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September 2, 2015

Nurse Jackie: Daffodil

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jul 7th 2009 5:47AM
Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie

(S01E05) "It wasn't even my money. I got it off a dead guy in the morgue." - Nurse Jackie to Zoey, after giving a surly woman money to buy a pregnancy test at a drug store

Lots of interesting stuff in this episode, the above quote being one of them. Jackie told Zoey she was kidding, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't. Giving a woman money to buy a pregnancy test at a drug store -- rather than clog up the emergency room because she doesn't have enough money or is too cheap to buy a pregnancy test herself -- is classic Jackie. Getting the money from a dead guy in the morgue? Spot on. Hey, that money might as well be used for the greater good.

Also classic is Jackie giving the 10-year-old girl a bag of meds and her cellphone number, telling her to call it day or night. Are there many health professionals who would do that? I can't think of any in my sphere. Ok, maybe one, but she's the anomaly in a sea of robots. Anyway, the storyline about the kid taking care of her mom with lupus gave Jackie the perfect opportunity to tell Dr. Cooper, "Get your head out of your ass." Nice.

I'm with Eddie. I think Coop is playing Jackie every time he tries to grab her boob. Seriously? I've never seen him do anything else in that realm.

I still can't figure out the relationship between Jackie and Eddie. She certainly seems to love and rely on her husband, who's like the most caring and understanding guy in the world. But she also seems to genuinely have a thing for Eddie. She seemed perturbed to find Cooper and Eddie eating Quiznos subs in the pharmacy, and later, equally perturbed to find the two together again. I'm not so sure she's just trading sex for drugs. The sex seems to be a true release from the pressures of her job. I dunno ... what's your take on that?

Other interesting and/or funny stuff:

  • Mrs. Akalitus reprimanding Mo-Mo for smoking outside the hospital, then looking over and seeing all the other docs -- including cardiologists -- smoking, too.
  • Zoey and Dr. O'Hara going out to dinner at a fancy place. That Zoey just fell off the turnip truck, didn't she? "Make-a-Wish," Dr. O'Hara explained to a quizative passerby.
  • Jackie writing note cards so the stroke victim can tell off his annoying family.
  • Mrs. Akalitus accidentally tasering herself. That's a nasty wound! And Jackie realizing it's her under the blanket: "I can spot a pair of Easy Spirit career collection from 20 paces."
  • Jackie instructing the little girl to give her mom a Percocet, and eating one herself at the same time.

I look forward to your thoughts on this week's episode.

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