Hey Kara, why not write a song everyone can sing?

by Jason Hughes, posted May 20th 2009 6:15PM
Kara DioGuardi, No BoundariesWhen Adam was singing "No Boundaries," the new song written for the American Idol winner, I couldn't help but think that things were stacked a bit in his favor. I also was agreeing with Kona that it was a terrible song. But the fact remains that Kara DioGuardi should have done a better job of writing a song for all of the potential finalists. I'm not sure when she wrote this song, but why did it have to have such a huge range and be so high? Was it so Adam would win?

The last impression is very important, and writing a song that not everyone can sing isn't fair to do to the contestants. Especially if "the show," or at least a representative of the show, is involved in the writing. Should Kris be punished for being a different kind of singer than Adam, or for not having his upper register? Hell, even Kara said that she hoped Kris wouldn't be judged based on that song, so she knew it wasn't a good song for him. And yet it was her job to write a song that all the finalists should be able to sing well. Shame on you, Kara!

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Adam is on 20/20 tonight. It was said adam was told by people on 20/20 to act flaming. So silly. Why do that?
He said he was gay with curiousity towards women. So what? Why try to hurt his image. He is a outstanding talent who should have reached his peak two years ago.
I am just sick to death with the mean natured people.
This man was a rare find for america. In other countries he would be embraced.

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Kara need to write that song match songwriting than ever, that song will be improvement don't getting along to sing n'song please to do studies talents to writing to do the best than terrible songs and throughout along songs it begins to ends in which you can lead them songs.

May 25 2009 at 2:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree.

Kara you owe Kris a better song. If that song fails it will not be because of Kris. It will be because of that HORRIBLE song. That song was created more for big belters like Danny Gokey not for smooth singers. What a way to sabotage the winner of American Idol and handicap him. The Underdog still has to be the Underdog trying to turn a terrible song into a winner.

Even Adam had a hard time with that horrible song when he had to sing it. That is a Danny Gokey song, not a Adam or Kris song.


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Obviously you were wrong as Kris won despite the crap song.....it made no difference in the end....

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Come on, has anybody in the history of show really cared enough about the original song to swing a vote? It's completely a gimmick so that they'll have something other than a cover to launch as a single. From an entertainment perspective it's a stupid idea. The finale of the whole season is two people singing the exact same song one after the other? How boring, for both of them.
At least have them sing that first or something, and let them end on the song of their choice. Mix it up a little.

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The fact that it was written for Adam and Adam STILL sounded like a cat dying, speaks volumes to how awful this song was. Poor Adam and Kris. They deserved better.

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totally agree!

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no one could have done that song better than adam. No one. Kris was like a baby bird reaching and screeching and twisting up his mouth in effort to slur forgotten words. Adam would have sold it. I hated it but he could have sold to me.

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You could tell Simon was holding in his dislike for that song. Didn't anyone review the song before it was chosen to be the last song of the night? Why give a crap song to the finalists? I feel sorry for whomever wins because having this be their first song truly sucks.

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I HATED Kara's song! OMG, the lyrics were horrible, too many words per note, and the music just droning. Both Chris and Adam were not served well by having to sing that drivel. I much preferred the songs they sang of THEIR choosing. Both men sing well, but I am praying Adam wins, because he is downright phenominal- total package-- gorgeous voice, handsome man, sweet personality, the most talented. I would buy every CD Adam sings on- unless the songs were written by Kara..BLEAH!!

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