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September 3, 2015

Nurse Jackie: School Nurse

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 30th 2009 6:45AM
Nurse Jackie - School Nurse

(S01E04) I liked Nurse Jackie from the first episode, and I continue to like it more and more each week. I like that the characters look like real people, not stick-thin Hollywood types. And even though Jackie is worn down by life, she seems to thrive on the hospital stuff and caring for patients. I guess that's the sign of a good nurse (ya think, Jane?).

Let's take the scene where Dr. O'Hara is telling a young patient's mom and brother all this scary stuff about his lung collapsing. She's not all that great with kids, is she? When the brother hugged her, I just wanted to smack her for not hugging him back, after all he'd been through that day with his twin getting shot. Meanwhile, in the background, Jackie is mouthing to the mom and brother that it's not that bad, that he'll be alright. It's this kind of hope that families need when they're going through a trauma.

We learned a little more about Mo-Mo -- that he lost his own twin brother when they were a year old. One minute he's asking Zoey if she's ever used hot rollers, and the next, he's singing sweetly at the young boy's bedside. That was a really nice scene.

Another nice scene was Dr. Cooper revealing his bedside manner by sweet-talking the older lady with the wig and no eyebrows. Then after she died, Zoey wanted to put her eyebrows on, and Jackie said she had a makeup pencil in her purse. All of it just made me go, Awww...

I'm just not sure what Jackie is doing with Eddie. I really do think she's in love with her husband, so is she just having sex with Eddie for the drugs? I guess my Midwestern sensibilities want to believe she at least has feelings for Eddie, but man, her husband is one of a kind. Don't mess it up, Jackie!

Loved the scene when Jackie got all defensive with the school nurse who wanted to put Grace on drugs -- like the school nurse knows more than Jackie. Doubt it! And let's face it. With Jackie's penchant for drugs, she probably doesn't want to pass that down to Grace.

And then the end scene with Jackie drawing a sun on Grace's colorless drawing. Like maybe she can inject some color into her anxious daughter's life...

What are your thoughts on this episode?

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Martha Bergren

"Loved the scene when Jackie got all defensive with the school nurse who wanted to put Grace on drugs -- like the school nurse knows more than Jackie. Doubt it"

Actually, a school nurse would know more about child anxiety issues than an expert adult based hospital nurse. School nursing is a specialty practice and school health is the "default child mental health care system" in this country (Lear, 2007). The recommended education level for school nurses is a minimum of a BSN and in many states, additional masters level advanced classes. www.nasn.org Many parents are in denial and have normalized their children's mental health symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep problems and somatic complaints. A parent like Jackie who is struggling with her own health and emotional needs and coping with a challenging job and financial demands is likely to miss the subtle signs of distress their child exhibits.

July 01 2009 at 6:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought this episode, School Nurse, just continued to add layers to the show. I like Eve Best as Dr. O'Hara but she lives in a world unto her own. She does not have a sense of compassion and seems to have a healthy "God" complex but she makes me laugh all the same. Edie is just wonderful in this role. I am a bit confused because she does seem to truly love her husband but plays on with Eddie. I'm at the point where I think Jackie is using him for the drugs but that could all change in one hot minute. The whole buying a second cell phone is understandable to eliminate confusion for her but adds drama to her interpersonal relationships with the two men. Mo-Mo went from being a bff to a person who has had his personal losses. It just keeps adding to the show. Four episodes in and I'm hooked.

June 30 2009 at 12:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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