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August 30, 2015

America's Got Talent: Performance show three

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 19th 2009 12:25AM
America's Got Talent(S04E17) A lot of you sounded off in comments to my "Results show two" post last week, either to complain about the judges putting through Tony Hoard and Rory over Charles, or to give your two cents about what the show should change when it returns next summer for a fifth season.

One thing is certain; most fans are not happy with how season four is going, and most are pointing fingers at the judges. Sharon and David especially seem to check their judgment at the door when it's time to make certain decisions, don't you agree?

This week, we were treated with the second to last Top 48 performance show of the "greatest talent competition on Earth," America's Got Talent. Most of the acts definitely delivered the goods tonight. Do you think America and the judges will pick the right five acts to move to the Top 20 this week? My comments about this week's performances coming up!

FootworKINGz, Dance Ensemble (Audition show 1, their MySpace page and their official website) - It was a cool idea to have their shoes and outfits have reflective bands so we could notice even more their dance moves and footwork. It was a solid routine until that very last move. Even if that last trick didn't work out, I think they have a very good chance to move on since they are fast, in sync and original.

Marcus Terrel & the Serenades, Singers (Audition show 9 and Marcus's YouTube channel) - When Nick announced the acts at the beginning of the episode and said "And the Serenades," I went "huh?" It looks like they did since not only the Serenades are back but they are composed of new backup singers! I wondered what happened for the judges (and/or the producers) to allow the ladies to come back. The Serenades sang better than in previous performances, especially that new African-American backup singer. When the act started, I wasn't sure it was a good thing to have the ladies back, but at the middle point, when Marcus started to interact with them and the Serenades had their own tidbit to sing, everything came together. Marcus has a wonderful voice and energy on stage; he could still make it as a solo artist.

Pixies Mystère, Dance/Contortionist Group - This week was the first time we were treated to a full act from them on the air. They offered an energetic colorful and rhythmic act filled with impressive contortionist tricks. It showed that they worked a lot on this routine and that they put their heart into it.

Jay Mattioli, Magician (Audition show 3, his official site and his MySpace page) *Wild card - When I saw him arrive on stage, I told myself "not another box trick... he did that already"? Luckily, it was just to have the ladies join him on stage. His performance was interesting in the way that it was a mixture of a lot of little tricks. Sadly, all the tricks have been done over and over before and, as David pointed it, the act wasn't big enough to have Las Vegas potential. I was rooting for him because AGT is not nice to magicians and I hoped he would prove the show wrong. I doubt he'll move on.

Bri Bernstein, Singer/Musician (Audition show 5) - Very interesting rendition of "Poker Face," especially the introduction. Bri showed once again that she has a great voice and can accompany herself on the piano. That act also allowed America to see that she can sing ballads and more up-beat songs. Good choice of song and performance on her part. Even if three good singing acts made it to the Top 20 so far, there is at least one spot for a solo female singer, no?

U4RIA, Dance Crew (Their MySpace page, their YouTube channel and their official website) *Wild card - Wacky and entertaining dance routine. However, their moves didn't wow me. Considering that there are tons of dance acts this season, I doubt they'll move on as the others, just take FootworKINGz for example, give better performances.

Dave Johnson, Acoustic Comedy (Audition show 1) - This time around, Dave sang about the Golden Girls. The song was somewhat funny and the crowd seemed to enjoy him. However, the judges didn't like his act at all. He was Xed by all three judges. I don't think I would have Xed him, but I can admit that his act wasn't funny enough to move on to the next round. Dave admitted in his pre-performance segment that this was the second time he performed in front of more than twenty people and that he didn't plan to get as far in the competition. He still needs to practice and must write more funny songs.

Hairo Torres, Breakdancer (Audition show 4 and his MySpace page) - The routine was really fun! And ouch at that last move; it must have hurt! Sharon said Hairo was like Jerry Lewis on acid before saying that even if he has cool moves, she's unsure he can pull off a Vegas show. Piers disagreed and said Hairo is a one-man-Cirque-du-soleil. Nick asked Hairo a very good question about him being a solo dancer going against all those amazing dance crews. I think that is exactly why Hairo may not go beyond the Top 20. Those dance crews are amazing!

G-Force, Girl Band (Audition show 2, their official website and their MySpace page) - Even if they had a vocal coach to prepare them for this, their voices are still weak and off key. Plus it sounded like they had a backup track to enhance the music. Nick and Piers said that the girl killed it on the drums but it looked to me as if she didn't play all the drumming we heard... Am I wrong? They were Xed by Piers. They shouldn't move on. They need more vocal training and maybe some more instrument practice.

Jeffrey Ou, Pianist (Audition show 10) - My first thought was "oh no, he picked an easy song the whole planet knows -- Pachelbel's Canon -- it's too safe!" Then, the act did a 360 and he went really out of his comfort zone. He sure looked like he had loads of fun. Sadly, the crowd, the judges, and us at home couldn't hear him play during that upbeat part. I'm sure he played really well during the second part but that technical problem may cost him a spot in the Top 20 even if Nick warned us to only judge the act based on the first half of the act. Even if he is really skilled at the piano, I'm not sure America will vote him through since he is, except for the Elton John part, a classical act... and this type of act hasn't been very popular in the show's past.

Mario & Jenny, Comedy Variety Duo (Audition show 5 and their YouTube channel) - Wow! That was an amazingly daring act that could have, as Mario said in the pre-performance segment, literally gone up in smoke. Mario was fantastic on stage and so was Jenny. Did you see her do some twists and twirls while giving Mario the guitars? It was extremely precise, daring, and entertaining. Bravo! As Sharon said, that type of act deserves to have a show on Vegas. I suggest you go take a look at their YouTube channel because they've been around for a while and have appeared on TV shows and performed a wide variety of acts here, there and everywhere!

Lawrence Beamen, Singer (Audition show 5 and his official website) - Lawrence's rendition of "You Are So Beautiful" was soft and powerful at the same time. The man has a great voice and he showed tonight that he can sing pop ballads like a pro and that he has some pretty powerful vocal chords. Piers went even as far as saying that Lawrence is the new Barry White.

My Top 5 picks: Let me first say that this performance show featured too many good acts. It was a good night for AGT, no? Some of them should have performed last week to even out the quality of performances. So my picks are: FootworKINGz, Marcus Terrel & the Serenades, Bri Bernstein, Mario & Jenny, Lawrence Beamen.

America's Got Talent' Photos

    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Piers Morgan.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Sharon Osbourne.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.




    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Shelia-Shelia Of The Jungle.


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For some stupid reason my DVR did NOT record last nights episode....so today I find that my 2nd fave, Bri, was cast aside. I can't believe it! She has real talent....it is a shame! They should have took Jeffrey through, regardless of the votes, cause of the technical difficulty, and maybe have kept Bri as well. They have brought a lot of performers back this season already, what is one more....sad for Bri!

August 20 2009 at 4:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Pixies Mystère got screwed.

The Pixies must have been 5th tonight and not sixth. Any other scenario does not make sense. If they were 6th why say anything at all and bring it to the judges attention. If it is up to America we should know who was 5th and they(5th place) should have gone on. Not arbitrarily say the judges get to pick between 5th and 6th, why do we even vote!

If the boys were 5th and the judges picked them as they did, then there would be no reason to just say hey the boys were 5th, no one said that!

And for Sharon to vote for the older kids just because the girls were younger is an outrage this is still a once in a life chance for them too!

I am not sure if I can watch the show anymore and personally. I really did not even like the girls, its just the way this played out that is crap.

Anyone else think this thing on the judges deciding 5 and 6th just is not right?

August 19 2009 at 10:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I find the most entertaining part of this show to be seeing how drunk Hasselhoff is consistently.

I voted for Jeffrey Ou also, not because he was the best, but because that was unfair.

August 19 2009 at 3:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
rick cokely

You really have to question the Judges tastes. Piers is more of a Simon wannabe, except while Simon says everything you are thinking, Piers is just mean. As for Sharon this is a woman who brought us Ozzy Osbourne. Granted there are some redeeming qualities about Ozzy and there are many people that like him, but I don't think that Ozzy could be in any way considered mainstream for American audiences. And finally David Hasslehoff. Seriously, David Hasslehoff making decisions about who is and is not talented. How does that make any sense to anyone?

This year has been terrible talent-wise and it is all the judges fault.

August 19 2009 at 1:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's too bad and not fair to Jeffrey Ou who's stupid dancer kicked the audio plug so that no one can hear the 2nd part of piano playing. Call it a conspiracy or idiocracy. Maybe should give him a 2nd chance. I voted for him.

August 19 2009 at 12:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
TinyDancer500 (aka Rhonda)

First up, Marcus Terrel & the Serenades weren't the same group, only Marcus was, all three girls were brand new, hence the better sound! I fully expected Marcus to go it solo.

Dave Johnson is an example of why fans think the judges are loopy this year, he didn't deserve to get through the auditions.

And Lawrence Beamen backs my reasoning as to why that last guy got tossed for Rory the dog. Lawrence has a stunning voice! My only problem is that you can buy his music online, which doesn't seem fair to me, but I guess net music doesn't count as a recording contract.

Last night was definitely an entertaining two hours, best of the top 12 shows, IMHO.

My 5 choices to go through: FootworKINGz 'cause they were incredible! Mario & Jenny 'cause they're scary, very talented, and perfect for Vegas. Lawrence Beamen 'cause he has THE voice of the comp so far. Bri Bernstein 'cause we do need a strong gal singer, she has the chops. And Hairo Torres 'cause he's not going to win, but I want to see more of him before he becomes a mega-superstar :-)

August 19 2009 at 10:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with you on the G-Force drummer. While it looked as though she possibly could play that song, I don't think we heard any of it.

August 19 2009 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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