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October 10, 2015

America's Got Talent: Audition show 9

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 22nd 2009 12:32AM
America's Got Talent

(S04E09) "MySpace is delivering the weird, the wacky, the wonderful." - The Hoff

So tonight we were treated with a round of MySpace auditions. As was the case last season, the MySpace episode doesn't bring anything special to the show, since the producers basically choose bad and good acts from performers who post videos of themselves performing on MySpace. Isn't the goal of the MySpace episode -- well, episodes this year since tomorrow is also a MySpace one -- to show that talent can be discovered on the web? Therefore, producers should only select acts that have potential based on their MySpace page. No?

In any case, to learn more about the MySpace episodes, as well as be reminded of last year's America's Got Talent MySpace episode, go to the America's Got Talent MySpace page. So let's review what MySpace gave us tonight, shall we?

Some of the acts I didn't enjoy:

  • El Vegas, Elvis impersonator: And yet another Elvis impersonator... as if the world needed another one! It was funny to hear one of the ladies saying that El Vegas was a bit crazy. Didn't she have the courage to tell him that he was too bad an impersonator to audition for AGT? Oh wait, she was as bad as he was with the singing ... I guess she wanted her 15 minutes of fame, as well.
  • Jumping Eagles, rope jumpers: I was truly hoping that they would be great because there are some very good rope jumpers out there and this would have been an original act to add to the show. Sadly, it looks like nerves got the best of them because if the performers we've seen tonight are the same ones from the "Jump Rope Jumping Eagles" video I found on YouTube, they do seem to be great at rope jumping. I hope they work on their nerves and try out next season.
  • Shaun, singer: WTF? Need I say more?
  • Shaunie, glittery singer: See comments about Shaun above.
  • Ashley Groff, singer: Can you believe some people created a fan club for her? Not only was she off key for most of the song, but she was possessed twice by Marilyn Manson during her performance!
  • Eddie Green, puppet act: After watching a video of him and other puppet divas (such as Dolly Parton, Patty Labelle, etc.), I can see why people have him perform during small fund raisers. He is somewhat entertaining even if he only dances with the puppet. However, he has no real talent and his puppetry is too basic for AGT (especially when compared to what Terry Fator did) and doesn't involve any singing, joking or daring moves from him.
  • Vanessa "Heavy Vee," hip hop dancer: This self-acclaimed natural born dancer full of courage, self-esteem and confidence actually has some videos on YouTube and MySpace where she not only shares her wonderful dance moves but also some singing. Before Nick came on stage to dance with her, my first comment was that Heavy Vee danced as if she was in a dance club grooving with friends on the dance floor. My first impression was confirmed by Piers, who told Vanessa that she only moved three inches during her act, and by Nick dancing with her.

Some of the acts I don't know what to think about:

  • Duo Design, acrobats: Their act is really impressive and my first thought was that they could be part of a Cirque du soleil show. A quick search on the net about the duo revealed that they were Cirque du soleil performers in Vegas from November 2000 to March 2001. On the duo's official website, you can learn that they are currently performing in Vegas at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas and performed during the NBC final game 5 in 2008. I enjoyed their act a lot, but I'm putting them in the "I don't know what to think about" category because their act was very slow, even if impressive. Plus they are already well-known in their field and perform in Vegas; do they really need to win AGT?
  • Marcus Terell and the Serenades, singers: As Piers and Sharon pointed out, Marcus is the star of the act and the girls need to work on their vocals. As soon as they started singing, I was afraid that Piers would say they were too old fashioned and that the act wasn't hip enough as he did when Reality performed last week. The act started slow but as soon as the tempo picked up and added some more moves, the performance got better and deserved a pass to the next round. You have to admit, though, that their act is a bit old fashioned. If they want my vote, they'll need to make it more modern and work on vocals. By the way, did you know that he auditioned for American Idol as Marcus "Darker Elvis" Butts and was voted through Hollywood hell week? To see his Idol audition, as well as other videos of Marcus, including one with the Serenades, check his YouTube channel.

Some of the acts I enjoyed/loved:

  • Ishaara, Bollywood dancers: Bollywood is hot right now and, as one of the group members pointed out, such an act could actually work in Vegas. The performance was entertaining, energetic, well choreographed and there was synergy between the dancers. I don't recall seeing a Bollywood act on the show. For sure, no Bollywood dancers have moved on this year, so I'm pleased to see that not only will Ishaara move on, but they'll also bring a fresh flavor to the show. Check their MySpace page or their official website for more performances.
  • Charles DeWayne Dorsey, singer and pianist: Very nice voice and smile. The keyboard playing was not bad at all, as well. He did hit one or two bad keys, but as a whole, it was very good. So I'll brush it off as nerves. I suggest that you check out Charles' YouTube channel, where you'll be treated to more of his goodness and talent such as a Stevie Wonder cover of "I Wish." Charles definitely has a good chance to at least make it to the Top 20.

Mark your calendar, because tomorrow night's biggest TV event ratings-wise will probably not be President Obama's speech, but the interview with Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle during the AGT episode.

What did you think of tonight's performers? Do you think MySpace episodes are useful for the show? Should they have a different format? Share your opinion in comments below.

America's Got Talent' Photos

    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Piers Morgan.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Sharon Osbourne.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.




    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Shelia-Shelia Of The Jungle.


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I can not believe that you let go the lady that was a great singer and that was let go at cruise ship because of her looks and you did the same thing to her she could of been a winner!

July 29 2009 at 5:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought that this was America's got talent not America's got good looks! I thought that Kari Allen was the best singer on the show, also the 8yr old girl Ciana with the amazing voice. There were other young people that were chosen over HER! I'v never ever answered or wrote any other shows with comments, but this show totally upset me! That amazon woman who was dressed in black with the platform shoes was really rediculous, what were the judges thinking?

July 28 2009 at 10:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hi Isabelle, this is Shaunie the 'glittering singer', I couldn't even rank my own comment w/o having to share with 'see above'. LOL. Just kidding, the show was hella fun and I have YOUTUBE clips up as well. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGLPTP6ZLKM. Thanks again.

July 22 2009 at 6:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Shauni's comment
Isabelle Carreau

Thanks for sharing Shauni. Good luck with your future projects.

July 22 2009 at 8:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I guess most people who only listen to mainstream music are not aware of death metal. Ashley Groff's screams were quite normal if you're familiar with that type of music. Her singing voice was terrible, but that usually comes with the territory.. most people don't know how to do that kind of scream properly, and their ability to hit proper notes suffers. I didn't do the research but I would imagine her fan club is all about people being impressed with a reasonably cute girl being able to pull off those kind of screams.

Look up the band "I Wrestled a Bear Once" if you want to see an example of a band who has built a successful following based off this. Ashley's error was her attempt to bring this to a mainstream type of show where girls her age are supposed to sound like Kelly Clarkson or Beyonce instead.

July 22 2009 at 3:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Angie's comment
Isabelle Carreau

It did sound like death metal screams. But what she sang qualifies as death metal? I guess the only death metal songs I heard were those where they screamed from beginning to end.

July 22 2009 at 8:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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