What now for Paula Abdul?

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 5th 2009 12:32PM
paula_abdul_foxWhat now for Paula Abdul? You have to wonder. The singer/dancer/choreographer has really been in her element -- if that's the right word -- as the sympathetic American Idol judge. Since Paula Abdul tweeted last night that she will not be returning to American Idol, you have to wonder if she's going to disappear into oblivion or find a new career to glom onto at this point in her life?

Oh yes, she still has her jewelry, so she'll be on the air on HSN. But you know that Bravo isn't welcoming her back for more of the reality train wreck that was Hey, Paula.

Paula, I'm afraid, severely miscalculated this career move. She had it good on American Idol. She had a niche and visibility and, if reports are correct, she was being offered about $5 million a year (for three years). She wanted more. She wanted as much as Ryan Seacrest is getting, which is $10 million starting in 2010. I don't think Seacrest is more valuable than Abdul, but I can understand why the producers had to draw the line somewhere. I'm sure from Paula's point of view, she's worth more than Ryan. In my estimation, the only one irreplaceable is Simon Cowell, and he's paid a princely sum because of it.

So what's next for Paula? Where will she land? I think there might be openings for her to judge on other shows -- they could add a chair to Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, right? Could Paula go to law school, pass the bar, get appointed to the bench and then compete with Judge Judy and all the other daytime judges for a court show?

Share your thoughts and comments. Paula might be reading ... you never know.

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Actor n LA

Ryan is the host of the show. He moves the show along. Paula just adds her two cents.

Kristen that is 5 mil over 3 yrs not each. 1.5/yr

Ryan is getting 10 mil, i assume for 3 yrs which is 3.3/yr

Kara is a better judge than Paula, because she can sing.

I knew after seeing Kara being added that Paula was on the outs! It's no surprise to me.

Paula should just return to doing choreography. She's a great dancer.

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Amen, Kristen!!!! I with ya on the, "where do I sign up?"

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I don't care as long as she stays far far FAR away from SYTYCD.

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David Cook is my Idol!

Semi OT, but I'm tired of these overpaid celebrities whining that their $1M+ salaries aren't enough and they need more money while us regular folks struggle to make ends meet and keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. I would gladly work at a job that paid me $5,000,000 a year just to make a fool out of myself on national TV. Where can I sign up?

I'm glad Paula's leaving. She does nothing for me. She is a loopy weirdo.

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I can see Paula's point regarding Seacrest. However, considering Seacrest is active outside Idol, the producers probably had to pony up to keep him. However, Idol is Paula's only gravy train. So, I fear she will probably return to from whence she came pre-Idol and post-90s career slump.

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