty much since the beginning. Kris though, Kris kind of came out of nowhere early on, and I think he blew the other two boys away last night. Yes, I know Adam fans think he was amazing, but he again worked his patented "rock scream" into both songs and it didn't belong in either, particularly "One." Danny opened disastrously before redeeming himself, but Kris had that something special in both songs. Is it even possible to change people's minds at this point?

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cindy crump

Well here's a NO BRAINER comment...regardless if Adam wins or not, YA KNOW A RECORD DEALS ALREADY IN THE WORKS. I hope those who are watching A.I. will vote for KRIS, give it up for 'THE UNDERDOG THIS TIME".

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Just wanted to say America got this right. Adam was always going to be in the finals, but I was afraid American was actually going to put Danny in there as well.

Thank goodness Kris Allen broke up the insanely preordained final two of Adam/Danny. GO KRIS! Now on to the win you darkhorse you.

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88 million votes and the margin between Kris & Adam is 1 million.

You gotta think Danny got at least 25 million of those votes.

All Kris has to do is win over 55% of those voters.

I think he's got a real shot. I just don't think Danny voters will vote for Adam.

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dude-what did i tell you? kris is the ringer-killer. to kara's why didn't you do this with the first song? he replies because i didn't want to. how cool is that? i really missed my red-haired darlin', but the kid from conway is gona do it.-rick

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Adam can only sing his genre...ROCK... the scream and the lizard tongue turn me off even with the great vocals.
Having said that... Danny was WAY better than Chris.. Chris 's vocals are no where as good as Danny..Ilike Chris and Adam but would come closer to buying a Danny CD.

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I have no idea how Kris got where he is. He is so boring he puts me to sleep. He acts like he's bored with us as well. I want to smack him awake. And if he smacks his lips one more time, I will put my fist through my own TV.

A lot of singers went home who should be ahead of Kris. One of them is Danny.

You asked for opinions.

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I still don't understand what anyone liked about either Danny's bland singing or his geeky stage presence. I certainly never considered him a candidate for the finals.

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think the whole american idol is rigged and simon is so fake all along he has been saying adam was going to make it now we know who is going to win next week i dont care what anyone says i think adam singing sucks he sounds like crap and ruins all the songs he sings i think its a bull danny should have stayed and him and khris be the ones there next week ewwwwww adam sounds so fake like simon maybe they have a thing who knows

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We all knew Adam would be in the finals, cause Simon wanted him there from the start. We also know the sometimes it's better to be the runner up..........remember Ruben and Clay? Where is Ruben now? I say go Danny!

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1 reply to Diana's comment

Umm...where is Clay now?

May 14 2009 at 3:16 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm very upset that american idol let a performer come on the stage with a cape on that had Adam Lambert's name on it as advertisement for him! Come on america let's pull together and vote for Chris our next American Idol 2009!!!!!!! Or who care's at this point! American Idol sure don't! All I can say is Chris I wish you the best of luck you got a raw deal with the way thing's was done tonight!

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