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October 22, 2014

Jon & Kate Plus 8: worth the wait?

by Michael Pascua, posted May 26th 2009 9:05AM
Jon and Kate plus eight celebrate.
After all of the paparazzi stories, I was excited to see what would happen to the Gosselin family in the Season Five opener of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I had less concern for Jon and Kate; instead I was worried about the fate of their eight children. TLC threw a Jon & Kate Plus Eight marathon just in case newcomers wanted to watch.

With season four ending on the cliffhanger of Jon contemplating quitting, was the first episode of season five worth the wait?

As a fan of the series, I'm flummoxed. The show looked the same on the exterior (the kids are cuter than ever, Kate still micromanages, etc.) but the tension between Jon and Kate was painful. For no good reason, the episode was extended to an hour and thirteen minutes. The editing made the show unnecessarily tense. At the end of the first hour, we were given a montage of the sextuplets' birthday as if this will be their last birthday together.

In the end, no questions were answered about the relationship; the two admitted that they would deal with everything away from the cameras. The whole setup of Jon and Kate on the love seat lasted about a minute, consisted of silence, and repeating that they support the children. Anyone who watched the show would know that the Gosselins have Christian-based morals; I never thought that divorce would even be considered.

This was the first episode that the show made reference to paparazzi, even taking the time to add arrows to point them out. I feel bad for the children who are caught in the cross-fire and will Google (or whichever search engine is cool in 2019) their father when they're teenagers. There was only one moment where I got teary-eyed: Jon was sitting at the birthday party and one of the sextuplets (either Leah or Alexis) mention how they miss having him around. I couldn't bear the thought of the eight kids broken up.

The biggest flaw with the show now is that there have been previews of future episodes and commercials where the family is all together. Either they dealt with the situations, or the two don't talk to each other. In the end, I want to watch the show for the eight children, but if Jon and Kate aren't talking it's not worth it. The dynamic of the family is one of the best elements of the show.

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