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August 28, 2015

Jon & Kate Plus 8: worth the wait?

by Michael Pascua, posted May 26th 2009 9:05AM
Jon and Kate plus eight celebrate.
After all of the paparazzi stories, I was excited to see what would happen to the Gosselin family in the Season Five opener of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I had less concern for Jon and Kate; instead I was worried about the fate of their eight children. TLC threw a Jon & Kate Plus Eight marathon just in case newcomers wanted to watch.

With season four ending on the cliffhanger of Jon contemplating quitting, was the first episode of season five worth the wait?

As a fan of the series, I'm flummoxed. The show looked the same on the exterior (the kids are cuter than ever, Kate still micromanages, etc.) but the tension between Jon and Kate was painful. For no good reason, the episode was extended to an hour and thirteen minutes. The editing made the show unnecessarily tense. At the end of the first hour, we were given a montage of the sextuplets' birthday as if this will be their last birthday together.

In the end, no questions were answered about the relationship; the two admitted that they would deal with everything away from the cameras. The whole setup of Jon and Kate on the love seat lasted about a minute, consisted of silence, and repeating that they support the children. Anyone who watched the show would know that the Gosselins have Christian-based morals; I never thought that divorce would even be considered.

This was the first episode that the show made reference to paparazzi, even taking the time to add arrows to point them out. I feel bad for the children who are caught in the cross-fire and will Google (or whichever search engine is cool in 2019) their father when they're teenagers. There was only one moment where I got teary-eyed: Jon was sitting at the birthday party and one of the sextuplets (either Leah or Alexis) mention how they miss having him around. I couldn't bear the thought of the eight kids broken up.

The biggest flaw with the show now is that there have been previews of future episodes and commercials where the family is all together. Either they dealt with the situations, or the two don't talk to each other. In the end, I want to watch the show for the eight children, but if Jon and Kate aren't talking it's not worth it. The dynamic of the family is one of the best elements of the show.

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Patti B.

Concerning Jon and Kate plus 8... I have decided to boycott TLC. When this show came on years ago, it was very sweet seeing the children as babies. However, when my husband and I saw how disrespectful Kate was to Jon, we stopped watching it. My husband made the comment that the marriage would not last. It has been said that in marriage, women need love, but MEN need RESPECT. Once Jon lost his self respect and his self esteem plummeted, of course he would begin to resent the show. AND, be at risk to be attracted to other women who are respectful towards him. Kate has become so preoccupied with her career and having the incredibly high maintenance "Hollywood" look, that she really does act like the children are an nuisence and an interruption to her "life". I was amazed when I saw a clip on a news show where the kids were trying to get dressed, and Kate dismissed them because the camera was there. I am sure she misses many "teachable" moments because she is so caught up in herself.
Who I really blame for ALL of this is TLC. Early in the show they saw the overbearing behavior of Kate towards Jon and exploited it. The saw the complete preoccupation with appearance, ie Kates plastic surgery and "Hollywood" look, Jon's hair plugs. AND, TLC should take responsiblility for their actions. Morally, the station should have cut the family lose years ago in a protective act in the best interest of the kids. EVERYONE, including paparrazzi , tabloid TV shows and magazines, TLC, and the public should ALL take the high road in support of these innocent children. This is a family is a terrible crisis and the kids WILL pay the ultimate price.

June 04 2009 at 3:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The paparazzi always ruins everything. I feel that if this goes on any longer they will be forced to cancel Jon and Kate plus 8. I think we should all stop casting stones. Jon and Kate are just showing what really happens in families today. Just because they are a big family does not me they are off limits to live life. It is reality tv, no script which means anything is possible. Just cause there is a camara does not mean act. I love this show because they are keeping it real. How all reality tv should be. What happens is people start to get jealous and that is when u get the bashing. Let he who makes no mistakes in life cast the first stone. I didn't think so. If you don't like the way they live their life then don't watch no one is forcing u to.But if u are those ones who are hipocrits then keep watch because you will only make the ratings stronger. Good ratings = New season. I know if I were in Kate's position I would look to the future of my kids and giving them anything in the world because lets be all honest with each other here money does make the world go round and for those of you who say yeah right. Just take a look at the economy, talk to some living in a homeless shelter with 5 children who is educated, but lost there home due to layoffs at their CO.Then speak on it. Leave them alone and enjoy their show or DON'T WATCH and mind your own business.

May 31 2009 at 3:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I used to like Kate , but now , I don't .. she is way to controlling , she is rude , and disrespectful . her yelling at Jon in the house is one thing , but out in public , is just plan wrong .. Kate is also selfish .. and giving Jon $5.00 for allowance? that is CRAP .. whether they cheated on eachother or not , I don't know .. but I do believe that Kate drove Jon to do whatever it is that he did , that may have caused this drama .. Kate , grow up , stop being a jerk to the kids father , and get counseling

May 30 2009 at 11:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think it is time for someone to stand up for Kate. Those of you out there that are perfect mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands may throw the first stone. The rest of us need to keep our mouths shut and our noses in our own business.

Anyone who has watched the show for years as I have can tell you that Jon is a child. That is why Kate treats him that way. Sure his childlike nature makes his kids love him he is there buddy. That leaves it up to Kate to be the boss. She gets annoyed with Jon because she has to be a mom to him as well. This I can understand.
She is tough on him that I agree with what choice does she have she is the only grown up.

The situation there in would make it hard on any couple to be able to make it. 8 kids, Cameras in your face all the time, no time to be a couple because your always being mom and dad.

I hope they can work it all out. Not just for the kids but for themselves. They where happy once. Here is hoping they can be happy again. Cameras or no Cameras.

But as for what they do that is none of our business. And if you all stop buying the rags that are promoting this crap. Then they will stop following these poor kids to the store when there just out to buy decorations for there bday party.

May 30 2009 at 11:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
steph hentges

The family dynamics with regards to the grandparents not being invoved indicates to me that Kate does not tolerate anyone who does not conform to her current reality,,,whatever that may be at the time. Early on I felt the family had some serious issues that they were not addressing, particularly with regards to Maddy. This may sound horrible but I find her behavior very concerning. Am I off base here?

May 29 2009 at 5:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I wish them the best. It's time to step away from the cameras. It's very sad to see how the media will fan the fires of any potential scandal in a 24/7 news era. These are 2 real people and 8 beautiful children and they have a right to their lives without all of us eavesdropping and passing judgment.

May 28 2009 at 9:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
e in putnam valley

TLC may not care about losing its original audience of families who watched the show together, but if the network wants to keep this demographic it must do something to help this couple put their lives together again -- off camera. I began watching the show because my nine-year-old daughter loved it and it seemed appropriate. Unfortunately, I had to tell her after the season premier that it was no longer permitted viewing. I simply explained that I did not want her to spend time watching grown-ups discuss their problems. I want my children to see positive examples of marriage and my husband and I provide the most important example. I do not want to unnecessarily expose them to this family tragedy.

May 28 2009 at 3:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No matter what Christian counseling they have, IF one of them has delusions of grandeur about her knowledge and skills and has a holier-than-thou attitude THAT CANNOT BE VANGUISHED, it's an exercise of futility.

Top that with her refusal to see herself in the mirror, and her stubborn blindness and being in denial to reality; and you see a bottomless pit that cannot be reached.

And her tendency to point the finger at others (Jon, kids, papparazi, you name it) makes it seem more hopeless.

So many viewers getting annoyed by her ways means she's the COMMON DENOMINATOR in the family's problems. No wonder she's not including her parents in her family life, no wonder she can't even be considerate to her own brother's family. What kind of a person is this?

I hope that BEFORE REGRET COMES TOO LATE, she comes to her senses and makes determined efforts towards honest-to-goodness improvement.

Imagine how damaging it is to leave in a hostile environment!!! I hope, for the sake of the kids, her eyes will open to reality. The kids' physical and psychological well-being should be a GOOD MOTIVATION TOWARDS BETTERING HERSELF.

May 28 2009 at 3:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

what I see on the show...is this
Kate belittles Jon any chance she gets
jon should stand up....but in a polite way
if they are christians like they say they are.. they should go to their church where they attain and talk to there Pastor..
they need counseling real bad and asap..
the word of God says this a wise women builds a house ..But a foolish one tears it down.. Kate its time to be wise and turn to God and quit tearing your home with your words.. I did not know that you were people of faith.. it does not show..there is a ceratin way a brother or sister in the lord should behave.. its called love.. We are called to a higher standard of living.. when we serve God.. I pray you both find your way home.. Ps I am not Judgeing you.. if you know your word you should know what it say. you are both to Honor one another, reverance one an other .. God Bless you and your family
is this

May 28 2009 at 1:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am truly mad at myself for watching all those episodes. Kate may mean well and want the best for her children but berating her husband episode after episode was hard to take. She is a very controlling person and Jon needs to stand up to her and grow up. Frankly I think she allows to much screaming and hitting from the children. Where are the grandparents? Has she lost them too with her controlling antics? Something is just not right. And, why in the world did they turn to fertility help when they were just married such a short time? Maybe I didn't understand why the need to get fertility help right after they married in their early twenties. Whatever, their priorities are messed up in many ways. They both need help.

May 28 2009 at 12:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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