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September 1, 2015

Weeds: Su-Su-Sucio

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 23rd 2009 4:53AM
Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker

First of all, I really like the little vignettes at the beginning of Weeds episodes now (and last season). They're always related to whatever the episode is about, and this one featured a bar of soap. Nancy got her stinky "bodyguard" Sucio to take a shower in her outdoor shower, but then he disappeared, leaving blood stains in his wake. Much as I loved the "Little Boxes" theme song, it didn't really fit once the gang migrated south, and the new openers are very cool.

And much as I love Jennifer Jason Leigh as an actress, I'm not sure I'm loving her character of Nancy's sister, Jill. Maybe because I'd really like Andy and Nancy to get together, and with Andy and Jill doing it, that's just not going to happen -- at least not right now. Andy and Nancy are sort of perfect for each other.

What's up with Esteban and his goons referring to clowns whenever they insult someone? Ok, the more I think about it, the more that makes complete sense. It's just one of the quirky things Weeds brings to the table week after week.

Sort of like when Jill told Nancy's family that Nancy had slept with her math teacher in junior high. And then Nancy explaining that she'd rejected all of his advances, that she was 13, and that the man was a pedophile. It just makes you go, "What the...?" But in a good way. I think.

And shouldn't Doug weigh about 500 lbs. by now? The guy's always got the munchies. You'd think that would be catching up with him sooner or later. I continue to love Kevin Nealon in that role. I couldn't have imagined him in it prior to Weeds, but now I can't imagine anyone else playing Doug so well.

Was that According to Jim's Larry Joe Campbell playing the cop who did the deal with Silas and Doug so they could start their marijuana store? If so, how fun was that? Not that I, uh, ever watched According to Jim, but I've never seen him playing any other role. This episode had some great lines, including a few from that scene:

Doug: "Can we talk? We're new to this whole extortion thing."
Cop: "Take your time. I'm gonna help this old lady across the street."

And after Doug's bumbling dealmaking, the cop ended up getting a monthly payment from the "budding" entrepreneurs.

A few more great lines from this episode:

"He had to share a bathroom with the children of the corn. Those twins are creepy." - Andy to Nancy, about Shane and his visit to Jill's house

"This place gives me the creeps." - Andy, about the clinic where he and Nancy go after she starts bleeding.
"Welcome to my pregnancy." - Nancy

"A Mexican gyno? Nance, if you're putting together a Mariachi band, yes, go Mexican. Down there, you want a Jew." - Andy to Nancy

"If I hear you're not relaxing, there will be consequences." - Esteban to Nancy, after the doc tells her to reduce the stress in her life.
"Hey, congratulations. You're gonna be such a great dad." - Andy

"Obama's president! They're not gonna bust 'em anymore! It was in the paper!" - Silas to Doug, about opening a medical marijuana business.

"She's my sister. You can shoot her if you want." - Nancy to Susio, upon seeing Jill in her house
"She banged Uncle Andy." - Shane

"Still wanna be me?" - Nancy to Jill, after Jill overheard Nancy tell Esteban on the phone that she realizes he hasn't decided whether to kill her after she has the baby.

I await your comments like a munchy-plagued Doug.

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I think Till snatched and killed (will kill) Susio. I think he has gone off the reservation over the murder of his lover. He planted a bug in Nancy's house and heard Cesar refer to Susio as the one who tortures people so Till new that must be the guy that sandpapered off his boy toys face. Till may very well be the answer to Nancy's problems, if he goes on a killing spree.

June 27 2009 at 1:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, that was the guy from According to Jim, he's in Wedding Crashers also.

June 23 2009 at 3:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I still feel as though Agrestic, the town of "little boxes," was in and of itself a main character on the show, and the show just isn't the same without it. I can live without Haylia and Conrad, but the show just isn't the same being set in some generic place. I miss Agrestic. I liked having Doug on the city council, etc. Agrestic as the setting of the show is simply irreplaceable. I still watch Weeds, but last season, and so far this season, is a completely different show and nowhere near as good as the first 3. The only good part of last season was Albert Brooks' small cameo as Lenny Botwin. Hopefully he'll show up again this season - especially if Nancy is leaving the house to go into hiding and no longer making his extorted poker payments.

June 23 2009 at 2:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to bruce's comment

agreed. The show certainly isn't the same, but I think that's the point. Jenji was done telling that story and came up with a whole new one which has its own strong and weak points.
I do miss Helia and Conrad though.
And I sort of miss Nancy actually dealing drugs. Is that wrong?

June 24 2009 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

the interplay between nancy and sucio was hilarious - it killed me when she handed him the peanut butter jar to open it for her.
too bad it looks like the gay DEA agent offed him.

June 23 2009 at 11:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

weeds is back. dont think i have laughed this hard at an episode in a long time. not exactly the laughs of the first 3 seasons, but this episode perfectly combined the dark with the funny. i was worried about where the stories would progress too but now that we have officer till and guillermo back in the picture, along with perhaps a new adversary that even esteban is scared of, its on like donkey kong

June 23 2009 at 11:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope we see more Doug and Andy dialogue this season. Those two trading quips over the last few seasons was what made the show "legendary!" for me.

June 23 2009 at 8:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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