Anticipating a ding dong American Idol finale

by Allison Waldman, posted May 15th 2009 7:06PM
Kris and Adam American IdolAttention, Rosie O'Donnell: Simon Cowell promised that next week's American Idol will be a ding-dong finale. Break out the Drake's Cakes! Actually, Simon wasn't referring to Rosie's favorite chocolate cake treat, he was using perhaps the strangest euphemism he could come up with to hype the finale which he anticipates -- and rightfully so -- a great showdown between two singers who could both be deservedly crowned the winner of American Idol.

Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen might seem like a heavyweight versus a bantam weight, one guy who's already been splashed on magazine covers -- last week's Entertainment Weekly -- as the presumptive champ, while the other was nearly knocked on his butt by the judge's song choice that was so bad that Simon faulted Kara and Randy for setting him up to fail.

In fact, it's widely believed that most people were betting on a Danny Gokey vs. Adam Lambert finale, with Kris on the outside looking in. It looked like that to me a few weeks ago, but even after the stunning comeback by Kris this week, Adam is still the odds-on favorite to win it all.

Still, this finale is going to be much, much better with a David (Kris) vs. Goliath (Adam) theme. You know, it's the cute guy with the sweet sound and the acoustic guitar up against a Mick Jagger/Freddy Mercury/Elvis and Dr. Frank-N-Furter rock sensation. The contrast is stark, maybe the best since Ruben Studdard faced off with Clay Aiken. It'll be really interesting to see how it plays out, what they choose to sing in the time they're given to make a last impression on the voting public. Then there's the matter of the vote: who will America really get behind when it's for all the marbles.

The big winner, ultimately, is Fox. It's going to clean up in the ratings.

Oh, one last thought: don't feel bad for Danny. I predict that he, along with both Adam and Kris, will be around for quite a while. These guys have all shown that they're very good singers as well as compelling performers. They'll pack arenas in the American Idol summer tour.

Remember, if American Idol has proven anything to us over the past few years, the contestant who wins the top prize is not necessarily the most famous name a year or two later. After all, Jennifer Hudson's Oscar and Grammy came after she lost on Idol.

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The reason why Adam was allowed into American Idol and others that have cd's out got kicked out is because, acting in a production and people that put out cd's already have a voice put out in the music industry....duh! Acting is not at all compared to that because he's known for his acting abilities not his singing and it's about time it's recognized. There's noone out there like that...and 'YES' a person with that high range voice only comes once in a lifetime or I guess you could say every 20 yrs. Since Steven Tyler was recognized. Rock on Adam, you are going to be a huge success no matter what happens!

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I would just like to know why it is fair that Adam was able to be a part of Wicked on Broadway, yet other contestants were told they were no longer to be a part of Idol, because they had a cd prior to the show, etc... Plus with the media making Adam in the spot light I think this is influencing the audience in many ways and I don't think that is very fair to Kris or any of the other contestants. They are both talented in their own way and i think the public should make a fair descision on their own without being influenced. I think the media is over stepping in many ways. They are assuming he will win.

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I wish everyone would get their facts straight. Adam was not on Broadway. He was in an LA production of Wicked...
"Lambert appeared in the ensemble of the Los Angeles production of Wicked, where he also covered the role of Fiyero. Prior to joining Wicked, he was seen in The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theatre, where he will now compete to be the next "American Idol."
with that being said, either Adam or Kris are worthy of winning this season.

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I don't think it's a coincidence that suddenly everywhere you turn there are Adam bashing ads and I do think the media is beating this "gay" question ad nausea. But I do have to wonder. I want Adam to win but if he does, will Idol try and squash his personality to fit their mold and what will that do for his music? Does he really want those constraints? All I'm saying is no matter what, Adam can not lose. If he wins, he wins, if he loses, he may still win in the end. Meanwhile, we'll still get to enjoy him all summer and for years to come. I'll still be voting for Adam, but as I said, in the end we all win.

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Sorry about my typos and mistakes in my post..fingers moving faster than the brain Lol Where I typed 'Assam' that should be Adam, and I also typed David when it should have been Danny..Please excuse these and the rest of my typos..and my certainly with an S instead of a C lol Rough nite for typing! BTW Anyone else think that the commercial clip was funny? I thought it was great!!

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I also predict that Adam will win this season of AI. I also agree that both will be heard from for a long time. Also that even those who didn't win have had greater success than the winners. Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Rubin Studdard - How often have you heard from them? On the other hand, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson (one of the MOST successful and she came in 7th!), so many others who didn't win are out there doing it. Taylor Hicks and Rubin just put out new CDs this month. taylor produced his himself as no record label would sign him and he was dumped by the one he had that he won the contract with when he won AI. Rubin has only done one other album. Even ol' William Hung has put out three albums and he never made it on the show! So FEW first place winners are out there getting it done but I predict that Assam will win and we will sertainly hear a LOT from both Adam and Kris. I do believe that if Adam does win, that within days if he hasn't been offered already, that Kris will be picked up and signed to some label. I believe that David will be also, as well as Allison who left 2 weeks ago. This season had a LOT of talent so it was very enjoyable each week. We'll see a lot from most or all of the top ten. Watch and see!

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Adam has been brilliant every week and is the deserving winner. They are both nice guys but the one who, ultimately, will become legendary MUST win. If he can make people cry with his talent on the finale he will win. I began to be very interested in him when I saw him do Black and White. I admired him when he did Ring of Fire and I fell in love with him when he sang Tracks of My Tears. He needs to sing a beautiful song with honest lyrics, show some vulnerability and stay away from going for those highest of high notes and then the people who don't already rate him will surrender and graciously concede that he is the rightful winner.

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Once in a lifetime? You have to be kidding.

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For The Love of Adam

Both Adam and Kris are talented but in stark contrast. I like both. And both will be very successful. But who should be crowned The AI should be Adam because his talent is out of this world and comes only once in half a lifetime. While there are several of Kris' kind around and on the radio and in the next AI to come. Adam is a STAR which Kris lack in quality.

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Yeah no matter who wins, they'll both sell albums. It's a rare thing to get two finalists to do that. It happened last year with Cook/Archuleta both selling a decent amount. To a lesser extent this also applied to Underwood/Bice and perhaps Studdard/Aiken. Other than that I can't think of any other season to give us two successful finalists. I mean Guarini, DeGarmo, and Lewis flamed out to obscurity. Then there's the epic fail of Hicks/McPhee. Man that was bad.

I do think this is going to be closer than everyone thinks. Yes, Adam has been declared the winner since episode one but it is no accident that Kris has made it this far. He has just been gaining fans every week and it's a good bet that at least most of Gokey's fanbase will gravitate toward Allen moreso than Lambert.

Plus America love its underdogs. But ultimately, as you said, it's FOX who wins. The ratings will be blockbuster.

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