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October 7, 2015

If you like schoolyard puns, then you'd like the Hung panel - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 31st 2009 1:14AM
Thomas Jane of HungGoing in, everyone in the crowd had to know that the panel for HBO's Hung was going to consist of puns and schoolyard humor. After all, it's a show about a down-and-out guy who uses his best asset -- his manhood -- and becomes a male prostitute. So it shouldn't have been a big surprise when a reporter started the questioning by asking whether the show continues a trend of shows about "ordinary working stiffs with a secret."

It went pretty much downhill from there, aided and abetted by the show's stars, Thomas Jane and Jane Adams.

Jane, on his audition process: "I had to go into the other room to disrobe, so I wouldn't hit anyone in the eye. It's for safety."

Adams told a critic that it was interesting he was making so many penis puns "While you're holding that mike."

Co-creator Colette Burson got into the act, calling the member of Jane's character of Ray Drecker as "The Platonic Penis. It's the ideal penis on a certain level."

At some point, there was a discussion amongst the panel about who uses the term "dick" as opposed to who says "cock." "You say dick, I say cock," added Jane.

It's unlikely we'll see Drecker's penis anytime soon, so there's no need for that Spartacus-style prosthetic Jason talked about earlier today. According to co-creator Dimitry Lipkin, they'd rather see the reaction of the women who are Drecker's customers. "For each woman who sees it and interacts with it, it's the perfect penis," which led to Burson's "Platonic Penis" remark.

Off the penis tip (see, now I'm starting to do it), Jane started got philosophical, talking about how the casting of the actors who play the kids of Jane and Anne Heche, who plays his ex, as "spiritual" instead of "physical." He then went on to say, "The fact is that it's all fucking fate and luck, man," when it comes to being connected with a good show.

Finally, he said, "There's no reason why this show should be good! It's about a guy with a big dick who fucks for money!"

Heche, surprisingly, didn't say a word until someone asked her a question at the very end of the panel. I don't know if she was happy that she didn't have to carry the load or that she was upset over her fizzling career; couldn't be sure.

It was a confident group, which makes sense, since the show just got picked up for another season. But it wasn't the funniest group of the day. That one came later. And it wasn't Larry David or Robin Williams who brought the most hilarity; it was a bearded and suddenly very popular guy named Zach. More to come.

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